Reviews for The Beacon Civil War
objectivepersona chapter 13 . 2m
PFFFTTTTHAHAHAHAHAHHAHSHSHAHSHAHSHAHHSHAHCHORTLECHORTLRHAHAHAHAHAJAJJAJAJJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJASNICKERSNICKERHAHAHAHAHAJAJJJAJAJAJAJAJJA *wheeze* hahaa haaaaa this was Soo awesome. couldn't stop laughing. I honestly loved how it ended. ozpin and oobleck we're downright hilarious. and it funny how all of Jaune plans work out so well for him. May jaunehalla live long and prosper
Starry Starry chapter 13 . 3m
I love this story it would be cool seeing some drabbles of this after everything like months after or more chapters where the big fight at beacon happened. or more followers of Jaune love. all in all I love this story.
younger54 chapter 13 . 4m
Amazing! I love your Jaune in every story!
NB132 chapter 13 . 7m
Dude this was one the funniest and most engaging stories iv ever read
Daeths chapter 13 . 10m
Great story, full of laughter and action all the way through!
Gilligansghost chapter 13 . 14m
HAHAHA! THANK YOU! EPIC ENDING! All hail the war corgi!
merendinoemiliano chapter 13 . 14m
Awesome of luck with all of your stories.
ZER0 chapter 13 . 30m
Great ending, I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.

But now all I want to see is one chapter of how the teachers reacted to each day, and what the bet goodwitch made was about
supernova708 chapter 13 . 31m
all hail the corgi!
Paradox Dreams chapter 13 . 31m
Absolutely amazing. I can only hope this someday gets a sequel; seeing this new cult of personality save the kingdoms and unite people would be amazing. Even if Jaune can't even notice the reverence everyone has for him, it would still be a fantastic experience.
Guest chapter 13 . 40m
That. Was. AWESOME! That was an amazing and hilarious story to read. I like how you made jaune have a cult in the end with him being the too humble self criticizing leader, with even the teachers being followers (or at least prof- DOCTOR Oobleck). Great story. I’m excited to see what you come up with next.
King of Savages chapter 13 . 45m
This was an absolutely wonderful experience, glad I had found this story on accident.

Looking forward to your new story!
A Random Commie chapter 13 . 48m
"traps everywhere" pissing my pants
Xzarg chapter 13 . 49m
A wonderful end to a great story!

Though I was kinda hoping that Jaune would be able to inspire the two armies to unite and storm the teachers tower. But Zwei stealing a win is cool too :P Cause sudden death has no rules for flag changes!
DragonLord501st chapter 13 . 49m
IT'S A TRAP! Ackbar would be proud.
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