Reviews for Lost in Time
ElysiumPhoenix chapter 7 . 9/17
You can definitely blame cliffhangers on Steven Moffat. 87.9% of fandom problems are his fault.
Loving the story so far.
gabumon7 chapter 56 . 9/13
look forward to October when the next chapter comes out! take it easy
Mermaid1108 chapter 56 . 9/11
I love this story so much, but you come first and take as much time as you need to feel even a little better. This is just a story and you are a person! Take care of yourself!

I'll be gladly waiting for another chapter, but please continue putting yourself first. :))
afionna262 chapter 56 . 9/4
I hope everything gets better for you!
NeoMulder chapter 17 . 9/2
I really loved this chapter! And I agree with your consensus on how Indra died, though I also have entertained the idea that his throat was just, well, crushed. Anyways, I loved the bit where Lyssa was in the ship at the beginning! I haven't seen that in a story yet so it was quite refreshing along with Lyssa being choked instead. :) I've been binge reading this lately and am now going to proceed to the next chapter!
brmngirl chapter 56 . 9/2
I look forward to your updates when you can. I'm really enjoying this story.
QuinnLockwood chapter 56 . 9/2
Take all the time you need, health is more important than a story! Though I gotta admit, I will miss it, even if it's only a month.
K9 chapter 55 . 8/31
Ooh I'm excited! Just want to say if you want to Pm me my username is ATardisBlueGelato. I'm pretty new to all this fix stuff so I'm not sure if Iwould have to comment as TardisBlue or not for to to PM me. Anyway, another great chapter! :) looking forward to more! (K9 out! *mike drop*)
P.S. You should definitely watch Season 10! It's SO GOOD. It's got one of my favourite companions...
P.P.S. I might be over-hyping just a little... but it IS good!
P.P.P.S Byyyeee! (And here I was thinking this would be a short review... Sorry about that! I rant sometimes...)
ZaraSwann chapter 55 . 8/27
The Ranger and Clara were quite chummy this chapter :D
Are Jamie and Clara the mystery man and woman?
afionna262 chapter 55 . 8/26
Loved the new chapterI love getting to see Twelve since we havent seen him much. I am so excited for her to come to terms with her feelings and I hope the panic attacks don't last long. Can't wait for next week
afionna262 chapter 54 . 8/19
Oooooh, I liked this chapter. I can't wait for the fluff, I'm so excited! I mean, I'm not excited for her to get panic attacks, but I'm excited to see where it takes them. I'm glad that my reviews have been helpful and hope they continue to be.
K9 chapter 54 . 8/19
For a sec there I thought you were going to do a chapter with the Veil (although I'm not sure which season/series that's in so I don't know if you've watched it yet). But Lyssa is changing since the start of the fic, like she's not really finishing off the Doctor's sentences anymore. She's become more apart of the story rather than an observer. Looking forward to more fic...
K9 chapter 50 . 8/19
Are the msn and the woman the Dotor and Lyssa? Because it sounds like they're married, at least from the Doctor's side of things... Anyway another great chapter from you! Looking forward to more. :)
Fakira chapter 54 . 8/19
I am SO sorry I couldn’t review for the last chapter, I was putting it off for Saturday since I had a busy week, but then my family and I had to drive my sister to college and help her unpack, I couldn’t really follow up on my plan. As for why the chapter is short, I understand! When I was moving this summer, I couldn’t really do anything I wanted to because everyone had to be busy.

Now, for the chapter. What? That was literally the only thing I could think while reading it. I was so confused, and I have a feeling I will continue to be confused for a while. I liked it though! I may suck at anything relating mysteries, but I enjoy trying to figure them out. You wrote an amazing chapter (teaser?), and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Guest chapter 52 . 8/18
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