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Tim46billion chapter 85 . 2/19
Take as long as you need. This story is too good to die, so anything that prolongs its lifespan is good for me. I shall await, ever patient, for the next chapter of "delicately dropping a fantasy movie into actual history"
kalessinsdaughter chapter 60 . 2/18
That epigraph. Hiccup the Wise, Stoick the Lawgiver, strength in diversity. It's one of my favorites, with the lines from the Hávamál.

The cultural clash between Berk and the Bogs, and the Albans and the Eirish, is so good. Also Elinor's quick grasp of the political possibilities.

I am just as relieved this time around, that Inga and Dog found a friendly place to rest, thanks to Berk's generosity.

This time, I see who Crínán of Dunkeld is, and the significance of his grandson Malcolm. :D

Drago acquires his dragon. Thank you, Snotlout.

It speaks volumes for Taskill's mindset, and Macbeth's, that they misinterpret the freeing of thralls the way they do. And this time, I know what the Siward plan was.
kalessinsdaughter chapter 59 . 2/15
This chapter actually inspired me to use textile-making as the major theme when teaching the history of technological development.

I just realized that Husaby, where Yngvarr was going to look into the archives, is only an hour and a half by car from here, and that I've been there on an excursion when I was in middle school.

You know, being Swedish and growing up with the tales of Swedish Vikings and Norse traders bringing foreign wives, concubines and thralls back from places as far away as Constantinople, Moorish Iberia and North Africa, I find it amazing difficult to believe that there are people who think "MUSLIMS IN SWEDEN" is historically inaccurate.
But I guess I shouldn't be surprised that white supremacists are actively pushing their agenda on my historical and cultural heritage.

And I see what you have Dagur foreshadowing.
(love, /love/ how you write him!)
kalessinsdaughter chapter 58 . 2/15
Of course Hiccup invented a carry-sled for dragon-lifting sick and injured people! But there's so much happening in this chapter that my mind just skimmed over that on my first read.

I can't help but wonder what would have happened if Dagur had recognized his sister.

Also thinking about what Fintan and Mór look like.
kalessinsdaughter chapter 57 . 2/15
Some serious foreshadowing in this epigraph. Hm, why is Macbeth called the Red King?
Heh, Jarl Mildew the /Vicious/!

Astrid's and Wulfhild's pregnant brains should have a medal for protecting their dumbass humans and their dumbass husband.

And the way you build up tension about Wulfhild's vows… Just as unbearable this time, too.

Can I just say that I love the contrast between Astrid's competitive mindset and Wulfs satisfaction with her score after so little training?

Also, Camerida is so precious!
Tim46billion chapter 71 . 2/13
Coming back to reread, and I was reading your A/N on Astrid's reaction, and I have the same read on her, and I also 1000000% think this is better than some shouty angsty fest of hate and sorrow that would quite probably ruin the whole- anyway, ya did gud, i liek
CawaSnow chapter 1 . 2/11
What is with all of the unhinged Guests flocking to the review section.

There a Guest saying that Trump is the Anit-Chirst and that all of his supporters are evil.
Another Guest who had legit criticism of the historical and social context of the story has now become unhinged and is now saying that the author is a Soros paid shill.
It is obvious that the author is pushing modern day leftist politics into the story, but seriously it is just a fanfiction. Chill.

This is by far the most wild review section I have come across on this site.
Fizzlemcschnizzle chapter 71 . 2/6
Well, things are starting to get interesting. I initially imagined, back before long Michael blaze of glory and subsequent snuffing, we'd end up with Snotlout and company compelled by orders to clash with Hiccup and company. Now, though, it seems we're seeing up for such drama to happen down south. I can just imagine the initial confrontation:
Tuffnut casually says, "Awkwaaard."
kalessinsdaughter chapter 56 . 2/4
This epigraph expands even further on the major economic change that we've only seen the start of. Love it.

I love how you write Dagur's weirdness, and the early Camerida. Also, Skuggi is truly a dragon after Cami's heart.

Damm, I had forgotten how /intense/ Inga's and Dog's escape was. I could /feel/ the panic!

Stoick, fondly looking forward to retirement, huh?
Callum grayson chapter 85 . 2/2
Honestly I think this is the best fanfiction I've ever read, your narrative is amazing ( I wish I knew how to write this well) and probably I've learned more abaut history by reading this fanfiction than in history clases Xd.
I've been reading this fanfiction for months and ir took me More than it should have (english isn't my native language, I'm a spanish speaker so some parts were challenging) I fell un love with every single part of it, every oc you put un here feels so natural with the franchise that when I read another fanfiction of httyd it feels wrong for them not to be there. I've seen your Tumblr posts and i'm bouncing with exitement for the new chapters in april, you made me cry laugh curse and get angry at you, but about everything you made me happy. Now I that some reviews were discriminating/demanding you to put sth in the fic I'll tell you that you have my full support, you probably wont read this but if you do it will make my day :)
kalessinsdaughter chapter 55 . 2/2
The epigraph speaks of the economic factors behind the coming conflicts. That's… interesting. Once again, I pity Siglout at being forced to reveal military secrets about his home. He's lucky their numbers are so staggeringly superior, that it actually acts as a deterrent.

It's such a delight to see how many uses Hiccup can find for the excess heat (water and air) from the Broodery. If only our society were as careful not to waste energy…

Ah, yes, rumours about Snotlout's exploits reach the Pechenegs. That boy running off to Constantinople as he did really set a lot of things in motion.

I love Fintan.

And Dagur!
kalessinsdaughter chapter 54 . 2/1
About the epigraph, I imagine the biggest reason why Hiccup didn't invent the steam engine is that he didn't know he was "supposed" to strive for it.

I'm noticing so much more of Siglout's growth, this time around. Snotlout wouldn't have felt (or at least acknowledged feeling) empathy with his enemies.

Viggo is very clear that the Byzantines having dragons is a threat to Rome.

Love the foreshadowing about dragon biology.

"And, please, please, please, don't let him name them!"
Hehe, this gem is just as good on a re-read!

Sir Henry though. He's so damn foul! It really grows on you the second time around.
kalessinsdaughter chapter 53 . 1/31
Oh man, this epigraph! They achieve fusion! And they build arcologies! I was so focused on DRAGONS! first time, it didn't really register.
And within 60 years, the feudal system will be history in most of Europe?!

Viggo’s reactions to the witnesses' stories remain pure gold!

I find myself wondering if we'll see a triple stryke in the story at some point, since the healers of Berk know about them.

The dragons and their nest-building, another of my favorites!

And of course Gudmund is there for Siglout!
kalessinsdaughter chapter 52 . 1/31
I still love how Astrid and Wulfhild first reduce Hiccup's brains to mush, and then force him to think!

I also love the way you place Bladewit's and Clodgall's restrictions on who gets a dragon against Hákon's and Gunvor's insights on the status tied to having a dragon.

And I had forgotten Bladewit's distrust of Heather!
NotThatGuest chapter 1 . 1/30
For the antisemitic Guest:

This is the comment section of a "How to Train Your Dragon" fanfic, not your personal Gab page. I'm not sure why you think reading hundreds of thousands of words of a fic you clearly hate and leaving dozens of increasingly unhinged comments about it "pwns the libz," and you clearly don't, either.

Seriously, my dude, I know you've jerked off to Alex Jones so much that you've sprained a few carpals, so maybe rest your hands for a while and think about why so many people are telling you that you're being a complete douche fountain. (Hint: it's because you are one.) I feel so sorry for your kids.

To the author: I am so sorry you had to deal with this antisemitic, abusive garbage, and that people like Guest exist.
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