Reviews for A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever
Guest chapter 1 . 11/19
You write the best fanfiction and have the cutest posts of Julie on instagram
xxJillian-Elizabethxx chapter 13 . 11/20
Oh I'm smiling a ton at this last chapter! I cannot wait for more! (and best of luck on your essays/exams!) xx
xxJillian-Elizabethxx chapter 10 . 10/28
First of all: how dare you second of all: how could you hurt my baby third of all: I can't et enough of this story please please please keep going xx
xxJillian-Elizabethxx chapter 9 . 10/17
this chapter was precious, even if it was short! I can't wait for the next one! xx
Poppins chapter 7 . 10/2
This story is amazing! Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work:):)
xxJillian-Elizabethxx chapter 1 . 9/22
Another lovely chapteri was so happy to see the upsate notification. But dont overwhelm yourselfuniversith takes up a lot of time, so dont let uour studies slip because you feel pressure to update. We're all be here whenever you can! xx
gwada1 chapter 4 . 9/15
very cute and well writing
xxJillian-Elizabethxx chapter 5 . 9/16
Wow, I'm sorry that basically the entire reviews section is me, but this story is just precious. Honestly, you had me smiling silling with this last chapter; it was so sweetly adorable. I cannot wait to hear what's in store for their more "present day" interactions!
xxJillian-Elizabethxx chapter 4 . 9/11
I wish I could favourite the chapters individually because this one was just precious! xx
xxJillian-Elizabethxx chapter 3 . 9/6
These are so sweetand Bert is positively adorkable (yes that's spelt correctly!) I'm so excited to keep reading!
xxJillian-Elizabethxx chapter 1 . 9/3
I think this was incredibly touching and I am excited to keep reading! xx
ASianSuccessor2012 chapter 1 . 9/3
May I just say...I love it!
No, really, I do!
Normally, I barely make time to read stories where Mary and Bert first meet (I have absolutely nothing against them, of course, there's just a lot of those out there each with a different take that it's difficult to pick whichever one to start with...ahh!), but I just thought I'd check this one out. Besides, I love it whenever you upload Mary Poppins stories! It always makes my day whenever I check my email inbox. And no, you don't have a problem, haha! I totally understand you though! I might be the one with the problem since I always stop by this category to see if there's anything new.
Now, back to your story, the way Mary and Bert begin their unbreakable bond and friendship is truly precious. It's quite evident that their social classes may be opposite, but the fact that Mary Poppins was willing to look past Bert's status and sooty appearance at the moment speaks volumes of compassion and humanity that the world has needed back then and needs now even more than ever. Never have I seen an onscreen/onstage couple with such a connection that only soulmates could possess such as Mary Poppins and Bert Alfred. I applaud all the people who watched Mary Poppins in their youth who always believed that there was a special bond (call it love or call it love! Either one us accurate) between Mary and Bert and shipped them.
Even moreso, I applaud your story and everything in this category that you write. It is truly a gift you give your readers and you never cease to make them all happy (including me!).
I can't wait for the next chapters to come!

Keep up the amazing work you do!

~ASianSuccessor2012 (Kylie)