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Reading In Moonlight chapter 50 . 10/3
So Gil-Galad is still here, even if Finduilas is also reborn ! I don't see why the Valar would have chosen so since both are linked to the same elven people, but I wont complain to have one of my favourite ellyn in this story too. Only Allison is missing...
Reading In Moonlight chapter 40 . 10/2
Yes ! Oropher !
Reading In Moonlight chapter 39 . 10/2
It is possible to have two sets of twins in three years ! My Mother did it ! Being human ! She is even more wonderful than ValeriexD
Reading In Moonlight chapter 37 . 10/2
I am a bit disappointed to know she is Gil-Galad sister, as it means he probably wont be reborn. But I am happy and amused to see that you changed the identity of Gil-Galad parents as Tolkien belately decided to do in his notes. It shows how much you care about canon and detail in your stories
BreakingMyHeartInTwo chapter 66 . 9/6
I just want to thank you for a well written Thranduil story. There are so few of good quality. I've reviewed on some of your other stories that I love every fic you've written, but I wanted to specify how much I appreciate this one. And the Glorfindel ones, again very hard to find good ones.
Rhea potter chapter 66 . 8/23
Legit the best Thranduil fanfic I have ever read! I’m just gonna go and read the other versions of my fav babes aka glorify, haldir, and Legolas. Hats off for writing such a masterpiece. 3
MDje chapter 66 . 8/13
So glad you create this story. Good job!
Lucy Maud Montgomery chapter 34 . 7/22
A Valerie story with one of the ppl of the 1st or second age would be fantastic. ik it sounds icky but if maybe gil-galad or oropher or even a new character like Maedhros (obnoxious coughing)...hint hint, and Valerie nonded that would he very intriguing.
pineapple-pancake chapter 14 . 7/6
I am in total agreement with Varda about that Glorfindel would make much a better husband and father. Specially considering that the children will be reincarnate he will be able to guide them better than anyone, since he had a similar experience and he is ancient and wise. All that is a big issue to consider in a world without schools and universities, which means that all the education of the children relies on the parents, to which the protagonist seems to have little to offer.
On the other hand, this Thranduil hasn't had as much experience as Glorfindel, he doesn't respect her and he is not trustworthy, which is quite bad since it might result in children with insecurity. But yes, that marriage could be fun and exhilarating at the beginning but it has a high risk of becoming tiring, or violent, and make the relationship fragile.
I think it would be wise from her to consider that sex is not the only thing in marriage and do her best to change her heart. She has been with Thranduil for a week? it doesn't mean it would last.
pineapple-pancake chapter 9 . 7/5
soo good! I am eating imaginary popcorn while reading all this drama! xD
Meacamlau chapter 66 . 6/6
The bit at the end when you said 'been a quieter yet more monotonous place..' made me imagine her introducing new things every few decades, but Elven Olympics would be so cool:) I love this one and the Legolas version, I've never really been massively interested in the Glorfindel version:? Are you doing any more versions? I love the idea of her with both of the twins, although they are away with the Rangers a would be interesting how they would handle Valerie together;D
PhoenixGrifyndor chapter 66 . 5/27
So I have now read all the different versions and I liked them all but I think Haldir was my favorite. I felt that he not only accepted Valarie as his mate but he definitely interacted more with raising the elfling. I too would love to see a version of Elladan as the prophesy father, as he is known as a prankster but with his own elfling it would be fun reading him on the other side or helping them with their pranks.
thrndlwood chapter 6 . 4/6
I have read all versions of Prophecy and I like this one the best. Nothing is simple here characters are complicated and well described. I miss Allison here. I love Valerie she is so strong a real queen. I like the idea that she chose Thranduil by herself.
DecoNoir chapter 65 . 3/15
As I read the revirews, I thought I'd say that I also really would like a "the twins" version, as so many others have suggested. The twins, for me at least is a "package deal" and it would be nice to get that kind of story. An Elrond one would be nice as well, done right..
teenytinytwilighter chapter 66 . 3/14
I love your fanfiction I have read all the prophecy series atleast a dozen times, even though its similar premises for all these fics I cant wait to see where you go next. I hope your next fic will have longer chapters like the previous fics, the ficlets werent enough to make you feel attached to the elflings. Hope your next fic will have more chapters around the elflings, reading Valerie as a mother sounds great she is such a carring and loving mother I cant help but want to read a lot more of it. A week without an update from you felt like something important was lacking, Please start your fic soon
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