Reviews for Undercooked
SVFOESU chapter 3 . 10/8
If Amethyst gets poofed again will she go back to normal?
Pstachio chapter 3 . 10/6
Wow, Amethyst as tall as Garnet... I'm loving these chapters! Can't wait for more!
Abou chapter 3 . 10/6
Interesting, I wonder if Sapphire Ice blocks Garnet's Future Vision?
Anyways, this chapter was handled very well. It looks like power testing will be done before "un-over-cooking" theories arise. Good luck again with this!
Abou chapter 2 . 9/19
Ah so the solution to "overcooking" is freezing? Eh, good enough of an explanation as any. Anything else would probably be too unnecessarily overly complicated. Good luck with this!
Pstachio chapter 1 . 9/4
I'm really intrested on how this'll turn out! Especially with Amethyst's perspective on her new form.