Reviews for Nier: Automata (RE)Birth
W8W chapter 66 . 4/11
Battle and its difficulties are well depicted.

Emil makes for great super weapon to break really heavy offenses. He is really impressive no wonder army of him repealed aliens.

9S give us valuable insights about Neo-Machines. There are benefits to such organization but it makes them keystone army, kill Purple Athena and all of them are finished. With how egocentric she is she definitely don't care about her force's ability to fight without her(if such thought even come to her mind)
W8W chapter 65 . 4/2
Cool idea that dragon was immune on street of the art detector but older ways were omitted as Athena didn't thought that they are still in use.

It is obvious why Alex want to deal with dragon but logical argument about it racking havoc on backline are also on the point.

I am surprised that human can use flight unit. Overall fight was really nice. A2 is a beast, experience really help her.

Blue was kidnap so I expect rescue princes or something like that subplot. I still hope that it will end with Blue ending up in sexier body. Alex love her but she feel jealous that she don't fall into definition of attractive for human.
Athena continue to be delusional as she didn't even consider that he love Blue not her to notice differences.

Delaying explosion with time manipulation was really nice and impressive trick.
W8W chapter 64 . 3/22
Dragons are really powerful. Cool that they still follow military reasoning. Multiple smaller and weaker instead of one superweapon so losses are less taxing on resources.

Experimental weapons were devers and powerful. At the same time you explain nicely why they were not standard equipment.
W8W chapter 63 . 3/12
War situation starts to look grim. Looks like only way to turn this around will be decapitation strike.
Hiding In Plain chapter 63 . 3/11
Thanks for the update
W8W chapter 62 . 3/1
Good to hear that while it require precision, regenerating machines can be put down permanently.

Even here joke with A2 being married add some fun.

42 death was surprising and sad.

So Athena become stronger not good.

I understand that A2 is angry but what she can do exactly?
W8W chapter 61 . 2/16
Interesting chapter. Beginning was tens with mystery that was well justified. Next we have important war changing objective. Good that they considered different options.
I figured out Athena plan. All the attacks were to getting "corpses" behind defense line. Now all of them are repaired spawning army in enemy base.
W8W chapter 60 . 2/14
Gun was crazy idea.

I really like A2 going wild. Overall this mission was fun to read.
New machine was interesting and fact that A2 can use magic even more.

9S being nervous about 13R and want to hunt her down make lots of sense.
W8W chapter 59 . 1/22
Way in which infiltration was done and detected were really cool. I wonder what data were stolen. Fact that Purple didn't fight seriously yet is worrisome.

I didn't knew/remembered that 9S impregnated Operators as well.
Guest chapter 19 . 1/16
C pass reincarnation !
lelcar chapter 59 . 1/18
Errr.. shouldn't they already know about 13-R being alive and working for Athena? Alex already saw her during their astral "date".
Yolo chapter 58 . 1/9
Yolo here, and I gotta say, this is one good story. Already I'm anticipating the next chapter, and oof, these past chapters are amazing. Especially as the a droids fight for the future, for their reborn creators. But more importantly, their children.

Funny how that works. Won't lie, it was sweet seeing how the androids burst into tears when they each got a kid. From A2 to White. Wo derful.
W8W chapter 58 . 12/27/2023
Fight in cyberspace was interesting and creative. Good job.

13R is not machine so she may be dangerous infiltrator. You did excellent job highlighting her yandere tendencies. I am guessing that she will fight 2B, preferable learn about pregnancy and face fury of mama bear.
CaptainKriss S5-SIERRA-117 chapter 58 . 12/25/2023
to make final arc more climatic. how about having giant robot (gundam height level min) and fight throughout battlefield with god like imagine. change my mind
W8W chapter 57 . 12/18/2023
We have battle that main characters take part.

A2 is really deadly with her experience and skills. I like return of joke with her being married and her obliviousness to this.
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