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linkjames24 chapter 8 . 1h
The survival parts of this story is awesome!
Guest chapter 8 . 5h
So Kalie works as a hunter / package courier between frontier towns, gets stung in the head by some cazadores- I mean *juvenile nevermore*, patched up by Doc Mitchell, and "Con Mann" is seen donning his coat to run after her? I'm not sure this is even rwby anymore lmao
MsKurumi chapter 8 . 12h
Ugh! I love Jaune so much. I actually wish Nora or Pyrrha would tell team RWBY and CRDL that everything is their fault, and they could never beat themselves up more than the people they hurt. They destroyed Kalie's life, and Ruby and Weiss seem to be the only ones understanding that this was all avoidable and their fault. Blake hasn't completely stepped off her high horse, and I always thought it was hilarious how nobody could stand her hypocritical "faunus rights" speech. We haven't really seen Yang properly break down, and I think she needs to. She can't always be strong. I'm happy Qrow is there with them. I don't think Jewel has the right, from the information given, to slap Cardin a couple chapters back when she stole Jaune's weapon and talked about/of him. She ran away and has the audacity to want something from Jaune. He saved her life. That's more than enough. Nora will NEVER forgive team RWBY or CVFY, and time will never change that. They're drugging her when she wants to find Ren. I know I would try to kill them all on sight.

In other words, I am completely invested in their lives. I love stories that let me feel the character's emotions. I'm so excited for January; Merry Christmas!
LightJakRises chapter 8 . 13h
Great AU. Nice work
Josh Spicer chapter 8 . 15h
At least one of the huntresses is starting to get it.
Gabriel H. Sapphire chapter 8 . 18h
Umm Hmm? Qrow? why my friend. Gonna be some secret plot twists now.
Midnight49 chapter 8 . 22h
Man, deep chapter about how teams RWBY feels about the situation. The harsh adventure of Jaune and Ren will be gruesome, now I really can’t wait for more encounters with Mouk the Moon Ursa. Now that Qrow’s here I wonder what can he add to the search? And i’m really loving the diary entries of Ren they give insight to what he thinks and i love stories like these! Before I just didn’t want the year to end wait but now? I seriously can’t wait until January now for the next chapter to be uploaded!
The Masked Mummer chapter 8 . 23h
Good for Kailie Doc Mitchell's a mighty fine hand at head surgery.
hypernova2718 chapter 8 . 12/17
Poor Kalie. I hope Conway sees past the surface.

I'm glad Ruby realized the issue with dismissing non-huntsmen. I hope the rest of the team will grow too. I am not sure what Qrow can do though.
Dark Jelly chapter 8 . 12/17
"If you don't want it, don't eat it. It's not like a cooked it for you anyway"
What's this, a tsundere Jaune?

Anyways, this story if shaping up to be pretty interesting.
The lore and backstory is good, and I like how Jaune's character is completely different from his normal attitude. It really makes one curious and wanting to read more in order to find out how he became like that.
Anyways, good luck on the story
Pla chapter 8 . 12/17
Great chapter! The arrival of Qrow has to be important somehow and a lot of reviewers are missing it here. Why would Ozpin send Qrow out to Edge for a simple frontiersman? Certainly not for Ren, because the mn wasn't sent earlier.
Additionally, Jacques Schnee gave funds to help Kaliee. Weiss's dad only did this at the mention of the hunter's accompanying the expedition? A move to gain some favor from someone? There is no reason otherwise to do so.
I love how your stories incorporate small details to crate a larger picture. When things happen, there is always a deeper meaning than just the hopes for a cool fight scene. Character motivations are a huge part in your stories and I hope to see how this version of Jaune is affecting the big players of Remnant.
chuckson chapter 8 . 12/16
lol "its not like I cooked it for you or anything" b-baka, this jaune is tsundere new headcanon confirmed
Nine Lives chapter 8 . 12/16
I'm gonna take an estimated guess on jaune backstory.

Like canon, Jaune comes from a family of huntsman and hunters. Due to unknown and probably fatally tragic consequences that perhaps involved the schnees , Jaines father and perhaps other sisters are dead and te town they resided in are dead. Jaune sun le took his mother sister and him in and raised them on the frontier.

Jaune grew to be a skilled hunter like his mentor/uncle and became one of the best hunters in the grimmlands. The one huntress he admires was most likely his other sister or someone who has not been introduced yet. Nonethelss Jaune has a low opinion of huntsman and thinks that despite well intentions, they do not care about the common folk and cause more harm than good. His ideals came into conflict with his sisters dream to become a huntress and their conflict grew to where Jewels stole the family sword, Crocea Mors, which was Jaunes and was his "ace". Despite their ideals, the siblings care deeply for each other and Jaune highly wishes she would give up her dream and come home. Jaune has notably done a great and seemingly impossible deed involving the schnee dust mines and saved the town of Edge.
I could be wrong but remember this is a guess, this is a great story, an I hope you continue. I really want to see what happens with Mouk.
shuujin.takagi chapter 8 . 12/16
Este fic es tan increiblemente lento, pero no puedo dejar de querer mas.
Ovalbomd12 chapter 8 . 12/16
Honestly, it's slightly annoying how they're constantly saying it isn't their faults and how hindsight is 20/20, when not only is it entirely their faults, they also could have seen it coming. Also, you're setting up Jewels as a very unlikable character, only coming to visit her brother when on a mission after stealing something precious from him and then bragging about him at school. I hope that both team RWBY and this Jewels get their comeuppance
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