Reviews for Lonely in Your Nightmare
Guest chapter 15 . 9/11
I really don't like this Bella
irelandk chapter 40 . 9/5
shannon30033 chapter 39 . 8/22
I lost track of this story and found my way back! Thanks you for the VERY satisfying ending! I loved how it took Edward time to be ready to be married and how Bella didn't care. Seemed very realistic. Nicely written, of course! Thank you! Thank you!
Guest chapter 13 . 7/26
Why would we want bella to pine over a guy that loves his ghost of a wife? Bella should never be a second choice, I don't even like her being a step mom. No thank you.
Guest chapter 5 . 7/26
She knew he was drinking...she was sober...and she slept with him anyway? Isnt that rape?
Guest chapter 4 . 7/26
he was married to bree? gross
MiccaF chapter 40 . 7/12
Absolutely loved this story!
Guest chapter 40 . 6/4
I'm surprised esme didn't want to move to Seattle or even closer
s mares chapter 40 . 6/2
enjoyed your story
Just me chapter 3 . 5/28
I did believe why Edward moved to Folks, oh but now you have cast doubts!,,
shannon30033 chapter 33 . 5/19
Thanks, great chapter!
Peelmeagrapenyc chapter 40 . 5/15
Sometimes a story without peril is just what’s needed to ‘pick me up’. I’m not that old, and although a single mom, would pitch a fit if my son was so causal about marrying the woman he was not only having a child with but raising his own young child with!? Marriage is more than a piece of paper.
Peelmeagrapenyc chapter 39 . 5/15
Seattle is a reasonable compromise. My family is spread all over the country, for now, but our hometown is Manhattan so I’m hoping to tempt my kids home to settle down.
Peelmeagrapenyc chapter 38 . 5/15
If you aren’t planning on conceiving a baby then you use condoms!? ‘Getting tested regularly’ doesn’t prevent STDs or pregnancy!?
Peelmeagrapenyc chapter 37 . 5/15
I had no idea periods stop with IUDs, it’s strange nobody has issues with IUD since the basically just cause early miscarriage as opposed to preventing fertilization.
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