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HikariNiwa chapter 27 . 10/8
Thanks for the chapter. Kinuhata is still my favorite so far.
Mr. X chapter 27 . 10/8
That's just as bad as the last time you made Mitsuko looked terrible, plus she and her friends already met Index in the Endymion movie.

Anyway, at least make some new chapters more decent next time.
Anon Reader chapter 27 . 10/7
Nice chapter.

With the Accelerator anime over, I'm thinking there is an opportunity to have Touma and his eyes encounter Esther.
fencer29 chapter 27 . 10/7
Stalking, be it for love or hate, can be a very hazardous thing to allow." - Pot, meet kettle.

But seriously, even though I realize she's motivated by reasons of her own, it's still difficult to picture Kuroko Shirai ever siding with "that ape". Usually in a situation like this the best Touma could hope for would be her dedication to her duty as an officer of Judgement barely overriding her disdain for "that troglodyte". Yet in this instance she even ended up acting as the voice of reason (must have been the thought of all that paperwork that inspired her to seek an unofficial solution)

Plus if Kongou actually were to report a female guest cohabiting with a male student in a non-coed dorm I suspect that whoever was assigned to investigate the matter would soon be informed of a special exemption permitting Index to live in the dorm with Touma, signed by the Superintendent himself and dated last July (damp ink not withstanding)
L2X chapter 27 . 10/7
So if I'm reading this right; Hamazura is alright with Kinuhata getting it on with Touma so long as he's not awaken because of it.

What a bro.
Guest00 chapter 27 . 10/7
Fascinating ... I interpert Kongou-Ojou-sama's final statement as possibly she might be projecting an image of her father onto Touma, but the possibly of Kami-Yan Disease Infection is fine, too.

BTW, Kinuhata's rather bold on the sugestion that, if Touma and Index move in with ITEM, and Index wants her own room, Saiai's fine with sharing her room with Touma ... NANI?! Cue a planet-wide "disturbance in the Force", felt not only by those other females interested in Touma, but possibly also by Kamijou Shiina (BRRR!).

I also infer from the dialogue that TBU's effect of Mitsuko was temporary ... just suppose Wannai and Maya got a "permanent" upgrade, and Mitsuko, now feeling left out, wants *cough-cough* equality restored ... oh, the possibnilities (ohhhh-hohohohohoho)!

Well, until the next installment ... carry on, then.
BlueJack22 chapter 27 . 10/7
Oh man that was one of the best chapters ever, i wonder if index is considering joining Touma on his excesie
ChancePluto chapter 27 . 10/7
Well another great chapter
Dragonrails chapter 27 . 10/7
For a short chapter this was funny I had a few good laughs, just had an idea of Touma getting Shrunken down to Othinus size by some magic that the Imagine breaker wasnt able negate or bypassed it Touma having to deal with a prevy Othinus would be funny that I feel like eventually she try to get full sized again, also from the looks of it Touma may have to get a restraining order for Index on Kongou and Kinuhata never fails to make me laugh Hamazura had already caught on to what she had planned I look forward to another Touma/Othinus/Index or Touma/Kinuhata chapter
Anime-ted Life116 chapter 27 . 10/7
So...that happened
To quote a saying(?) I loveAnd another one down, and another one down, and another butes the dust!"

Ah, this is such a refreshing twist. Usually, when one hears the name Kamijou Touma, they think action, suspense, fight scenes, or perhaps misfortune at the highest level. But this chapter does not have those. It more of a...intersting plot development in the "Potential Girlfriend for Kamijou" sector.

Plus, weaponising Bust Upper in that way...such a good laugh for me. Seems like Index likes it.

...Oh god, she has become a perverted nun.

...double Oh GOD! Kuroko is gonna force herself to be a mistress player in the MiasakaXTouma Ship. Nightmares beware! Kuroko shall invade thy dreams and be the M. But...hilarious pervert scenes though...

Anyway, this is a great chapter for those taking their exams this week! Thanks for this, Author san!
MrQuestionMark chapter 27 . 10/7
For some reason, I can't get the surreal JoJo reference out of my head and hence, Kongou will forever be inside my head as being a character from JoJo instead of Index. Congratulations you madman.

Still, great chapter. I have to say, you do Touma sass and character bullying very well when you want to and whenever you do it, it is always a joy to read. Even if Kinuhata (who has become one of my favourite characters to read whenever you write her) entering the scene made the entire chapter gold. There was so much going on here when it came to the comedy that I felt as though the build up into the comedy was the best along with the laughs that it gave.

Not much to say on this chapter given the comedic focus, but the way you manage to make the characters interact and the madness that each of them gets up to makes the chapters that you write perfect. Seriously loved this chapter and even though I know the end is nearing, I'll still love it anyway.

...What ever happened to the alternate titles?

Great chapter and looking forward to more.

Mr ?
LookItsADoggy chapter 27 . 10/7
Well, I haven't left a comment in quite a while. Got nothing much to say. Just hope this story doesn't end in a serious tone. Would be a shame to see it turn into Touma and his merry haremettes vs Coronzon. That being said, I'm totally down for it end in Touma x Aleister, the only true pairing in the world (?). Or Touma x Coronzon. Either works.

Dear God, what did I just say. What abominable pairings have I brought into the world?
wildarms13 chapter 27 . 10/6
Ayt! We got another one falling here! Another one to include on the massive list.. *sigh
Ravenala chapter 27 . 10/6
"...Frenda isn't with us anymore."
thanks for the reminder, dammit. I'd like to treat this as Kongou-focused chapter, even though it isn't as character-centric as usual. Then again, the conflict isn't as serious as... let's say the other one. Otherwise, had a good laugh, a solid comedy yet again.
You know, is it possible to tie in Accel, Kakine or Gunha to the incidents by proxy of the relevant girls like Kakeru's? Let's say, Esther, GID and Hokaze respectively? That would be absolutely brilliant
whwsms chapter 27 . 10/6
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ... (after regaining composure) it's the return of A Certain Tokiwadai Level 4 Ojou-Sama & Upper-Class Twit, who apparently went so far as to track Touma down to locate his apartment * In no specific order, Kongou-sama sees Index, her 'Sena' switch got flipped (some might get the reference faster than others) * little or no surprise that Kuroko has *cough-cough* 'extensive knowledge' on how stalkers operate * things went back and forth to the point that Hamazura and Kinuhata got into it also * apparently, Mitsuko now seems to seek a 'oneesama-imouto' relationship with Index ... wait, what? * oh Kami-sama; last comment by Mitsuko suggests at least 'first-stage infection engaged' (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

And who's to say that surveillance of a non-official capacity is not already directed at the Kamijou Residence ... either by Touma's neighbor (a certain Siscon Sargeant), or, as it might have been hinted in canon material (must remember to do research) a certain Upperclassman at A Certain High School?

Index noting that Touma meets a lot of perverted girls ... tee-hee-hee; perhaps something in the Kamijou bloodline does that to females.

Well, some un-named instinct woke me from sleep in time to receive notice that this chapter had been posted. It was worth it.

As I sign off and return to bed ... APPROVED!
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