Reviews for Endless Pantheon: God's Blood
MasterOfDragonsGod chapter 46 . 3/14/2019
Great story keep it up
MasterOfDragonsGod chapter 45 . 3/14/2019
Nice Chapter:)
MasterOfDragonsGod chapter 44 . 3/14/2019
Freckling nazis
MasterOfDragonsGod chapter 43 . 3/14/2019
MasterOfDragonsGod chapter 42 . 3/14/2019
great chapter
MasterOfDragonsGod chapter 31 . 3/13/2019
nice chapter .
MasterOfDragonsGod chapter 30 . 3/13/2019
nice chapter
MasterOfDragonsGod chapter 29 . 3/13/2019
Nice chapter
Lord Delakar chapter 46 . 2/14/2019
I think I may have realized something major that I don't think has been addressed yet. I don't believe that Harry is a signatory of the Unseelie accords anymore. He is no longer beholden to or apart of any orginization that is. He's no longer a member of the White Council, he isn't really a Goa'uld, and he is no longer beholden to winter. Yea sure he has his new floating city, but he only promised mother winter he would take care of it. Not to continue his service to winter. It makes sense that Harry has not picked up on this yet. Only a few individuals would realize this. Mab, Bob, and Ammit.
KyliaQuilor chapter 46 . 2/13/2019

Oh man, you just can't let Harry have a minute, can you?
KyliaQuilor chapter 44 . 2/13/2019
KyliaQuilor chapter 40 . 2/13/2019
"Colonel - with respect - we are in a magical city on the moon fighting spacecraft currently losing a battle to wooden ships floating on shadow." Marchenko pulled his lighter out from his pocket and fiddled with it, trying to get a spark going on the well-worn device. He puffed at the cigarette as it lit, pumping air through the tobacco to ensure it burned properly. Taking a long drag from the cigarette he closed the lighter with a loud click and held out the box of cigarettes to his compatriots. "We are standing behind two creatures that call themselves gods who've given us ample cause to believe their claims while a demon from the nightmares of children comes to kill us. I'm not going to do anything until I've had a cigarette."

*Cackle* Well, when you put it like that...
Aster's Descendants chapter 46 . 1/20/2019
The Wraith.
Well. That's an...interesting development. I wonder how that's going to play out.
quoththeraven5 chapter 46 . 1/17/2019
This was amazing! This is one of my favorite series on and I cannot wait to see where this goes! (especially the scene where Harry confronts Bob - that promises to be hilarious!) :) Good luck with your future writing! :)
Sehkmet chapter 46 . 1/16/2019
this series is honestly one of my top ten favorite fanfics, and though it has been several years since it started, I would wait several more for the conclusion. it is worth it. I can't wait for the second installment, and it's honestly pretty great that you're including some of the extracanonical Stargate material, and the way you have meshed Dresden Files and Stargate canon has a level of internal consistency that I don't really see in stories.
thank you for not abandoning this series
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