Reviews for Together, We Collide
arata7kasuga chapter 50 . 3/8/2021
Kind of extremely disappointed Jon still burned. He’s Targaryen too yes? Why can’t he share that trait with Dany? Also why is Dany still hiding things from Jon? They are married, they should be open and honest with one another. Shame they keep getting interrupted XD poor Dany!
arata7kasuga chapter 46 . 3/8/2021
Of now she’s seeing other guys during lovemaking .
arata7kasuga chapter 42 . 3/8/2021
So why is Dany bringing so much?
arata7kasuga chapter 41 . 3/8/2021
So Dany is now sneaking around in the middle of the night and keeping secrets and lying about her whereabouts and Jon isn’t upset about it at all? Why couldn’t she have just asked Jon to go with her at some point to try together? Why sneak and lie? Does she not wish for them to experience the eggs hatching together?
arata7kasuga chapter 37 . 3/6/2021
The overall enactment was actually really good tho, I really liked it other than that one part. I hope they role play more often :3
arata7kasuga chapter 37 . 3/6/2021
You lost me when she slapped him like that. I got the impression that she didn’t like hurting him based on previously when he hurt his head and she stopped to apologize and make sure he was okay.. and yet she slaps him that hard? Why? She knew it was a play...
arata7kasuga chapter 33 . 3/6/2021
Of course they are interrupted:/
arata7kasuga chapter 29 . 3/6/2021
Why was she trying to block off his breathing? Is she trying for breathplay, seems kind of risky doing it out of the blue for the first time if she doesn't want to harm him..
arata7kasuga chapter 32 . 3/6/2021
Shouldn’t Jon have told Ned about Jojens comment on there being two dragons?
arata7kasuga chapter 31 . 3/6/2021
Should they not try to keep OSHA away from Bran? Sure, show mercy and let her be a servant instead of dead, but she WAS part of the group that did that to Bran to begin with.
arata7kasuga chapter 17 . 3/5/2021
Finally, all is back to how it should be! And he’ll yeah, she’s pregnant 3
arata7kasuga chapter 15 . 3/5/2021
Kinda disappointed inhim. He deserves that.
arata7kasuga chapter 14 . 3/5/2021
After her guess he still isn’t telling her the truth?
arata7kasuga chapter 10 . 3/5/2021
Surprised there’s no anger that he didn’t tell him sooner no let on that Dany was family. Did he not trust Jon till now? This Ned seemed a better dad/uncle than canon.
TheAttemptedWriter chapter 1 . 11/30/2020
Wait, I just saw a review, and over 50 chapters later Dany still didn't figure out how to hatch her dragons? Fucking laughable.
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