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Guest chapter 46 . 10/16
here is a idea for a chapter Toad down or Pink toad down
Maloran chapter 46 . 10/10
Deadpool. Was wondering when he'd show up. Also... Harry did sign an insanity clause for whenever Deadpool gets involved with anything he's involved with, right?
Red Dragon chapter 46 . 10/10
Here is a idea for to mess up with the love potion

Aiden smiled he just got the love potion that Professor Dumbledore had ask Snape to brew for him ready now he is waiting for the perfect time to give Ginny the potion as he was waiting at breakfast for her to show up it was then that Ginny showed up with Granger and Longbottom he still couldn't believe that Professor McGonagall his own head of house had taken away his prefect badge and give it to that near squib Neville Longbottom he is the Boy-who-lived he should be the Gryffindor prefect not him but now he will finally get the girl he likes from his loser brother as Ginny, Hermione and Neville sat down at the Gryffindor table as they couldn't join Harry and Luna thanks to Umbitch her newest degree that said that all students must be seated at their house tables at all time for breakfast, lunch and dinner and were not allowed to sit at any of the other house tables no matter what Aiden moved over to Ginny and says: Hey Ginny do you want to go out with me at the next Hogsmeade visit?.

Ginny groaned at that and thought “Not this again? how many times do I have to say no to him before he gets it through that thick empty skull of his?.” and she says: No I am going out with Harry not with you and I wouldn't go out with you even when you are the last men in the world so get it through that thick empty skull of yours I don't like you and I will never go out with a spoiled, selfish, self-centered jerk like you.

Aiden was doing his best to stay calm why can't she see that he is the Boy-who-lived and she should have been honored that he was asking her to date him a lot of other girls would have given up their very souls for a chance to date him but with the love potion she would sing a different tone and he says: Come on Ginny just one date that is all I am asking.

Ginny says: Never in a 1,000,000 years will I ever go on a date with you at least Harry is 10 times more the man then you can ever hope to be now get lost before I kick you in the balls. and she turns back to Hermione and Neville and talked with them

Aiden saw that Ginny was distracted with talking with Hermione and Neville as he carefully and discreetly poor the love potion right into her cup of pumpkin juice but unfortunately for Aiden he was not as discreet as he thought he was as Hermione saw it and when Aiden walked away she quickly switch the 2 cups of pumpkin juice and the one how took the cup of pumpkin juice mixed with the love potion was Romilda Vance soon after she drunk from it the effect was immediately she stood and called out for everyone to hear in the great hall: I love you Aiden Potter I want to date you, marry you and be the mother of your children. She run to Aiden and coddle him

Aiden was surprised by this this couldn't be happening he was sure that he put the love Potion in Ginny's cup not in this girl's cup when he saw the mischievous smile on Hermione's face it started to click in his mind she the one who had switch the 2 cups of pumpkin juice and he thought “just you wait bookworm I will get you back for this” it was then that Umbridge came to them and says: Mr Potter, Ms Vance that will be 50 points from Gryffindor and 3 weeks of detention for the both of you with me tonight.

Dumbledore sat in his chair and was fighting the urge to not to bash his head on the head table this was not what was supposed to happen Ms Weasley would have been the one who should have the love potion not Ms Vance this was not good not good at all he saw Aiden poor the potion in Ms Weasley's cup but then it was Ms Vance who is now under the love potion but why were all those constant and unwanted setbacks in the way of his carefully laid out plans it was for the greater good that Aiden and Ms Weasley got together as it would unlock the power for Aiden to defeat Voldemort meanwhile Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Fred, George, Luna and Harry left the great hall and Ginny says: What the bloody hell happened back there?.

Hermione says: Aiden poor something in you pumpkin juice so I switch it and it look like it was a love potion.

Ron says: What that jerk was trying to give my sister a love potion? but where would he get it and I know that Aiden is down right terrible with potions and even without Snape's biased towards anyone who isn't a Slytherin and his encouragement to his Slytherin students to sabotage our potions in all our classes together all the time he must have gotten it form someone?.

Fred says: Yeah but from who as he couldn't have ask mom for one as she knows that Ginny can't stand the git after what happened on valentines day in her 1st year.

Harry says: Oh I know who it is Aiden got that potion from Dumbledore who had ask Snape to brew it for him and we all know when it comes to Aiden Dumbledore is just as bad as Snape is with the Slytherin house.

Neville says: Of course it would be the headmaster like always and his blatant favoritism for his golden boy.

Luna says: They have been infected by a army of Wrackspurts.

George says: I thinks its time we crank up our pranks on the bloody Git-who-lived don't you think so Gred?.

Fred says: I agree with you on that Forge.

and like always I just give you the idea how you used them is up to you
Guest chapter 46 . 10/9
Hay here’s an idea for everyone’s reaction to Neville’s parents awake

“Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom how are you awake says reporter. The nurses at St mungo’s says you were Incurable and insane.” Well you see I am alive and well and for your question it was thanks to Charles Xavier for wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be seeing my son off. and if any of you say that he is a dark creature hear this for now on The mutants and their allies from Xavier school for gifted or under longbottom production. as we oh him Life det it if anyone tries to attack them you will face are wrath. Says Frank From her office the toad was in rage how could these purebloods defend these vile creatures this was not going her way the Longbottoms have a lot of influence I need to stop this immediately. Unknown to her a old senile man is equally upset this is not good I need them under my control for the greater good maybe I should put them back how they were. He thought unknown two the both of them their plans well be coming down on their heads soon
Greer123 chapter 46 . 10/9
I am glad to see that Neville got his parents back and that Deadpool in now in this story of yours. Hope you are having a good time.
fireclaw239 chapter 46 . 10/9
HA! deadpool. the greatest of mercs
Guest chapter 46 . 10/8
The dead pool has ARRIVED MOTHER F-KERS
Red Dragon chapter 46 . 10/8
Here is a idea for when the rest of the X-Force to meet up with Wade part 2

Dopinder says: What do you mean he vanquished for 13 years?.

Cable says: Voldemort didn't die that night created Horcruxes which is a dark magic in order to cheat death first he splits a piece of his soul by committing cold blooded murder of a innocent the younger the victim the more powerful the effect will be then you place that cut off piece of your soul into a object what could almost be anything and according to my research he had created 7 of those things and has hidden them somewhere in all over England 2 of them have already been destroyed but there are still 5 more of them out there he came back last with the help of one of his minions to used a ritual to restore his body.

Wade says: Oh great we are dealing with a immortal wizard version of Hitler that is just great.

Vanessa says: Gable what did you mean with this woman who made this prophecy told it to the wrong man?.

Cable says: Well Voldemort is trying to take over the magical society of the UK and rule it in his own imaged but there were people who stood up against him to stop him one is the Ministry of Magic which in this time is a vipers nest of corruption and the current Minister for Magic is a greedy incompetent fool who is being bribed all the time by Voldemort's minions who escape prison by claiming that they were bewitched into following their master the other is the Order of the Phoenix that is lead by a man named Albus Dumbledore who is the so called Leader of the Light and is held in their world as the greatest wizard in the world as he had defeated the previous dark lord who was the one who had started World War 2 back in 1945 but he is senile old man who believes that all the terrorists under Voldemort's command could be redeemed and he is refusing to let his men to use lethal force against them the are only aloud to use non-lethal means in taking their enemies down but Dumbledore isn't as clean as he makes himself out to be he is a master manipulator and a puppet master who likes to pull the strings behind the scenes and plays chess with peoples lives like they are chess pieces he makes sure that everything goes his way and his way only he keeps a lot of secrets and important information for himself and the people of the magical UK will follow and listen to him without question as he says that everything that he does is for the greater good and that he knows what is best now the most interesting thing that I found out about him is that the previous dark lord Gellert Grindelwald was his former boyfriend, lover and butt buddy.

Bedlam says: Woah Cable you are tell us that the people of the magical society here in Britain follow this old crackpot like blind sheep?.

Cable says: That old crackpot carries a lot of power around in this magical society he is the headmaster of magical Great-Britain's magic school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he can decides what is taught in his school and what not, he is the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot think of as both the parliament and the high court mixed together where he sits as both the speaker of the parliament and the supreme judge in one position where he has the power to decided of how their Ministry of magic is being run, what laws should be passed and what should not and how some laws should be modified and changed to his liking and he is the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards think of it as the magical version of the United Nations where he sits as the Secretary-General of the UN all in all he is basically a king in all but name.

everyone was silenced about that they couldn't believe that a crazy old man like this Dumbledore guy has so much power and Shatterstar says: For a old man he has a lot of power in his little part of the world.

Firefist asks: But what has all of this to do with the X-Men who are going to fight against this magical terrorists?.

Cable says: Harry Potter the Boy-who-lived is living with the X-Men remember that I said that Voldemort was defeated that night he attacked the Potters? well Dumbledore arrived after the attack and named his younger twin brother Aiden the Boy-who-lived instead of Harry when Harry was 5 Dumbledore told his parents that he was a squib and had convinced them to send him to his mother's sister and her family who hated everything magical and unnatural things by using their blind trust to him against them they did so 3 years later his magic hating relatives dump him in New York City where he was found by Xavier and Logan and brought to the Xavier Institute where they and all the other X-Men trained and raised him as one of them when he turned 11 he went to Hogwarts for his schooling instead of Ilvermorny the American magic school to face the demons of his past now Dumbledore wasn't happy at all that he was there and has been trying to get rid off him for 4 year but failed time and time again.

Wade says: What are Dumb ass his plans to fight Voldy?.

Cable says: He will most likely use the same methods he used in the last war against Voldemort but he is keeping all the important information about Voldemort to himself and is not sharing it with his men, his is training his golden boy Aiden who he thinks is the Boy-who-lived and the chosen one in the prophecy to fight against Voldemort at this moment he has his men guard the prophecy that is somewhere in the Ministry of Magic and he is using it as bait to lure Voldemort out in the open as he is laying low right now to rebuild his forces to reassemble the army that he had before his fall 14 years ago Dumbledore relaying the outcome of this war on the prophecy and he is manipulating it to the outcome he wants it to have he has a spy in Voldemort's ranks but he is not very trustworthy at all but he trusted him completely.

Zeitgeist asks: Dumbledore doesn't know that Harry Potter is the real Boy-who-lived?.

Cable says: No he doesn't but that won't be for long.

Wade says: Okay now who is with me in killing off some magical Nazi's and helping the X-Men in this war?.

and like always I just give you the idea how you used them is up to you
Red Dragon chapter 46 . 10/8
Here is a idea for when the rest of the X-Force to meet up with Wade part 1 of 2

there was a knock on Wade and Vanessa's hotel room door Wade opens it and in came Dopinder, Firefist, Bedlam, Shatterstar, Zeitgeist, Vanisher, Domino and Cable and Wade says: Welcome X-Force to jolly old London please have a seat.

as everyone greeted Vanessa and took a seat it was Domino who asked: So Wade why did you call us all here for I had thought that you and Vanessa were going to spent Christmas together here in London just the 2 of you?.

Wade says: We were but I overheard some of Xavier's students taking about that they were going to fight against magical Nazi's that are here in England and I thought about than we join them in killing a few of them.

Cable says: Wade are you talking about the Death Eaters?.

everyone looked at the cybernetic super soldier from the future and Wade says: Cable how do you know about this? and what do you know?.

Cable says: I had a few run ins with wizards back in my time let me explain the magical world to all of you for centuries there has been a secret hidden world full of magic users they started to hid themselves when the witch hunts begone and isolated themselves form the rest of the world it was then in both world wars that the magicals saw how quickly advance the non-magicals became in technology and scientist now most magical societies had slowly started to blend in with the non-magical world and thanks to Dr Hank McCoy who found a way to make technology work around magic most country started to use technology too and advanced themselves except for one part of it and that is magical Britain in this time and area who refuses to move along with the time of the non-magical world as they live for 1 half in the dark ages and 1 half in the Victorian area magical Britain is divided through blood status there are 5 groups pure bloods, half bloods, muggleborns, creature inheritance and squibs pure blood that are witches and wizards who have a magical ancestry that goes back a 100 to a 1000ed years that only exist out other pure blooded witches and wizards but they are the smallest group but they are in control of almost everything form businesses to their head positions in Ministry of Magic which in this place corrupt to the core, next up are the muggleborns these are children who are born in non-magical families who somehow got their magic by chance the muggleborns can be divided in 2 sub-groups first generations which they are the first of their line who posses magic and squib descendants they form a decent percentage but they are not very appreciated in here England as they are seen as intruders buy some of the pure bloods, now squibs are the exacted opposite of the muggleborns as these are children who are born in magical families who don't have any magic at all which is the result of years of inbreeding in magical families who are to closely related to each other as I said some pure blood who are arrogant in believing that being a pure blood makes them superior to others and they believe that they should only marry to other pure blood wizards and witches which results into having children who have leas and leas magic in then them until they became squibs who have no magic of there own these children are looked upon as sham and embarrassment upon their family names and they are cast out of there families and dropped off in non-magical orphanages with no memories of the parents or their home in the magical world or are outright killed for not having any magic at all until one of their descendants who are married non-magicals over the years regain their lost magic they also a small group, next are half bloods that is were you have a pure blood together with a muggleborn or a non-magical person they are some times seen as bastards by some pure bloods because that some pure blood are more open and keep there blood and magic strong by putting some fresh blood of a muggleborn or a non-magical person and last are creature inheritance that is were you have a pure blood, half blood, muggleborn or a non-magical person and a magical creature like a vamper, a werewolf or a elf as parents they are seen as abominations and are treated with distaste they also form a decent percentage now from what I know from what I studied of their history thanks to this self isolating of theirs they started to ignore the non-magical side until both world was that there have been forming extremist who are so obsessed with blood purity that from time to time resulted in popping of dark wizard who are bend on world domination they are called dark lords and ladies now back in the late 60ties to the early 80ties there was a dark wizard called Voldemort but his real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle he is a real nut job he started to killing off both non-magical people and muggleborns claiming they were tainting the pure blood bloodlines of ancient and noble wizard families he had recruited and gettered army of followers of wizards from pure blooded families that are pure blood supremacist who believed in his ideals and many dark creatures who sided with him for the promise to have equal rights and that they could vent out there blood lust upon their victims but what his followers don't know is that Voldemort is he also a hypocrite as he is a half blood himself.

Firefist says: Wait a minute Cable are you telling me that this Voldemort guy is a half blood who is fighting for pure blood supremacy? and even preaching it? man talk about hypocrisy in it purse form.

Cable says: Believe it kid its true.

Domino asked: Cable you said he was only active in the late 60ties to the early 80ties right? What happened?.

Cable says: From what I found out there was a prophecy made be a women who had a minor ability in seeing into the future and she had told it to the wrong man and it was overheard by one of Voldemort minions it spoke of a child that would be born at end of the month of July who would have a power to stopped Voldemort for good the minion only heard the first part of that prophecy and give it to his master he started to go after every child born in the month of July there were 3 children born at the end of the month of July that were Neville Longbottom at July the 30th and Harry and Aiden Potter at July the 31st now both parents went into hiding but Voldemort had found the Potters because there hiding place was betrayed to him by a friend that had they once trusted he knocked out the parents and tried to kill both the boy but his curse was re bounce back to him and he vanquished for 13 years.
LordDeath8 chapter 46 . 10/7
Mr. Pool will be really happy he's gonna be in the story. Hey could you possibly include gambit or Warren aka archangel
Brot'Quel chapter 46 . 10/7
Oh gosh... thing are going to be chaotic from now on...
WhiteElfElder chapter 46 . 10/7
It is nice that DeadPool is on the X-Men side of things instead of against them; though that is a loose association.
Mar91 chapter 46 . 10/7
I like
Zoran Dawn-Eclipse chapter 46 . 10/7
Deadpool coming in?

Also, hooray for the cure!
Guest chapter 46 . 10/7
So you writer block here’s a idea ever thought of doing a Q and a or truth or dare here’s a few questions if the Harry Potter crew did not end up with Canon who do you think they will end up with. Or four truth or dare have twins ask harry rank the girls at school to top 10 At least one per house then have the twins make an item or you tell is lying

Just trying to help thank you
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