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Tyre chapter 27 . 9/21
Read this all in one piece. Lovely style of writing. You seem like a real author.

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Guest chapter 27 . 9/19
Please update, really enjoying this story
Guest chapter 27 . 9/18
I like their conversation. James, as always, offered her his help and another option to choose and showed his concern by giving her the dagger. I am glad Fiona said to him those things at the end. Although seeing them say goodbye is not pleasant, this time apart did them good, realizing what they feel, according to her narration. If Mai says she doesn't trust Patrick, then I am worried. Will he try to take her back to Tia Dalma or worse to her uncle? I expect everything from him.
Guest chapter 26 . 9/12
She went through so much in her younger years. Her uncle and those "kind" women. She came out stronger from those ordeals, she had to reach bottom first, but she made it. And she was so lucky she met Mick. Will she go with Patrick? He wasn't too thrilled to have her on board and I am not too fond of him or this possibility.
deleni12 chapter 25 . 9/6
I think this is an interesting story. You write very well I must say! I like the character development and how describing you are in every event!
Guest chapter 25 . 9/4
There was no way James would have left her without get her to his friend doctor. Who was very perceptive to how she was injured -and only that :) James may mention it but he won't push her. He will wait to tell something herself. Seeing Molly started well but ended badly. It wasn't surprising she didn't believe her, they usually don't, but she was too hard with the way she kicked her out. And so we met Patrick. He took his brother's ship, one may call it sentiment but I don't think it's the case here. I have to see more of him, although I don't doubt Fiona's judgement.
lcar372 chapter 24 . 8/30
Hi smac92. I have read chapter 23 but I will predominantly review chapter 24 because it is the latest chapter. Chapter 23- this was mainly a conversation chapter (nothing wrong with that) and it did do a good job of filling out James back story (which is not done in the movies) and also explains why he might be more sympathetic to Fiona than your average English gentleman of the period. The story of the necklace and the conversation in general shows these two characters coming together. The relationship writing is great and it feels realistic. Moving from chapter 23 to 24- I did not see the sea creature (Kelpie) coming. Complete surprise about the type of creature (did not see a shapeshifter coming at the end of chapter 23)- although looking back on earlier chapters I probably should have put the hints together. It reminded me of one of the creatures off Dr Who. The action section was well written and I could easily visualize what happened. That is a big plus because a muddled action scene can be confusing. For me this story so far seems very much like a thriller (with some romance) where the reader spends time trying to piece together clues that seem to be independent, but are not. It is fun trying to figure out where the story may go with all the twists and turns. It is a very engaging way to write a story (I enjoy the style) and means the reader has to be alert and more active. On a different subject this story has made me more familiar with the myths and legends of Ireland, Scotland and Greece, with which I intend to read more about (Any book suggestions?). It would be good to meet Patrick in the next chapter- sounds like an interesting character.
Guest chapter 24 . 8/30
Please update I would love to see them both get a happy ending
Guest chapter 24 . 8/28
So this was last night's culprit. And not only Fiona could see the kelpie -she has a connection with supernatural things- but also James and others. (of course Hawkins would try to find out details, pestering them). Both of them felt the vibes of the sword. And she guided him to think of Perseus' myth. It was amusing her irritation because he kept asking if she is injured. By the way, what a fine sight James was when he went to fight the kelpie!:D I am curious to meet Patrick.
lcar372 chapter 22 . 8/23
Hi smac92! Sorry, this review is late. So Wow what a explosive and political chapter. Again Fiona defies held convention. Well, you cannot keep a feisty lass down-or quiet. A real nail-biting dinner conversation with the Viscount. I have a feeling that he will return in an unusual and probably unpleasant manner. Maybe, after the map that Fiona has? Just one minor personal niggle (and please correct me if I am wrong or have over stepped the mark- it is your story). That is the mention of the Fenians, which I think was in the 19th century (if the story is in the 19th century then I take it back). Moving to the rest of the chapter, it was good to see them working as a team (looking out for one another despite a different outlook). Furthermore, the chapter highlights the political and historical rift between the two nations. Overall, it was a good chapter and I enjoyed it. I will read your next chapter soon.
Guest chapter 23 . 8/22
Yes, they have come closer. Since the big secret was releaved, they speak more freely. She hasn't told him everything - understandable- but they have reached a good relationship through their communication, caring but without pushing the other. James treats her equally, which Fiona appreciates. I like the story of the necklace, it was fascinating. Who was it outside her door? The first answer would be Hawkins, but I have the feeling he wasn't him. He has no qualms about showing himself around. A pirate? Jack? They are locked in their cells. A curious member of the crew? I don't think so. They wouldn't have risked entering James' cabin to get the glass. A spy (besides Hawkins)? I don't know. But I think it wasn't just an act of curiosity.
Guest chapter 22 . 8/18
Being seen by Hawkins unnerved her. I wonder too if he told the pirates about it, as I am curious if he will say something about the "visit" of the viscount. It's not surprising for him to work behind the scenes. Another new "friend" for our heroes. This viscount is a snake. He is dangerous, despite the appearances. Although I didn't like his "polite" manners. I guess it is not the last time we saw him. I liked James' protecting behaviour to Fiona. Not that I expected anything less.
lcar372 chapter 21 . 8/7
Hi smac92! Another action packed chapter. We see a good demonstration of Fiona’s seafaring skills, thinking under pressure skills and resourcefulness. I thought that the description of the chaos present on the ship during the bad storm was very good. It really gave the reader a good idea of the challenges and the atmosphere of the storm when on a sailing ship. It also provided the perfect opportunity for a “forced together” awkward moment. There was a good build up of romantic tension which leads the reader to wonder where this is going (and how fast). It also seems to come from both James and Fiona now (it feels less one sided than before). We are once again reminded that Mr Hawkins is still present, alert, causing trouble and is not going let our heroine and hero have an easy ride. Hope to read the next chapter soon.
Guest chapter 21 . 7/31
They did come closer, not only saving her but holding her from the waist all the time and the near kiss in the corridor... Not to mention that all this is messing with Fiona's head. And Hawking had not only ruin the moment but see deeper in their relationship/ alliance. He couldn't be fooled for long and I don't know how dangerous he can be. I like when Fiona suggested to think and act like Jack and James accepted it! Captain Sparrow has rubbed off on them.
lcar372 chapter 20 . 7/25
Hi smac92! Sorry this review is a little late. This chapter was good in fleshing out James’s thought process and motivations, especially since he knew something of Fiona for some time but said nothing to anyone. This is very revealing about him as a character and it was also, I feel, consistent with the story and what canon there is on James. What an outburst on Fiona’s part! It is, however, completely understandable and definitely creates a personality tension with James. I feel that Fiona’s personal and abrupt conversations have provided a good way to allow both character’s to reflect and thus have the potential to gradually change. This allows both of them to start contemplating the future rather than the past. It is also good that you have showed this as a slow and uneven process because in both circumstances it is hard to stop grieving and look to the future. Hope to see the next chapter up soon!
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