Reviews for Boss?
kzom3 chapter 1 . 9/4
Veri n1c3tJIst0ri1n
ScaryScarecrows chapter 61 . 8/16
We have our own personal tech support! It's all I ever wanted...-Kitty

Mm-hm, apart from Robin's head on a platter, Batman's cape, and the One Ring.-Jonathan


Poor Edward. One day the Coffee Gods will smile upon thee. BUT NOT TODAY, FOOL.
ScaryScarecrows chapter 60 . 8/10
*cackles* I'm sorry, Eddie., I'm not sorry. This is justice for mocking my bad Batmobile driving. JUSTICE, I TELL YOU.

The Price is Right went downhill when Barker left.-Crane

See, it's things like that that make me suspect that you are, in fact, a two hundred-year-old vampire.-Kitty

Guest chapter 59 . 8/8
wonder if that kid was making fake evidence against riddler
ScaryScarecrows chapter 59 . 7/27
Poor Oswald. Nobody appreciates that he's practically a bird conservationist. With a side of crime.
ScaryScarecrows chapter 58 . 7/22

And it's okay, Switch. Nobody likes Joker. Even Harley doesn't seem to like him that much half the time...

Joker will always be horrifying. Even in the really old comics where all he does is skip around throwing confetti, the knowledge of 'one day he will have the highest body count in Gotham' takes the hilarity out of it. AND NOW THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT THREE? I call foul.
Danni chapter 57 . 6/25
Oh dear it seems I've caught up in one sitting, regardless- I'd like to say I enjoy this quite a lot! Switch is such a sassy terrorist and Riddler experiencing feelings makes my cold dead heart /much like his/ flutter. Such a shame there's not more but all in good time I suppose. All my best wishes to you and your well written fic!
Happy77123 chapter 57 . 6/3
Just started this yesterday and I already finished it. I'm in love with this story!
ScaryScarecrows chapter 57 . 5/7
Pizza delivery? *sighs* The world will never know how Gotham even has pizza boys anymore, what with the risk involved in ordering. It's only a matter of time before somebody has a panic attack at the sight of a real one and sues.
ScaryScarecrows chapter 56 . 4/28
Arkham needs to remodel. It shouldn't be this easy to just...leave. WALL UP YOUR ABANDONED AREAS, Y'ALL.
ScaryScarecrows chapter 55 . 4/23
Oh dear. Flames.

But they're not my fault, so I can laugh at them! Haha!
ScaryScarecrows chapter 54 . 4/3
Poor Oswald. Every time somebody's being a jerk, he gets to deal with Batman. :(

Not your best night, Big Bat. That's embarrassin'.
ScaryScarecrows chapter 53 . 3/28
Every time Gordon interacts with Batman, I wonder if he feels dumb having to say it. Like, dude, your crime-fighting bestie wears a cape and ears and calls himself 'Batman'. You may need to evaluate your life.
ScaryScarecrows chapter 52 . 3/21

But God, I'm gonna feel really bad for Batman if he finds out. He'd probably come out traumatized.
ScaryScarecrows chapter 51 . 3/9
I swear only criminals and stupid people (overlap not withstanding) live in Gotham. Just. Just don't. Leave. The masked nuts. Alone.
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