Reviews for An Explosive Family Reunion
PhantasmalToast chapter 29 . 11/14
I want to see Kon VS Keigo. Anyways, amazing story. 10/10.
PhantasmalToast chapter 25 . 11/14
"Grrr!"-Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Larro44-LL chapter 29 . 11/7
Hmm that was nice.
Blake chapter 29 . 9/12
It's a great history. I think it hurts the canon a little too much sometimes, but makes me really happy see Bambi recieve the love she deserves
Spacewolfspqr chapter 2 . 9/7
ldk what kind of conversations you've have Binge Reader, but this is normal dialogues bro. Like seriously, have you not read other fanfics of animes before? Or just anime in general? lmao
Binge Reader chapter 2 . 9/2
Man, you guys seriously don't know how to make proper dialogues. Is it hard to imagine a natural conversation? How are you talking to people usually?
Xavier Stewart chapter 23 . 8/30
I somewhat called it that by the end of the chapter, it was going to be Giselle, Liltotto, Meninas and Candice waiting for Bambietta to show up and transport her to where Ichigo fought against Aizen of course referring to either Sokoyku Hill or Karakura town. Probably either of them battlefields. Anyway, glad to see the rest of the Bambies/Femritters. I wonder what conversation they’re going to have with Bambietta as soon as I get to the next chapter. I knew that Mayuri would keep the Bambies as his test subjects now that Giselle broke herself, Meninas, Liltotto and Candice out of Mayuri’s lab, making a fool out of the captain of the 12th.
Guest chapter 29 . 8/27
Omg, thank you both for writing this! I've just learned about bleach from my little brother and saw how bambi was treated in the YYBW anime and went "man, she deserves a good ending".

As for criticism, there are quite a few grammar mistakes and there is some dialog that feels forced/plot explaining. But then again, I have never seen Bleach, I don't know how the characters interact/talk, and it's fanfiction, not the Illiad. So, I feel like this pretty good and I'll definitely be reading this multiple times for a while.
Tldr: 9.5/10, would read again.
Serikyuu chapter 29 . 8/2
Can we get a sequel? This is too good
Xavier Stewart chapter 12 . 7/18
What a chapter this was. I’m glad that Ichigo arrived first before Uryu did (even though Uryu should’ve been the one to arrive first). After seeing Bambietta’s confession and breaking down in tears, this really made me feel sorry for her. This definitely sums up everything that Yhwach’s done by using Bambietta as a tool and broke her promise. And this is where you get major heat on Yhwach cause he’s a dick. I appreciate you adding more layers to Bambietta’s character and it has made me appreciate her even more and won the waifu points for me. Also Ryuken fucked up big time by making Ikumi mad by going after her daughter to assassinate her. It was totally satisfying seeing Ryuken get his comeuppance. Moving on to the next chapter.
Guest chapter 29 . 7/11
Fantastic fanfic would you ever continue this story when the hell arc is complete
Dreamingsleep chapter 29 . 5/9
Really good
Xavier Stewart chapter 6 . 12/23/2022
This chapter really hit me in the feels for Bambietta. Seeing her completely in her emotional outburst at Uryu, and not only did Yhwach broke her promise, but her friends (Candice, Meninas, Liltotto & Giselle) who she’s known them since childhood had betrayed her and Giselle being the one to kill her and reanimated her as a zombie, not having her way with her while being in her zombie state. That’s when you pretty much get heat on Giselle for how she was treating her. I’m not going to lie, I’m actually liking the bond between Ichigo and Bambietta. I’m enjoying your fanfic story so far.
ObeRun chapter 29 . 11/27/2022
Hands up. Okay. Fantastic. Amazing. Ah... Thanks for writing this story man!
Kftm chapter 29 . 11/20/2022
A great story. I loved it
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