Reviews for Fiendfyre
Cheeky Slytherin Lass chapter 1 . 9/16/2017
I'm actually really impressed with this! Honestly, the only thing that differed from my elaborate headcanon involving these two are that I imagine Druella with blonde hair, and I don't see them being so open about their feelings like they were here. Other than that, this could have been something from my mind. I love you for this. Let's be besties?

I loved the set up you have here. The insight into Pureblood society with the little social gathering, Dru's annoyance with Magnolia always one-upping here. Absolutely perfect.

I loved the comparisons among the Black sisters and how Narcissa basically had the "complete package" compared to her sisters.

But most importantly! The actual AbraxasDruella moments were golden. You showed the clear history between them without having to backtrack. Just in their interactions, you could tell there were still emotions between them. Also, Druella wanting to be more discreet about their affair while Abraxas is more reckless is exactly how I imagine it. The bit about them being like Fiendfyre was especially gorgeous. It really set the mood so you get the feeling that them being together is dangerous.

I enjoyed the way you didn't make the revelation about Narcissa a big thing. You showed Dru's emotions and handled it perfectly without going over the top.

Also. Can I just say that Bellatrix flirting with Abraxas is my new favorite mental image?

Seriously, you did such a tremendous job with this, and I'm so ridiculously happy.