Reviews for The Swans by the pond
LRK860 chapter 55 . 10h
I'm thinking James Hunter is maybe, probably, most likely involved. Or the father. You give no real clues as to what the hell really happened to Bella. Or where the Cullen's are now. It all revolves around Sam and his pack. And drugs. Hmmm... Interesting that Leah said (a couple of chapters back) that all the games of retribution revolved around Alice and Edward. Alice? Why? I hope answers are coming soon. I think it's hard for me to wonder about Bree's troubles when I can't understand what happened to Bella (the main plot of this story). Bree's just an afterthought unfortunately.
Peacelovefairy chapter 55 . 12h
Deep shit trouble
marymary123 chapter 55 . 12h
I am waiting to see that smartass get his balls busted. Sorry on the language
mysticfighter111 chapter 55 . 12h
Edward might be concerned about the wrong things. Drugs seem to be an issue for the police.
Kasey Jones chapter 55 . 14h
This is one of the few WIPs I am following and I am sure this is going to end up being good but it is just moving along way too slow for me. I might try it again once it is completed.
ClaceLover08 chapter 55 . 9/19
i want more please i love this story it is awesome and I love this series :)
ztwench chapter 55 . 9/19
I have tried to appreciate your story and your writing, but I for one have gotten to the point that I'm going to leave. There is a slow burn and there is a waste of time, which this has seriously become. 55 chapters and close to 175,000 words invested in my time and, in my opinion, we are no further in the story than the beginning. Let's be real, as a comparison, the first two books of the actual Twilight Saga are about 245,000 words. I am not sure why you feel this story needs to move so slowly, but at the risk of being negative, I can't justify following this anymore. I don't even remotely get excited when I see an update because it has yet to be anything more than the same. I have lost all sense of even caring for these characters at this point and truly have no desire to even know how it ends. I realize that unlike normal writing, fanfiction doesn't necessarily need to please the fans, so I hope you are getting your personal enjoyment out of this torture. I wish you the best.
Guest chapter 55 . 9/19
This Edward seems like a real douche. He is only concerned about his wants and needs. He’s a man whore for one thing. He’s really not a likable person.
cullenmeadow chapter 55 . 9/19
Covering their six o’clock! Thanks for update :)
i.luv.twilight2 chapter 55 . 9/19
Obviously Sam is involved in the drug trade in Forks and after Edward being caught up in the drama with Leah which leads me to think he hurt Bella in an attempt to hurt Edward. So good!
AnakinSmom chapter 55 . 9/19
Deeper and deeper.
grandmachix chapter 55 . 9/19
I'm glad the attorney was there, as well as Carlisle. I'm sure the DNA test will be negative. I think someone else got Bella pregnant. I suspect rape. Maybe Mike or one of his cohorts.
Sassy98200 chapter 55 . 9/19
I’m dying to know the father, it’s like when Maury goes for a commercial break, lol. I’m just kidding, I love how much detail each chapter has and I’m honestly mad at this Edward, he’s a bit cold, yet I think we just found out why, he felt betrayed. It’s not that he didn’t care for Bella but he is protecting himself.
cctwilight chapter 55 . 9/19
Edward is cold and only cares about covering his ass. Will he change if he finds out the babies were his.
Rebadams7 chapter 55 . 9/19
Is Edward always this disconnected from life he seems to be worried about his own hide of course but beyond that he just seems kind of disconnected
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