Reviews for A Shinobi's Take on this Wonderful World
kuroshiragami0 chapter 86 . 13h
Excited for the next arc of this series
Golden Wind God chapter 86 . 4/19
ha ha ha ha
hanabi2012 chapter 86 . 4/19
thank you so muchhh.
Toa Naruto chapter 86 . 4/18
Please, oh please, don't let Naruto leave without Kiki. I know Darkness would never forgive Naruto if he did that, and I'm not sure that I would either. Wouldn't it be funny if Yunyun was the only other person (beside Naruto) that she'd allow to pamper and pet?

Also hope that Naruto gifting the S-Ball to Joe won't come back to bite him later. Especially since that fecker Alderp is still stirring up trouble.

Poor Kazuma...this whole adventure just kept him in the red.
No Se1 chapter 86 . 4/18
Yeah that was a great chapter bro, im curious on where Kiki is in all of this haha, can’t wait for the next chapter. :D
Spellbat chapter 86 . 4/17
Great chapter. Was not expecting Coco to be a masochist though... Let's make sure she and Darkness never meet... Also, where is Kiki?
kukuhimanpr chapter 81 . 4/17
gyahaha... naruto playing tony hawk's pro skater with stoned darkness is just too much...
JuanKui chapter 86 . 4/17
What a hilarious end to a fantastic arc. Thank you so much for the read. As always, I find myself laughing my butt off whenever I see an update. Hope things are going well for you and take care!
kukuhimanpr chapter 78 . 4/17
somehow imagine kazuma transforming into doomslayer when he screams about BIG GUTS.
Ignisha chapter 86 . 4/17
So I guess Coco and the android are now trapped in a loop in the Forbidden Cave. Truly, a fate only Darkness would approve of, too bad she didn't want to come lmao.
But I wonder... did Coco truly have feelings for Kazuma before her-it's-whatever was overcome with M desires? I guess we'll never know.

Anyways, the misadventures at Nuzloft is now over and our heroes (?) return to Axel!
Wonijs chapter 86 . 4/17
Alas, Kazuma's perfect heroine was a bit too much for him!

This arc was an interesting change of pace, and I quite liked some of the characters that got introduced here (lookin forward to future appearances from Kiki and Joe), but I'm looking forward to shenanigans in the town of beginners again.

Thanks for keeping at it!
aea chapter 86 . 4/17
Lol, even Aqua was able to know about that monster, but at least Kazuma could see his ideal girl xd. Will Yunyun believe in Arue's prophesy? Will Jerry still appear sometimes?
Samuel Santillan chapter 86 . 4/17
I loved it, good chapter.
ha ha ha...
That chapter was very funny, karma did hit Kazuma hard in this chapter to listen to his lust instead of his head.
The only good thing about Kazuma is that he is an intelligent coward, but when he gets carried away by his fantasies he becomes useless, fun but useless.
If there are still treasures hidden in that base, Naruto should send more clones to look for them.
NewMystery356 chapter 86 . 4/17
I feel like Kazuma’s libido should get him killed more-often… Also, os the “Satoy family heirloom” STILL Chris’ panties…? Honestly, i thought the fox gir would a tually be like something out of “Akira”, but a worm-tastic fox girl with mange is creative too. Also, Aqua getting to flex her Goddess status is grand~ Coco having insectaphobia was funny as hell, and great continuity~ And at least she died as she lived; uncontrollably horny.
Well now, MAX being there recontextualizes things~
Also, YUNYUN! Poor girl didnt get to go on that road trip with them! Oh, poor dear…
Paradoxity chapter 86 . 4/17
...aye, are there any therapists in this world? Kazuma needs one yesterday.
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