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Araytigre chapter 16 . 11/13
Nice little filler piece, which in my poor opinion didn't do much for the story as a whole, other than showing Adria's first offworld mission, and Jack's keeping a grudge do to him getting zapped by her during "the Test". Now, in the previous chapter, I really thought it was really interesting about her Blood having properties similar to the Zenomorphs, which implies that her body is still changing, into what remains to be seen. Particularly, as the previous blood work that Fraiser did on her didn't show that. Thank You. TTFN
marlastiano chapter 16 . 11/12
Foolish chapter 5 . 11/10
I'm really enjoying the story but there's two very minor points I want to correct. Adria would have been looking at the Aurora Australis not the Borealis and polar bears live at the north pole. As I said, very minor points. Keep up the good work
Araytigre chapter 14 . 11/7
We already knew from canon that some of the writings in the repository was Furling (as the other three were Nox, Asgardian, and Ancient), so it didn't surprise that she would figure out that part. With her being able to utilise her Staff, and now the Box leads me to come to the conclusion that somehow her "father" either was or had Furling DNA. Either that, or when she was with the Furling on their Ship, the Green Goo that she was encased in (to heal her), changed her DNA somewhat in order for her to utilise their Tech. I know it sounds a little far fetched, but stranger things have happened, and No One knows who (or what) her Father is/was. For Daniel to even think about using the Mirror (again), seems to me a Very Foolish thing to do, as well as opening a Major Can of Worms. Thank You. TTFN
Sarc1407 chapter 14 . 11/7
I absolutely love this story. Really good integration of both the Stargate and AvP universes. Looking forward to the next update. Keep up the good work.
marlastiano chapter 14 . 11/5
Good :)
Araytigre chapter 13 . 11/1
Michael IS lucky that she didn't kill him, which she could have in a heartbeat. Fortunately for the Pack that Adria abdicated her Alpha status to her stepdad Brandon, as the vast majority of Packs have Male Alphas, with a few rare exceptions that have a Female Alpha. That is not to say that she couldn't do it, she had the wisdom not to (nor ANY desire to want to either), she also knew that she wouldn't be able to do a good job at it, and she also doesn't have the telepathic connection to them either which would hinder the effectiveness of the Pack. Now she can join the SGC without any reservations, which in the long run will be much more fulfilling for her, or at least until Scar and the Furling decide what to do with her. On another note, what kind of Mother abandons a child, then thinks that she can come back a decade or more later, and think that she has any say about said child, some people. Thank You. TTFN
zmanjz chapter 13 . 11/1
This is an excellent story, im quite pleased with the manner that the characters are being developed. Then there is adria herself. Compelling character. Her ptsd is legit having to put a round through her mentor to end his suffering, then watch a chestburster come out alone would reduce a person to jelly. She shows remarkable resilience desoite the mental and physical scars.

There are clearly a number of games a foot... the question to be had is which games are dangerous distractions and which games are the main event.

Great story.
djmegamouth chapter 6 . 10/31
Well that went to hell fast.
donniedarko81 chapter 13 . 10/29
brilliant love it and can't wait for more
marlastiano chapter 13 . 10/29
Good :)
Araytigre chapter 12 . 10/28
Interesting, there is something that is even more ancient than the Ancients, that the Asgard are not knowledgeable of, whether the Nox, or the Furling know is yet another question. Somehow I wasn't surprised that the Asgard couldn't detect the Furling Shielding (whereas the Ancients could). Hmm... It would appear that Adria is going through some sort of change, now whether it is due to the Zenomorphs, the Furling, or the "Other" race/DNA, or even something else altogether is the question. Now, whether or not what is going on with Her being the reason for the Alpha calling a Meeting, is yet even another question that we will have to wait and see about. Irregardless of any of the above, I do hope that she will get a chance to work with the SGC, Furling permitting. Thank You. TTFN
marlastiano chapter 12 . 10/28
SemenDemon chapter 11 . 10/23
I was hesitant reading the story when the first couple of chapters mentioned werewolves but I’m happy I stuck with it.
marlastiano chapter 11 . 10/22
Good :)
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