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Alpecca Ankaa Black chapter 27 . 11/16/2013
I really enjoyed this chapter; my favorite parts were the reactions to Nethtalt's proposal and the calmness of noting and dealing with the skirt on fire.
Alpecca Ankaa Black chapter 17 . 11/16/2013
Thorongil's response to Duurben making a joke was priceless! I love your OCs by the way, they're very well-developed and believable/human.
Dr34ming chapter 30 . 1/30/2012
Brilliant story! I absolutely loved the way you interwove all the different character, their personalities and their POVs. It was beautifully done. :D I especially liked how you created complex villians, who had genuine motivations for the atrocities they committed. I can't wait to read more of your work .
Hapiio chapter 31 . 1/8/2010
this is an awsome story that had me reading to 4pm in the night. i may also add that i never review. i am quite sure that there are tons of authorsthat hate me for it. so be plaesed!
asdfjkl chapter 31 . 1/14/2009
loved it! well written, great characters, awesome plot. thanks!

keep writing xD

(you ought to do some kind of one shot or something about when aragorn becomes king and all and he meets people like duurben and stuff, and duurben's all old, but he still remembers aragorn...i dunno, i think it would be cool.)

keep writing!
Ragnelle chapter 31 . 10/5/2007

I know this story is long finished, but i am late to this site and have just read though it. Actually I found "Your heart will be true" and read that first on "Stories of Arda" and found out that I had to find the background-stories for it. And since I am a very bad reviewer (and that I know the stories are old) I have not left any comments on that or on D&D (that I read before this when finaly I found your profile and stories here). But I had to leave some comment here, even if it is so old you will not see it. Just in case you do ;-)

I enjoyed the story very much. It is hard to pick out any spesific point now, I would have to reread and review every chapter for that, and then I would not get anything else done. Sorry. But it is of Aragorn, and set mostly in Rohan, and that is enough to make me happy to begin with. My favourite character and favorite people, could it be better?

Unfortunantly it is also makes me quite picky as well. Happely most of your writing did not strike me as terrible different from my own vision of the country (or I would not have read though, and not posted a review), but there are some things I feel the need to point out. Forgive me for being a very picky Tolkien-geek right now, but know it is only because you mostly seem to know what you are writing about.

Orthanc never belonged to Rohan, it was a fortress of Gondor and remained so even after the War of the Ring. The keys and care of the tower was given to Saruman by Beren that at the time was the Ruling Steward of Gondor. This was during the rein of Fréaláf (TA 2726-2798), the sisteson of Helm, shortly after his corronation. 7 generations before Thengel. So the discussion about the wisdom of letting Saruman occupy Isengard is compleatly off, and it distracted me from the story-line for a while. It is all in the Appendixes of LotR, see Appendix A, the section about the kings of the Mark.

The comments are about the names. Mostly some information on the Rohhirric names.

First, aquestion: Am I right to suspect that you have used Sindarin names for most of your characters? Because that does not sound very Rohhirric. The names used by Tolkien for the Eorlingas were of Anglo-Saxon (or Old English if you will) origin. Stavhold is aobut the only one that sound rohhiric! And even stranger is the use of an elvish language for the Haradrim! They would not even know any elvish languages. I commend you for putting much work in the names and meanings, and it is very in the spirit of Tolkien to do so, but to overlook that the different people would use different languages does rather destroy much (though not all) the effect.

To take Kelegalen. While the meaning is apropriate, a mother of the Eorlingas woulnd not name her son as such. She might name him something like Arodgrene/ Flugolgrene /Hrædgrene /Swiftgrene (I found many more words for swift that for green). Arod is the name Tolkien used for the horse Legolas is given by Eomer, you might recognize it.

Húrin from the Silmarillion is called Thalion, and while not rohhirric in origin the name is not too bad as it seems that the Eorlingas desended from the House of Hador, at least in part. (But that is a tricy subject) So have one named in memory of Húrin Thalion is not too far off. Though it would be a unusual name in Rohan.

Rokhiell - the names we know of that Tolkien used that have 'horse' in ut, uses the OE 'eoh' meaning warhorse (Èomer, Éomund, Éowyn, Éothain, éored etc), so perhaps Éomaegth? I could not find the OE for daughter, strangely enough. Mægþ (I modernzied it to maegth, æae, þ th) means maiden or girl.

But enough of that nick-picking. I thought I also should help you with the meaning of some of the names you have taken from Tolkien. Most of the information comes from "The Lord of the Rings - A reader's Companion" by Hammond & Scull.

Aldor OE "chief, prince" and "elder, parent." Suiteble for Aldor the Old ;-). Btw, most of the names of the kings of the Mark means prince or chief or king. Tolkien liked to joke with names as well.

Théodwyn I could not find in Hammond&Scull, but Théoden means "chief of a people" and as far as I can find 'theod" means people. 'Wyn' is used in Éowyn and means delight, joy, so a possible interpetation would be "delight of a people"

Gálmod according to the Hammond&Scull companion means 'light-minded, licentious', and that was what I found when searching an online dictionary as well. Do you know who wrote the Tolkien Companion? If it by chance is David Day, do not trust it!

Still, I did like how you used Gálmod in your story :-)

Yes, I am a Tolkien-fan, and as such more interested in (and bothered with) names than what is healthy. Fault yourself for putting so much work in it - or I would not think that you would be interested in hearing about it :-D

So, to sum up: names of people and places in Gondor can use Sildarin (in some cases Quenya) and/or names of Elves or Men that have lived before, the same goes for the Northen Dunedain. The people of the Mark uses names in their own languages, that is Old English (actually a dialect, but lets not make it too dificult). The Dwarfs have names of Norse origin, which is subtly different from OE, but close enough that the speakers of the different languages could understand each other. So naming is not an easy task in Tolkien's world!

All this aside, I did like that you had the Eorlingas to be good riders, and had Aragorn state that he learned to ride from them (that means ride better I presume). It is notthing that anoys me more than someone having Aragorn best then when it comes to horses, just because he was raised by elves. They are the Horselords, they know horses! (Sorry, a little hang-up of mine.)

So, I hope you do get to read this, even if the story was written long ago. Know that I enjoyed it; thank you for sharing it with us.

memyselfandi chapter 30 . 11/20/2005
Another great story. Took you bloody long enough between chapters to get back to Legolas. I think he felt a bit abandoned. Although the condition you eventually returned him in makes me wonder if he would have preffered to have just been left alone. Congrats on getting the name of Grima Wormtounges father right. I will admit he was the last person I ever would have expected to pop up *sighs dramaticly* then again I haven't had much luck guessing your plot lines from the begining. Keep 'em coming!
Madam Author chapter 31 . 4/5/2005
Great story! Loved it. Although now I have in mind a scene that would make a wonderful little short story- Years later, a very very old Duurben sees Lord Elessar crowned king, and recognizes Captain Thorongil. . . if you ever do write such a story,let me knowplease,I would love to read it.
Deana chapter 31 . 2/5/2005
That story was excellent! Great job! :)
sielge chapter 30 . 12/1/2004
I had read your story and I must tell you that I read it with pleasure! I like the way of your writing and I like how you describe what was Aragorn's life as Thorongil, and Gondor and Rohan. Great story!
Luthien Greenleaf chapter 9 . 4/11/2004
Okay, you said you would fit Legolas into this story too, well then. were is he?. this story is good, but really, where is he?.hmm? HMM? tell me ! tell me ! tell me ! ah { runs down the street screaming, while eating pop-tarts, then trips and falls down a clif...m chocolate smore pop-tarts. by the way i really liked Death Or Despair, very angsty, with elf and ranger .
Luthien Greenleaf chapter 7 . 3/28/2004
I dont like how you make Legolas sound so weak. Legolas would not shed tears unless he is alone, and even then his pride would not allow it. Legolas would glare at his captors with a feirce passion, making his captors gaze's turn away in fear and awe. Legolas would resist following them, not follow them around like a helpless blind puppy . even in his greif Legolas would fight them and give them as much hell possible for killing his fellow friend and warrior, Also as in the previous chapter {when legolas got captured} you made legolas sound as if he was an amiture with the bow and arrow, but he shoots his arrows with the experience of thousands of places the arrow on the notch quicker then the eye could see , and never shoots under outstanding, always shooting for the kill { when under those circumstances. please fix your story. hannon lle. Luthien Greenleaf of the Mirkwood Kingdom.
Luthein Greenleaf chapter 6 . 3/27/2004
Oh, that was evil. cliffies must DIE. {*holds knife in hand ready to stab anything that moves*} my poor legolas, and everyone else. wa. You are soo evil, you have now brought upon yourself the wrath of all devoted fans , such as my self. DIE ! bwhahaha {*runs down the street cackling with knife in hand and spoon in the other...*} cough..cough.. dont ask...cough..cough,. ..j/k
Luthien Greenleaf chapter 5 . 3/27/2004
What the hell happened with Legolas? it is as if he is not even in the story. he has been in one chapter out of 5 so far. i am an obsessed fan, that is my passion, and i am extremely in love with Aragorn and Legolas, so if Legolas in not in this story, i wont read it. i read stories with equal amounts of Legolas and Aragorn in it, Friends only. NOT SLASH. but Legolas is hardly in it so far. hurry and add my love to it please. hannon lle. mellon nin,
Luthien Greenleaf , elven Queen of the Mirkwood Kingdom, wife to Legolas Greenleaf.
TheRowan chapter 31 . 2/18/2004
hey! im back.. and im finished. so glad i finally got round to reading the rest of your fabulous story. i loved the closure you gave us by having the wedding of nethtalt and findel - extremely sweet and they deserved it, didnt they?
im very impressed that i could follow the battle scenes... just about(though i did think eorwine was one of the women making poison for a bit(yes im a bit slow)maybe its the name, you must admit its pretty feminine)
well, thanks for a great 30 chapters, and for the special features. shows a lot of care for your readers that you even give us more after one heck of a story. thank you yet again and im off to read darkest night.
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