Reviews for Long Way Home
redlite chapter 14 . 5/28
They're finally together again!
SPN Mum chapter 15 . 5/22
Well heck! Dean saved Sam from the fire, but he hasn't had a chance to talk to him yet. It seems like just seeing Dean caused another migraine, so maybe the nurses aren't going to let Dean see Sam? That would really suck for Dean, as he's so anxious to talk to him. Dean doesn't have a clue that Sam was injured horribly in an accident all those years ago, or that Sam doesn't remember who Dean is, or even himself. I don't think Dean will be too happy to learn about that either.
TweetyRulz chapter 15 . 5/22
Gaaaahhhh! *pulling at my hair* You couldn't have picked a better title for this chapter! I'm tellin' ya! I'm not sure I'm gonna have any hair left! LOL
Kas3y chapter 15 . 5/22
Great chapter :)
DearHart chapter 15 . 5/21
SQUEEEEEEEEE! Can’t wait! Xoxoxoxo
Guest chapter 15 . 5/21
Enjoying this story very much.
Souless666 chapter 15 . 5/21
Ok, this chapter was mean. LOL
shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 15 . 5/21
Awh man, they deserve an easy reunion! At least they're all together again...but still
Fanpire101 chapter 15 . 5/21
Every word of this chapter was heartbreaking. From Dean promising that he’ll do better, and Dean not even registering his own pain and injuries because he’s so damn happy, and him being so happy to have Sam back and in front of him. Then that ending. I can only hope that the migraine is him remembering his big brother.
SPN Mum chapter 14 . 5/10
I can't say I'm sorry that the yellow-eyed demon interfered this time. The meatsuits the demons were riding didn't deserve to die, but it's is kind of poetic that Sam would lose his fake parents the same way he lost his mother. It worries me that there might be some truth to what the demon said to John about his attitude about Sam. If that were the case, it might explain why Sam and John fought so much. John was always harder on Sam, than he was on Dean. :( Poor Sam!
TweetyRulz chapter 14 . 5/7
Oh wow! It's about time Sam and Dean are reunited! (Sudden flashback of a Peaches and Herb song LOL) So how long will it take Sam to get his memories back? What will John and Dean do now? So many questions and I'm trying to be patient for the next update! I'm so far on the edge of my seat that I think I just fell off!
MarbleWolf chapter 14 . 5/6
I have been reading this story all day, and I must say I adore It! such an amazing take!
Sallyannerenee chapter 14 . 5/5
Yay! You updated and you reunited Sam with Dean! And John.. But with Dean especially! Dean wasn’t doing too well without Sammy. Now Sam will have to fight his headaches to remember or maybe they will have to find a spell, because his headaches are pretty bad.
Guest chapter 14 . 5/5
Absolutely loved it! Keep up the awesome work!
shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod chapter 14 . 5/5
Ooohhh it's interesting that Azazel was the one to bring them all back together. And Dean's got Sam back! Looking forward to how it plays out!
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