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AdamthePyromancer chapter 124 . 7/18
Fucking hwat
pigccrdgcncg chapter 28 . 7/1
I want to hate Star so much but after that last part I just can't
pigccrdgcncg chapter 19 . 6/30
noooo was owen a wild pokemon augh your giving me a headache dammit sigh I'll be back I'm gonna take a break from this for a while
Eonn chapter 122 . 6/25
Another interesting chapter. This should mean that our timeline for before the characters arrived to the new world is fairly well filled in. It's cool to see the other former humans before they were transformed as well, though Ayame is notably absent from the characters we have heard of so far in the modern timeline. I saw someone mention she might be the Guardian of the dragon orb, which doesn't seem too farfetched. Will we be seeing a continuation of the special episode for next chapter, or will we be going back to the main story?
rsoliloquy chapter 122 . 6/21
Tim - Eon
Michael - Nevren
Rhys - Rhys
Madeline - Madeline? Also vaguely has Rim energy
Brandon - Brandon
Utano - Ghrelle?
Arame and Ire unaccounted for. Arame might be the dragon guardian, which would make all three of the trinity humans? And assuming Madeline is Madeline, that leaves Rim unaccounted for. And the Vaporeon that was mentioned once and then never brought up again begs the question for if it could be Emily?

It's hard to read this chapter without half your thoughts being on trying to figure out who's who. :P
AdamthePyromancer chapter 122 . 6/20
Several questions
Guest chapter 2 . 5/25
Hi, hoy, hey, back! I guess I reviewed the prologue, not chapter one :/. Until now! :P Don’t worry, I’ll try not to be too judgy. Just some small things I noticed.

There I think was an inconsistency in here. You say Owen’s mom dealt with the heat “like any other Fire,” but later refer to “Water types” as a group? I guess it’s not wrong, but it feels weird. The aerodactyl also I don’t think said type, just referring to them by name. Dunno. Probably not important, but it read a lil odd to me.

A kinda bigger problem, though, was the Nevin meeting. Mary Sue is thrown around a lot on this site, and I don’t think it’s fair to call Owen that just yet, but it doesn’t help that the rankings are introduced at the same time as Nevin. It’s sorta like you’re just telling us how cool he is so we know how cool Owen is for being noticed by him? Don’t know where else you’d put in the ranking system, though... gorsh, writing must be hard :/.

No idea what’s going on with the memory stuff, though. Tbh, the whole “wow, it’s like we already know each other!” with Gahi and the gang felt like a lame teammates/soulmates setup or something, but with how much you’re highlighting bad memory, I feel like something else is going on. Didn’t Owen’s mom do a thing to him last chapter after healing him? Gardevoir’s a psychic type, and their leader Rhis knows Nevin, so I’m guessing this is setting up some weird psychic shenanigans twist. Maybe they’re swapping brains and wiping their memory so they don’t reject their own bodies? Guess I could be reading too much into it. :P

Anyway, the chapter was fun! A bit long, but I’m sure that’s just cuz of it being the first chapter.

Signed, 22lc
Guest chapter 1 . 5/25
Hoy, hey, hi! Guess I’ll take your invitation on reviewing chapters long since posted.

I’ll admit, I’ve heard a lot about your story (good things!:P) all around. The start seems interesting enough. Kind of an emotional rollercoaster if I’m honest, but maybe that was intentional? Not sure. In media res feels a little tropy, but geez the violence. I geuss you’re setting up some liar revealed subplot, and that’s fine enough.

It’s definitely intriguing, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a little unsure how I’m supposed to feel about this. With the gruesome opener, then the loaded convo with his parents, I just get this really sinister vibe, like his parents are secretly... idk. I do feel scared for Owen. Poor kid :,(

Speaking of, and hope this isn’t too weird, but... gosh, that lil char is cute! :D Maybe I’m biased towards charmanders, but gosh he seems so sweet. Having him sleep on the fire, just... cute!

About all I have to say, I guess. Not much, but it is just the first chapter (not sure if it’ll tell you, but I am trying to review just the first chapter as I’ve only read it so far and I don’t want to review more than I’ve read). Hopefully I’ll have more to say later and give a proper review.

Signed, 22lc
AdamthePyromancer chapter 121 . 5/23
Aight ok we're getting some answers here
AdamthePyromancer chapter 120 . 5/10
Aight there are several bombshells here I am trying to process
Tezral chapter 119 . 4/26
Owen grew, and it was hard. This growth has so much in common with his life.
Being helpless, carried by others to protect his power, but also to save him as his Gardian-parents did. But they didn't know how to.
Then, an idea, comming from someone else entirely, because time is running out. Here, it's Mynth with the Unowns helping, where it was Owen's ferocity coming with evolution, with his new team helping moraly.
The growth. Multiples powers infused in his body, absolutely not made to contain such power, in a try to "evolve" him into being at least a Charmander. Evolving, struggling to weild the power of both his body and the Orb. The hardship of going back a few times again, each times with the hope of being the last.
And now, the pillar of light. These struggles, while certainly not over, have now an ennemy. Already dangerous with only his ancient connection to Necrozma, he has now a whole new team, friends, allies, powers, and family.

Alexander, Dark Matter. Be warned, as Owen, while not powerful on his own, has recovered, and will now march to bring down two tyrants and bring back the light to all.
AdamthePyromancer chapter 119 . 4/25
I had a realization that there's a non zero chance that the entire gathering storm of darkness thingy isn't actually Dark Matter's doing and might be Alexander. Also I love how you're handling the Unknown because it's so hilariously meta and that's my favorite kind of thing
Magykool chapter 118 . 4/23
Yaaay kind of not a cliffhanger ending!

From start to present, I've heavily enjoyed the pacing, the cast and the world of Hands of Creation. Occasionally I have a desire to look back and see the old chapters in a new light. Old things that didn't make sense before start making more sense and only create more questions for other things down the road.

It's a constant mess that I love just thinking about in my downtime in an attempt to figure out what else the writer is hiding. I think Jerry is by far my favourite character, because he's a poor mon just stuck in all this madness, and I just can't help but relate to him. He does extremely well in dealing with all of this, and I can't wait for him to turn into an even bigger badass in the future.

I hate Nevren. He sucks for causing all of this kinda. The only one I dislike more than him is obviously Alex, the evil one, because damn the writer was really saving all his bad guy energy for this character. He's a *bad* guy.

I really enjoyed the Unown here. I love that they communicate via narration, it's such a cool idea and props to Namo for coming up with that.

Man...I haven't even touched the main four. Owen is interesting. Dramatic, fruity and interesting. I currently have more interest in his returning memories than anything else at this point. Making him an apple really has me appreciate the rest of the cast more.

I love Mispy. She's so cool and powerful and such a good best friend. She's amazing.

Demitri is alright, I wanna see more of him beating things up.

Gahi is cool, I'm so glad he's getting more limelight these last few chapters. Just wish he wasn't so dense sometimes.

I don't wanna talk about more characters because I know I'll be here for days trying to remember them all and finding something to say about all of them individually feels exhausting. My only complaint is that Owen gets misgendered and there's already way too many things to keep track of in this fic. Trying to understand and remember everything is akin to trying to keep up with the MCU without knowing the comic universe to understand everything in the background.

I really enjoy Hands of Creation, if I didn't make that obvious. This is definitely going to remain on my radar for a few years. I look forward to more~
DarkFireGeneral chapter 117 . 4/2
I feel like if you sent a masochist to Alexander he'd have no idea how to respond. Just yell out "Oh, harder daddy!" and he's completely stumped. Torturing the masochist just makes him happier.
AdamthePyromancer chapter 117 . 3/30
Alright there's still a lot of information you keep dumping on me here.
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