Reviews for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Hands of Creation
FroggerBerbus chapter 21 . 3/16
Alright, jumping back into this after quite a while. Gonna do a review for chapters 14 to 21. Figured I couldn’t gone until the next special episode, but there’s more than enough to go through in these eight chapters, with 21 in particular feeling like an appropriate ending point.

Starting off, the first half of this batch of chapters has a nice little emphasis on the auxiliary guardians. Adam is about what you’d expect from a Porygon Z but his unintentional sass or his comedic timing at times does get me. And the irony of the normal type guardian being a normal type is not lost on me.

The rock guardian scene as a whole was fun. Figured each type guardian would come with its own challenges but the premise of this trial was played as straight as it gets, which came with its own set of comedic moments. Rhys really does come off as an exasperated parent here.

It really does go undersaid that fairies are supposed to come across as little shits, and so I was pleasantly surprised at how well Willow plays that role as one. Not particularly malicious, but grating and unpleasant to deal with.

Back to Hotspot, I have to say that Valle’s mannerisms are a highlight. The dude just scratching at the floor whenever he “walks” and just absorbing food into him just so he doesn’t have to move is hilarious. And yes! More minor showcases of twisted fairy nature! They really aren’t just demure woodland creatures I tell you! Though oh dear, the end of chapter 15 really does lampshade an incoming identity crisis and there’s not much doubt at what’s to come.

One short little intermission between Owen and Zena later (hey I think I recognize this scene!) it’s back to the recruitment drive. We were due for a bit of tragedy and one group just seeing their target guardian killed and another just being late and only seeing a corpse definitely counts as that. The fighting guardian is a lot more competent though, and I see a bit of a mini arc forming from that.

Chapter 17 really doesn’t pull any punches and I’d say it’s the first chapter that has the reader on the edge of their seat. From the mutants seeming like a dangerous but avoidable threat to seeing the antagonists order them around at their fullest effect to the evolutions and subsequent blatant reversal, a lot intertwines here. We get the payoff to the little things that’ve been built up since chapter 1 here, but it’s not just payoff. There’s another bubble, just waiting to burst.

The wham doesn’t let up after those revelations about the hunters, Star, and Owen’s hastening sanity slippage. I like the little detail about the mutants being particularly identifiable via their lack of ancestry. Just with that, I’ve begun to make a couple inferences on how the sciences have developed in this setting, and maybe even intertwined with the divine. And oh dear, Owen’s memory treatment is beginning to get excessive for lack of a better word. I could tell his breaking point is just a hair’s breadth away.

Always nice to see a world’s magic system, or its equivalent, given an opportunity to develop and that’s exactly what’s going on here when Owen learns to summon spirits and we get all those bits and pieces as a result of that. And shortly after, Owen reaches his first, of what I assume to be quite a few, breaking points. Can’t blame him, you’ve really delved deep into how frazzled his head has to be at this point. Oh, and to be told a lot is wrong with you, wow. The Klent ordeal is just the cherry on top, isn’t it?

The next two chapters continue onward, but what I want to focus on here is the individual character interactions in particular. For starters, Zena unleashing a tide of venom at Star, with the Mew in turn blurting out her own issues and her mortality adds a layer of drama that seems detached from Team Alloy. Which I felt was a bit necessary to establish conflict that focuses more on the less immediate main cast. Then of course, Star having that one on one with Owen. Having a somewhat optimistic ending to this little memory loss saga feels earned and even though I can see some small slip ups, I enjoy what’s going on with Star’s character so far. She’s a very interesting player given the cards at play.

Overall, despite Special Episode 1 being the clear breakpoint, I think now kind of does feel like a more proper end to the “earlygame” of this fic. The cast is at a more appropriate side, at least a few hooks have been dealt with or given enough room to properly expand, and there’s a clear change in direction of what’ll happen next from the protagonist’s perspective. Fun set of chapters overall!
MakkuroKiba chapter 8 . 2/27
Hello Namo, sorry for the late review but let's get ready for brand new electric outdoor firepit, V-Wheel!

I'm here for Chapter 7 and Chapter 8, The Orb and Not Quite Dead.

Now while I am familiar with the events of these two chapters, and their outcomes, I didn’t realize all of the events within them, which made for a fun surprise.

The Orb is a chapter that has quite a bit of excitement and lore.

Owen and Team Alloy wake up from the wacky day and especially wacky night. And the Charmander is the only one in the house who recalls/went through the encounter with the interesting Espurr.

There's some repetition and samey sentences in the scenes where Owen gets everyone to help him reach the Orb, but the blooming dynamics make up for it. Again these are old chapters but it won't hurt for me to point anything out for any reading.

It also is a stylist choice I'm not used to/ completely fond of now that I'm thinking about it, but it's not going to detract from the plot.

We get immediate follow-ups to who that Espurr was,(she actually is an Espurr, well as far as this chapter shows- but we’ll get to who I thought she was in a second) with Rhys' conversation and see her capabilities in action.

While I enjoyed the joined and separated segments with Rhys, Anam, and Nevren, they all had a similar fault. Quite a few of the sentences just started with a character name, even in different back and forths. Often without the spice of species name or an action/description.

It wasn’t as noticeable during the beginning or during the next chapter which is good.

The content in these little pov shifts gave us a bit of a view of the Hearts building, but at the cost of kinda just dropping Anam, Rhys and James in it. I had to re-read that section to realize what was going on.

If there was anything else I wanted to mention was the prose in the mutal-Snorlax fight Nevren had was great. For some reason my memory increased the amount of spoken observations the Alakazham had, perhaps one or two could have been thoughts instead.

Let’s move over to content in Not Quite Dead. Despite it having the most unique factors, this is certainly a chapter that makes Hands of Creation itself in my opinion. The “type” dimension/realm.

So a common thing I've noticed in this chapter and the previous chapter is that, like before there's often a few instances where you just state how a character is feeling or state something that is obvious. Now I will give you credit for the obvious bit, for me the “One of the only Charmander” comes to mind, but in regards to others I suppose telling them directly removes a possibility of incorrect interpretations. But about the characters emotions, feelings, and certain thoughts,

So it seems like the Book of Mew is based on an actual Mew, and not the idea of one, how convenient it’s totally based on Star. Eh, probably not. [I thought Rim was secretly a Mew during my reading of the last chapter]

One thing I noticed was that there were quite a bit of hyphens. They were present throughout a majority of Owen’s dialogue, thoughts, and in the scene with Star in general. These crop back up later with Mispy and Demitri when Rhys comes home.

Some other odd word choices were here and there but this was an interesting set up for the million word and counting plot to kick in “high gear”.

The Mew gives him a choice, and it's definitely looking like Owen's got no real choice here. Staying inside the Orb and playing tower defense by himself, passing on in the aura sea or becoming a Guardian.

Interesting little sections here and there with Star and Klent, just like with Rhys and Anam of before. Part of me wonders if we exactly needed so many “pov swaps”/scene shifts in each of these chapters but that's just my memories of others suggestions. These scenes aren't meaningless of course, I just wondered.

I've already seen what happens via some art a few years ago, but I'm fine getting a visualization of the awesome chapter ending, Grass Charmander Owen.

I'm sure others have said this but I want Water Charmander Owen, as it would balance the team. But t also I think the Team now being unbalanced is fun. It's more of a pride thing for Owen.

Really loved the description and buildup to the vine"whip”. The initial setting in of the new life, and general Team Alloy, Rhys, and Owen craze definitely gave me quite a few ideas amidst the inspiration.

That's all I have for now.
Gyeig chapter 22 . 1/9
Hi Namo, that Gyeig guy called in another review. Plus, you’re in luck - it’s three chapters this time instead of the standard two, ain’t that something?

Yeah, these chapters were short enough that doing three was viable tonight, plus I needed some good distraction away from the past stressful days, and this fic is such an easy read that it’s great as a distraction from all of that.

Anyway, fight. Fight fight fight the chapters. That’s the first impression from these three - very surface of course, but there’s a lot of fighting that happens. After Owen manages to take down Azu, the other two roadblocks before Manny are pretty easily swept aside - so easily that I imagine them being included at all is meant to be for fun (and funny) more than anything. Nothing wrong with a little fluff here and there.

But let’s talk about the fights themselves, shall we. In my eyes, they’re alright, though nothing special. There’s times when they’re pretty picturesque, but there’s also times when it’s just Pokemon throwing the same moves at each other, without that much room for extra imagination. The fight between Rhys and Manny had quite a bit of this, plus quite a lot of quipping between both sides - even if this is more of a friendly sparring match, I’m not a big fan of quips during fights in general. Feels cheesy to me. I get that there’s an audience that enjoys them, I’m just not part of that audience myself

Before moving on, I did notice a dialogue goof - Rhys says “just because they are still with us does not mean that a number of doors have closed for them” before the fight, but the Pokemon in question have literally just been killed - pretty sure the doors did close and Rhys wants to say the opposite is not the case. Might want to fix that real quick if you’ve got the time.

Fights aside, there’s plot to talk about - going to start off with Star, since she’s been around for a while now. Having played Dodra, she reminds me a lot of several characters in there, where she’s done some truly heinous shit in the past but feels (well, claims to feel) sorry for her actions. Again, being a Dodra player, not sure if I buy it, but I don’t mean that in a negative way for the fic storytelling wise. Either she’ll be repeatedly confronted by the consequences of her actions and truly desire to make a change, or Owen and company will want to stomp her six feet under if it’s all an act. We’ll see.

One of the big positives in here is the whole artificial Pokemon concept that is introduced - Owen and Team Alloy were created this way, and as a result they’ve been living for literally centuries by this point. At the same time, they’ve had several nasty bouts of amnesia that’s left them unable to remember most of those centuries too. This opens up a lot of possibilities for exploring characters and how they deal with being aware of that backstory: To be more specific, how do they cope with it, what will they do with that information, is there any kind of mental block or trauma they have to work through… also a lot of self awareness: since they were created with a purpose, do they accept it? You can expand that into greater exploration into what it means to be alive as well…

…Oof, that’s quite the ramble. You could probably write an entire essay on all the various ways this concept can be explored, and you can probably tell how much it fascinates me in general, but all I’ll say for now is that I’m interested in seeing what you’ll do with it.

And now it’s time for the part where I start to point out the things I didn’t like so much. Always sucks having to write it. Fortunately, it’s just one thing this time.

So yeah, death. In HoC, death ain’t that big of a deal, it turns out. Between all the former Guardians still being conscious in one form or another through their respective orbs, and now Star as well, it seems like no one is ever really gone in this fic, and death is just kind of a temporary setback. Not the biggest fan of this myself, because it does cheapen and reduce the tension of the fic somewhat - if death ain’t that big of a deal, then the risk of it happening to a major character isn’t as scary, since they’ll still be around in one form or another. Now I know there’s probably a million asterisks involving all the details that I don’t know yet about HoC deaths attached, but as of right now, I am more worried about how you’ll handle this sort of thing from this point.

Okay, think that’s about enough. Again, can’t say I didn’t enjoy reading this - it worked out really well for helping me destress after the past few days, and isn’t that one of the things we all love about this hobby to begin with? Cheers, and good luck with the rest of the fic-
Gyeig chapter 19 . 1/1
Hi Namo, here’s a review you weren’t expecting. Some guy called it in, said his name was Gyeig or something.

Anyway, doing the standard two chapters this time, seems like that’s been working out pretty well for this fic so far (opinions may vary, lemme know if you want these to be bigger). So yeah, chapters 16 and 17 it is, and funnily enough they’re pretty lopsided to different ends in my eyes.

Starting off with 16… didn’t enjoy this one much. In all honesty, somehow it felt like a big batch of information, yet mostly filler as well. It took me a little while to figure out why that is, but hear me out here: This is probably the first chapter where I genuinely lost track of all the characters involved in the scene. I mean fuck, I didn’t even realise that Owen was in it until about a third of the way in, by which point I was already looking crazy trying to piece together what was being said - kind of like that meme of Charlie Day standing in front of all the papers and red lines trying to explain some insane theory he came up with.

Even after reading and re-reading several parts of the chapter, it didn’t feel like anything that important came up? Granted, this is HoC, and shit being foreshadowed fifty chapters in advance is normal given everything I’ve heard, but all the different characters going on about Hunters and auras, then the auras of parents… it just kind of blends together in a big soup of ‘what’?

Funnily enough, Chapter 17 swings the other way: It’s far more focused on Owen realizing that like 99% of his memories are just a black hole, with a supporting cast around him. I especially liked this chapter because the whole thing was essentially a panic attack, with various fragments of past events being played back to back without anything connecting them. It feels chaotic, and helps get me as a reader in a similar mood. It’s a pretty ingenious way of getting this across, quite frankly.

Some interesting concepts are introduced - Mysticism stuck out to me especially. It’s kind of like the Avatar State except in reverse, where a near death experience ends up making you stronger. Pretty cool concept, wonder how that’ll affect Owen or anyone else in the fic from here on out (I’m sure ‘you have no idea’ would be your response).

Also, that cliffhanger.

Really, Chapter 17 is one of the best chapters in the story so far, with no bad moments to speak of. Interesting that it came right after Chapter 16, which I honestly just kind of shrug at. If there’s ever a chapter you should go back to for some restructuring, that one would have my vote - even some extra clarity on what’s going on would go a long way there.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on for long enough - thanks again for the chapters, and best of luck with the rest of your writing.

Oh, and one more thing before I leave. Chapter 17.
‘Zena, didn’t you accidentally spit someone out when you used Water Gun once?’
I’m thinking of a certain word here. I’m sure you’ve heard this joke before.
AdamthePyromancer chapter 184 . 12/31/2023
Gyeig chapter 17 . 11/15/2023
V-Wheel. A wheel with the letter V. Or something.

Anyway, review time, wooo.

The good stuff:

Did I mention before how easy it is to read this fic? Seriously, it's incredibly easy to just keep on reading and reading this one fic in particular, and the more I think about it, I can't quite pin down what's causing it. Is it the simple prose? The relatively low stakes yet fun plot? The banter between the characters? That there's always 'something' going on that leaves you second guessing what comes next? A combination of all of those? I dunno.

Mystery aside, it's a realll good trait to have in your work, especially now that it's over a million fucking words long lol.

Aside from that, there's some intrigue I've been wondering about - just what created the Guardians, exactly? Seems like especially in these last few chapters that they've been getting picked off like flies. Does whoever is hunting them know their weaknesses? Did whoever or whatever made them purposefully make them easy to beat? I might've missed it in earlier chapters, but these are the questions I've been asking myself.

Finally, pretty fascinating to make de-evolution a thing here. That's a new concept for me.

The not-so-good stuff:

Nothing I haven't said before, really. Prose is simplistic at times, and just based on my memories, I think it's a little staler here. One particularly 'ehh' example would be the 'scaly thud' (something like that) in chapter 14, that one stuck out for all the wrong reasons.

Also, it's a struggle keeping up with who all the characters are. Sure, Team Alloy, Owen, Anam, etc. are easy enough to recognize. But I had completely lost track of who Rim was. HoC has a reputation for having toooons of characters, and it's now at the point where the ever-expanding cast is starting to worry me, not just for tracking motivations and who's doing what, but also how all of it will intersect in the future.

Anyway, that's about it. Liked these chapters a lot. I'd say 'good luck with your future writing', but I'm pretty sure you've already got plenty. 1.05 million more words to read, lol.
TheFreakyPanda chapter 180 . 11/6/2023
Great Chapter! loved it!
MakkuroKiba chapter 6 . 10/23/2023
Hey I’m swinging into Hands of Creation for a quick Review Tag for PMDW United.

I’m covering Chapter 5 Mystic Glow.

So in this chapter Owen gets to tag along with Team Alloy as they head to Calm Water Lake Mystery Dungeon.

Right off the bat there's a bit of telling regarding the Charmander’s emotions. Of course this is relatively easy pickings and all due to the chapter's age.

The main focus of Mystic Glow is Owen, Gahi, Demitri, and Mispy and how their characters and personalities bounce off one another, especially in another dangerous situation. It’s nice getting deeper into the world building again, this time reminding the audience the importance of Aura is this setting. All of the depths of the system slowly but surely trickle in. Especially the big kicker, evolution requirements.

And not solely relying on a Riolu or Lucario character to get to do most of the “trouble-shooting” of aura on screen is pretty fun.

I will say, it would help the reading process if the characters’ species was mentioned in their conversations/ through their actions explicitly, with the actual names. But the quality of the actions and their descriptions, regarding the environment and the characters seems to flip flop.

But back to the plot. The four make it to the end of Calm Water Lake and out of the Mystery Dungeon. And there's a ghost of water Houndour that attacks the gang. There's more ghosts of Pokemon that have probably merged with the Mystery Dungeon and gained the water-type. A bit too much telling during the fight scene regarding move impact and the like.

They “nope” out of the MD and Owen gets to go through the advancement into the Thousand Hearts, only by the grace of Anam, despite James.

The Charmander goes back with Team Alloy for dinner with Rhys. We bring up the Orb and the pink aura- which conveniently ends up with Owen staying the night because it’s too dangerous for him to leave, even with dangerous Pokemon after Rhys’ Orb.

Then we get a confusing section, a sleep sequence with a voice calling out to the Charmander followed by the real pink glow, “an Espurr”, one who tried to touch/steal the Orb.

Rhys puts Owen to sleep and a voice calls out to the Charmander. The signal fades and it’s all over.

Well I was expecting more action from this chapter, because we got another Mystery Dungeon run but I was left hanging. However the bits of lore we did get along with the mounting worldbuilding hooks have pulled me in further.

I’m able to trudge past all the limitations of the 3rd person limited POV that the story seems to have in this early set of chapters and am looking forward to reading and reviewing more.
Dr. Glutamate chapter 169 . 10/22/2023
Dang, it’s been way too long since I read this. Although skimming the past few chapters was all I needed to get back up to speed. And we start off with Void Zero Isle, which sounds like quite possibly the most horrifying thing imaginable, and Xerneas being petty and not giving Owen a Mega Stone.
I am a bit confused about why Emily would have a Titan corresponding to her though since her Lugia form still exists.
Meanwhile, back on Kilo, the group discusses how to retrieve ADAM. The first part of this scene felt kinda rushed. It works, and playing the whole thing out would’ve felt excessively drawn out, so I probably would’ve done the same thing though.
Regardless, the bigger concern here is ADAM getting corrupted. Sweet Mew, Alexander’s gonna turn him into a spambot. That or have him keep Owen confined in the navigation room until the Federation ships arrive. By the way, I really liked the antics of the other Porygon-Z in this scene.
Fusing with Void Gahi didn’t spread Gahi’s Voiding to Owen, so that went a fair bit better than I expected.
And finally, the moment everyone’s been waiting for, we get to meet Necrozma in-person. Honestly, yeah, him being in his powered-down form is to be expected. Thankfully he’s still coherent enough to just scream “Light!”
It is now time to interrogate god.
And while Necrozma is allegedly no longer interested in destroying Kilo, it’s gonna get destroyed whether he wants it to or not. Wonder whether that’s due to Alexander mucking things up or something else.
Oh right, the discussion about Promises and the possibility of Star turning Owen into a god. Definitely not foreshadowing.
EonDuoLatias chapter 1 . 9/22/2023
Quickly reading through the first few chapters of the story, it seems like its planning have been quite extensive, probably starting way before you have ever put pen to paper. The plot seems focused and directed, and therefore the story is written in a very professional manner, befitting of a senior, experienced author.

Many parts of the opening of the story are intriguing, and pique interest in the reader. The opening is somewhat disorienting in a good way, giving the readers the question of "how did we get here", while even the title is masterfully crafted, as "Hands of Creation" itself brings in connotations of power and perhaps even Arceus.

When it is revealed the opening scene is merely a dream, we also see that family members are implied to have similar dreams, making the scene itself in the first chapter more interesting, and making the reader want to read on, to find out more about the mysteries of the world. Parts of the blurb is also seen in the first few chapters of the story, specifically in this case being stabbed in Ch 1, and later on in Ch 2-3, being robbed (though what would soon become prominent protagonists in the story were able to knock out the Aerodactyl outlaw in question).

The worldbuilding is quite extensive, and a lot of the new (to the readers) terms and features of the world is easy to understand and "snap" together quite well. The Waypoint is a good alternative to the final staircase of a Mystery Dungeon, with the additional benefit of being able to serve almost like a teleportation device, while the Hearts are a interesting substitution for guilds, with two of the Elite Hearts, Rhys and the Alakazam, being revealed quite early on in the story, though I somewhat question the need to replace the Guild system.

Overall, the story is a sign of a mature writer that knows how to hook their readers in the best ways possible in the early chapters. The new mechanics are simple and easy to understand, and the characters are well-written. Overall, there are almost no flaws to the story, making it one of the best I've read.
DarkFireGeneral chapter 176 . 9/13/2023
So, it needs to be asked: is Remi wishing for bigger seed pods a Sceptile's version of wishing for bigger boobs?

Awesome chapter, Remi's great.
Kranos459 chapter 175 . 8/27/2023
At least promise that I don't have to wait a YEAR for the next update! That is way too long and makes me think that this amazing story is being put on indefinite hiatus or discontinued even if you say otherwise. Saying that it won't be is not good enough, and I would be much more tempted to unfavorite and unfollow this story just to save me the disappointment.
MakkuroKiba chapter 5 . 8/25/2023
Howdy Namo, I hope things are going well for you. I'm here for the dining room table or as the folks on United like to call it, the V-Wheel.

I'm here to review Strange Meditation.

This Chapter starts off a bit differently from the last. Owen is resting after part of his Heart Placement Exam.

Again because this is another older chapter I won't harp on this too much - one thing that stuck out to me was there was quite a bit of things Owen assumed about other character and thought that would probably flow better as dialogue. The narration definitely felt more "book-like" in this way.

The way his feelings are portrayed is a bit odd. At least the little descriptions of the Ludicolo bar were fun.

Especially him just sensing Rhys and Neveren's emotions, these paragraphs felt stiff until Team Alloy finally shows up and there are more conversations for Owen.

Thankfully the lore picks up the slack. More Hearts Exam stuff, but this time the Charmander is taking a test alone. In Eternal Whistler Cave the readers and Owen get reminded about his weakness and his potential as a late evolver.

I assume you definitely know this and don't rely heavily in your recent and current This is something that I often see others do now so I'll mention it, but not using characters' body language to tell their emotions

Unfortunately, I got a little lost during the meditation scene. The descriptions in this section flowed well and I could understand how Owen truly felt through his experience but then when Neveren(?) started to attack him. I felt a tad confused. Not to why but rather, like what. As the sentences flowed together in the paragraph a bit too closely.

While I liked the energy there were too many back-and-forth Owen and Neverens in the meaty paragraphs for my liking. Things are shaping up quite fascinating, regarding the little Charmander and I've invested once again in whatever is going on (which will, unfortunately, take me a long time to find out with currently 170 chapters ahead of me)

Then in the Mystery Dungeon, there is another missed opportunity for a show instead of tell when it comes to the rock types. I know not everyone wants to write out every fight scene but, without a little give and take it just feels so pointlessly one-sided.

I'm more interested in whatever the glow is that was seen in Calm Water Lake Mystery Dungeon. Owen gets to go with Gahi and the rest of the gang, which I'm excited to see in the next chapter.

All and all this chapter was interesting. It's definitely made to hype up Owen's special nature, which will continue to shape up into something. There were a little bit more downs than ups in my opinion but it served its purpose.

That's all I have for now, bye!
Gyeig chapter 15 . 8/12/2023
The return to Bodyparts of Building. Did my standard two chapters. Pretty easy to figure out where I left off last time, these reviews are like bookmarks.

Starting off, the good stuff:

Still got the easy to read vibe going in these chapters, even if they're not as polished as what came before the special episode. With the story having firmly established the whole concept of the Guardians and that they're being hunted, now it moves on to the whole cast trying to gather all of them together, before someone else does. In a not-so-friendly way. Despite the million words, the pace is brisk and doesn't slow down unnecessarily. Good sign for what's coming up. All 900k words of it.

I'm not even at 100k yet, am I.

Also, the Rock Guardian being a living statue is clever. Though, wouldn't being stationary automatically make him the weakest of the bunch? Probably an answer somewhere in here.

The not-so-good stuff:

Okay, I'm assuming you went back and touched up the chapters before the special episode, because the prose in these two felt remarkably less polished than what came before. Enough to be noticeable, at the very least - Very workmanlike and without some of the fun earlier chapters had. It's hard to describe exactly why I feel this way. The best I can describe is that it's bland. Is it just a "POV that isn't Owen" thing? Chapter 13 was better than chapter 12 in this regard.

Also, maybe a nitpick, but we just had the special episode, yet it still doesn't tie into the narrative all that well. Introduced two new characters, and depending on when they're reintroduced, it's very possible to have forgotten about them. Maybe that's the case, maybe it isn't, we'll see.

And that's about it. Solid chapters overall, keep up the good work-
Cant Tame The Flame chapter 150 . 7/19/2023
I am so incredibly confused right now.
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