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rsoliloquy chapter 131 . 10/24
At no point in their preparations did anyone go "hey, maybe we shouldn't be letting an enemy hostile wander freely through the battlefield."

Tezral chapter 131 . 10/24
A smoochie ! So cute, right before the fan is crushed. So romantic.

But... ooooh, things are intertwined in such a way... Owen have no choice other than going with the flow. Never had any, and it's sad. But... He still made a few choices. It's a bit like a RPG I guess, in which you make a few "not that important choices" that leads to the problem's solution whatever you do, but still has an impact. I think. As long as most of his memories will be locked up, he'll risk being manipulated.

They've been outsped, though it was not that much of a surprise. Since Emily is a dungeon, I'm sure they'll be able to get outside through her ! That'd be a... Surprising surprise. And an effective strategy.

Ooooh Marshadow... Sweet cunning child. Well, he's a very old child, but that wasn't very cash money of him to distract Owen like that ! I'm getting as tired as Owen is to see that happening xd They've kind of took control of his life for centuries, the least they could have done is to fight when he'd left or something, he still need to decide how to live and all ! Like, maybe getting out of Kilo, or staying. He didn't even have the time to think about the future a single time ! What will he choose ? I hope he'll choose SOMETHING, cause that'd be super sad if he couldn't.

Things are happening. Again. I want the next thing to happen quick ! xd Can't, but will have to, wait for the next chapter ! Have a great day
Luke924 chapter 131 . 10/24
Of all the times to leave me hanging! I was so engrossed, I was so engrossed, that I didn't notice how far I'd scrolled down!

I was wondering why nobody in the Voidlands was worried about Valle, he was never there in the first place! I considered that the Void Shadows might have mistaken him for a statue, but I dismissed that idea, thinking they probably would have been able to tell otherwise.

You've also confirmed how I suspected that an ascended Pokémon can be, like...split from their legendary form? You pull the ascended Pokémon out (Like Owen did with Manny/Marshadow at the start), but the legendary part keeps going as their own thing? I still don't fully understand it, but I have a better grasp now.

You did a great job with the multiple perspectives in this one. I have no fear that the other parts of this battle won't be as good as this one. I'll be waiting for the next with baited breath.
rsoliloquy chapter 127 . 8/29
As usual, HoC leaves me with a glorious sense of complete and utter confusion as to what the bloody hell is going on.

First half of this chapter is more nice worldbuilding on the Voidlands. Funny enough, it honestly feels like we've gotten more worldbuilding on the Voidlands society than Kilo at this point, but maybe that's just recency bias! But that's pretty okay, considering the notion of a society forced to build itself in what is functionally hell is a very interesting concept.

Congratulations on the bath house idea not getting too uncomfortable. The second I read that list of Pokemon I was prepared for this to get very uncomfortable and possibly edgy, but it didn't go too far. Owen enchanting all of these crystals and items does make me wonder if there's a limit. Anam pretty much enchanted half the items in Kilo, so it seems like any energy it expends is restored pretty quickly.

As a reader, I really can't help but just want Owen to hear out Dark Matter fully. Dark Matter is an interesting character in that he's simultaneously among the least and most trustworthy characters in the story. He openly admits he'd lie to his own benefit, but he also lies on a purely pragmatic basis, which makes it somewhat easier to evaluate the truth of his statements. Kinda wanted to smack Zena for repeatedly silencing him in their confrontation. She knows how much Owen's missing past hurts him, but she was still acting to silence an opportunity for him to learn about himself because SHE was afraid of the truth.

Second half stars everyone's favorite expert in "being here", Spice. A character who has managed to exist in this story for an insanely long amount of time without ever actually being particularly relevant to this story, but somehow you made me like her anyways. And hey, apparently it's time for her to actually be relevant to this story! That only took... ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN CHAPTERS? Jesus christ Namo, I forgot how early Storm was! I look forward to Angelo stepping up to the plate in chapter 200. :)

My best guess is that the voice Spice heard was Star. But then again, the voice said "what did I do to deserve this", and Star knows *exactly* what she did to deserve this. _

Spice somehow went to the Voidlands in back in the span of two minutes? Myhnt has the power to let people out of the Voidlands? Seems like there's SEVERAL characters who could have made use of that! Maybe some special circumstances for Spice, who somehow magically fell in. Yeah, no idea what's going on there.

And that ending is... something. Don't entirely understand the circumstances. They don't recognize her entirely, and attacked her on sight. Is she a Void Shadow? Or has the gemstone in her chest just morphed her appearance far beyond recognition? Even so, why the immediate attack and surprise at her speaking back? Not sure if this was deliberately left ambiguous or not.

Anyways, another good chapter and another good set of chapters before it.

I eagerly await two Sundays from now.
AdamthePyromancer chapter 127 . 8/29
I had kinda guessed that Spice had Dark Matter's blessing but that last curve ball certainly came out of left field
AdamthePyromancer chapter 124 . 7/18
Fucking hwat
pigmaniacf3 chapter 28 . 7/1
I want to hate Star so much but after that last part I just can't
pigmaniacf3 chapter 19 . 6/30
noooo was owen a wild pokemon augh your giving me a headache dammit sigh I'll be back I'm gonna take a break from this for a while
Eonn chapter 122 . 6/25
Another interesting chapter. This should mean that our timeline for before the characters arrived to the new world is fairly well filled in. It's cool to see the other former humans before they were transformed as well, though Ayame is notably absent from the characters we have heard of so far in the modern timeline. I saw someone mention she might be the Guardian of the dragon orb, which doesn't seem too farfetched. Will we be seeing a continuation of the special episode for next chapter, or will we be going back to the main story?
rsoliloquy chapter 122 . 6/21
Tim - Eon
Michael - Nevren
Rhys - Rhys
Madeline - Madeline? Also vaguely has Rim energy
Brandon - Brandon
Utano - Ghrelle?
Arame and Ire unaccounted for. Arame might be the dragon guardian, which would make all three of the trinity humans? And assuming Madeline is Madeline, that leaves Rim unaccounted for. And the Vaporeon that was mentioned once and then never brought up again begs the question for if it could be Emily?

It's hard to read this chapter without half your thoughts being on trying to figure out who's who. :P
AdamthePyromancer chapter 122 . 6/20
Several questions
Guest chapter 2 . 5/25
Hi, hoy, hey, back! I guess I reviewed the prologue, not chapter one :/. Until now! :P Don’t worry, I’ll try not to be too judgy. Just some small things I noticed.

There I think was an inconsistency in here. You say Owen’s mom dealt with the heat “like any other Fire,” but later refer to “Water types” as a group? I guess it’s not wrong, but it feels weird. The aerodactyl also I don’t think said type, just referring to them by name. Dunno. Probably not important, but it read a lil odd to me.

A kinda bigger problem, though, was the Nevin meeting. Mary Sue is thrown around a lot on this site, and I don’t think it’s fair to call Owen that just yet, but it doesn’t help that the rankings are introduced at the same time as Nevin. It’s sorta like you’re just telling us how cool he is so we know how cool Owen is for being noticed by him? Don’t know where else you’d put in the ranking system, though... gorsh, writing must be hard :/.

No idea what’s going on with the memory stuff, though. Tbh, the whole “wow, it’s like we already know each other!” with Gahi and the gang felt like a lame teammates/soulmates setup or something, but with how much you’re highlighting bad memory, I feel like something else is going on. Didn’t Owen’s mom do a thing to him last chapter after healing him? Gardevoir’s a psychic type, and their leader Rhis knows Nevin, so I’m guessing this is setting up some weird psychic shenanigans twist. Maybe they’re swapping brains and wiping their memory so they don’t reject their own bodies? Guess I could be reading too much into it. :P

Anyway, the chapter was fun! A bit long, but I’m sure that’s just cuz of it being the first chapter.

Signed, 22lc
Guest chapter 1 . 5/25
Hoy, hey, hi! Guess I’ll take your invitation on reviewing chapters long since posted.

I’ll admit, I’ve heard a lot about your story (good things!:P) all around. The start seems interesting enough. Kind of an emotional rollercoaster if I’m honest, but maybe that was intentional? Not sure. In media res feels a little tropy, but geez the violence. I geuss you’re setting up some liar revealed subplot, and that’s fine enough.

It’s definitely intriguing, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a little unsure how I’m supposed to feel about this. With the gruesome opener, then the loaded convo with his parents, I just get this really sinister vibe, like his parents are secretly... idk. I do feel scared for Owen. Poor kid :,(

Speaking of, and hope this isn’t too weird, but... gosh, that lil char is cute! :D Maybe I’m biased towards charmanders, but gosh he seems so sweet. Having him sleep on the fire, just... cute!

About all I have to say, I guess. Not much, but it is just the first chapter (not sure if it’ll tell you, but I am trying to review just the first chapter as I’ve only read it so far and I don’t want to review more than I’ve read). Hopefully I’ll have more to say later and give a proper review.

Signed, 22lc
AdamthePyromancer chapter 121 . 5/23
Aight ok we're getting some answers here
AdamthePyromancer chapter 120 . 5/10
Aight there are several bombshells here I am trying to process
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