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Neirdae chapter 29 . 7/30/2019
The Hunters need to make their evil lair more lair-like.
Neirdae chapter 28 . 7/30/2019
More plans hinted! Nor everyone likes working for Star.
Person55 chapter 1 . 7/29/2019
With my chapter 76 review I meant to write mister matter , not “”, sorry!
Person55 chapter 76 . 7/29/2019
Looks like we’ve got a new guardian on our hands folks!

Honestly I find the appearance of the psychic form to be...weird (I feel it doesn’t quite match up with how the other forms are) compared to the other forms but aside from that the psychic realm is pretty cool and the unown seem interesting

Also was that dark matter? Like the one from super mystery dungeon? Is the story of super mystery dungeon canon in this universe?!

It was nice seeing how Anam and the rest of hotspot are doing, seeing as they didn’t really have much a part to play during the events of what happened in Quartz

Also with all this talk about light and darkness it makes me wonder if Necrozma is going to show up later since light and darkness kinda seems like his thing, plus his ultra form is a dragon type so he could potentially be a divine dragon

Also I’m kinda getting a bit worried about just how much mysticism is capable of, it seems like mystics can just do anything which I feel kinda ruins the idea of different characters having a variety of different skills and abilities, like all mystics can fly which kinda defeats the purpose of some characters having wings, all mystics can levitate objects which makes psychic types feel less special, all mystics can transform into other Pokémon which makes Pokémon like ditto and Mew seem less unique and now the mystics are making traps similar to Owen’s fire trap which makes one of Owen’s main mutant talents seem much less distinct, even though it should be a trait that makes him abnormal compared to non-mutated Pokémon. Basically what I’m saying is I’m worried that if every main character has every skill and ability it makes it seem like the characters are very similar and kinda takes away from characters like Eon for example who has his ability to transform into others as a core trait associated with his character.

The characters do still have their distinctive personalities but with such a large cast I feel like giving everyone the ability to basically have every talent will cause characters to stand out less from each other, but I could be wrong seeing as you have done a decent job making characters stand out thus far

Overall though I liked the chapter, Anam and “ ” have an interesting dynamic and like with Owen I am really liking Gahi’s character development as well, I also appreciate Jerry’s inclusion as I find that he is the main thing that links the characters to the problems that regular mortals face in Hands Of Creations’s world which can be easily forgot at times due time the main characters all being Divine beings or heavily associated with divine beings
Neirdae chapter 27 . 7/29/2019
That complicates things.
Tune in next time for "How to Train your Zoroark" with team Alloy!
AdamthePyromancer chapter 76 . 7/28/2019
Oh. Oh shit
Ambyssin chapter 76 . 7/28/2019
1) Oh, hey, look... it's that Hearts motto you were ruminating over. I like it! ... unless it was used earlier and I'm forgetting something. Which is possible.
2) Wait... what. Was that just a fever dream or is that Dark Matter?
3) [He wished he could just disappear.] This should be present tense, yes? Actually, there's flip-floppage of the tenses a few times. I like the back and forth between Anam's actions and this, uh, voice, but I can't help but notice it. DX
4) Interrupting Enet is precious. :3
5) In what reality to people take bites of soup? You slurp or sip soup. :P
6) One that that struck me is how... "mature" some Anam's inner monologue came off as. While a lot of his dialogue reflected the same Anam we've seen, some of the prose you put out was a lot more serious. I'm... not sure if that was intentional, in the sense that I'm not sure if Anam's mind has become this way because of the spoopy voice, Nevren's mental tampering, or even a combination. The fact that the only other time we were in his head was SE5 makes me think it's the spoopy voice that's responsible for affecting Anam's thinking, but the effect isn't so strong that it errodes his core personality.
7) I can't tell what the spoopy voice is, though. When a spoopy voice came out of him before, Nevren mentioned Madeline. But Anam mentions Dark Matter in his dream. It's frustrating in the sense that, knowing you, it's significant, but I'm not going to get an answer for some time. Crackpot theories include A) the spoopy voice being the source of the wraiths and, possibly by extension, what led to the removal of humans and whatnot, B) the spoopy voice IS Necrozma... but depowered and having been purged of all its light (maybe the wraiths are a by-product of Necrozma losing its light?), C) a by-product of Star and Arceus' past war(s) or whatever, and D) something related to Shadow Pokémon b/c Kilo is probably what's left of Orre. Who knows? You do... you jerk. :P
8) Even in Gahi's monologue, he's still trying to one-up Owen. the two just need to fuck already, god.
9) While I initially like your unown panicking and seemingly thinking in unison, I think it's a bit... odd that the prose itself starts to just, y'know, narrate their collective thoughts. Stuff like [What was it like? Was it a friendly place?] It's convenient, yeah, but if you're trying to establish that the unown have limited communication, I think it's worth the effort to find more creative ways to convey that. Charades. Illusions. Spelling things out like, for example, having a bunch of Unown-? appear to signify confusion. That kind of stuff. Otherwise, seems like wasted potential.
10) Also, really? Gahi just magically gets telepathy working with no effort or struggle? Mysticism's a hell of a drug, I tell ya. XP
11) Damn you're determined to end all of these pieces off with wham lines, aren't you? I'm guessing this all has to do with Amia's disappearance. Since I doubt you're getting rid of her, I take it we'll be plunging into the aural sea to end up this Act? Should be interesting. Y'know, provided you can explain it concretely and not leave too much up to my imagination...
Neirdae chapter 26 . 7/26/2019
It must have taken a lot of convincing to get Valle to fight. Also, suicidal tick is amusing.
More lore and worldbuilding is good.
Neirdae chapter 25 . 7/25/2019
More mysterious characters, yay!
I liked the writing where Klent and the Lilignant talked with Owen. No instant forgiveness for the mass murderer, but a start at least.
Neirdae chapter 24 . 7/20/2019
It means marriage, Owen.
Neirdae chapter 23 . 7/20/2019
That didn't go badly the way I expected it to.
I knew it was a trick, but I thought it'd be the main antagonist, with the power of Psychic doing it.
Neirdae chapter 22 . 7/17/2019
Hmm. Rhys is going to be dead weight when they actually fight the Espurr, drive she is considered a Guardian. I don't think his oath lets him attack her.
Still, cool fight. Now we just need to see Anam actually fight.
Ambyssin chapter 75 . 7/15/2019
Klent's perspective, huh? Err, okay. I narratively understand why this is happening (more Mystic stuff, not questioning it), but it still strikes me as strange. And considering you started off the last chapter by going with a POV of someone who's way in the background, it strikes me as a bit... repetitive. It doesn't have the novelty of the whole outsider perspective thing. Especially since you kind of pull back a bit once Eon enters the scene. Why not start with Eon? Or, if you wanted to emphasize how traumatized the mutants are by what just happened, why not give us Lavender's POV? I admit my bias there (nice job having the cheek bolts whir, btw ;P), but still thing it would be more emotionally impactful than Kent who is, with what little we've seen of him, very stoic and very distanced from the whole conflict. And I think going with Eon's perspective would've better contrasted with Star's appearance at the end. We see her perspective on the mutants, but we only have Klent's counterbalancing it. Not exactly the best give and take for your attempts at keeping the "no true antagonist" train rolling. XD

And here we have our obligatory "brooding Owen" segment, complete with him shooing away Zena. I guess I'll give you points for *finally* having Owen start to acknowledge that he wants to walk his own path. Whatever gets him to Necrozma faster, man. XD No, but, really, I like the (slightly comical) "beware the quite ones" moment we get with Amelia being the one to tell Owen off for his sulking behavior. It also addresses my earlier complaint about Owen's spirits going unrecognized for a long time. He even acknowledges it in his musings!

As for Star, like I said earlier... I expected this. For you to try and justify her actions and get us to feel sorry for her. But, as I also said, I wouldn't be buying it. Certainly not after she throws a Lusamine-esque temper tantrum and *definitely* not when you drop that wham line about Amia at the end. Even if you try to temper it with Star acknowledging that perhaps she didn't think things through, she's a Creator for pity's sake and the fact that she did wind up doing something boneheaded (and is already scheming to try and twist things back in her favor) doesn't endear me to her. It makes me want to smack her upside the head and put her in a time out. #BarkyDidNothingWrong, indeed. He tended to the wraiths despite them attacking Star's domain while she fucked about with Owen. And he agreed to treat Rhys, who was, uh, roughed up because of the wraiths, I guess? Look, Mysticism does wonky stuff with life/death.

In any case, I know you're going to need multiple cooldown chapters. This is a fine start and I look forward to where Owen's part in this will go, but I think the opening is a missed opportunity and I'm just going to envision Star as a control freak villain going forward. :V
Neirdae chapter 21 . 7/15/2019
Oof. Everybody needs therapy!
Neirdae chapter 20 . 7/15/2019
Well, Manny's badass.
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