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RyChu0130 chapter 84 . 12/1/2019
Owen has siblings?! Did not see that coming. Also, I knew that the one who saidGood night, little ember." was his charizard mother l! Also Where's his Dad? Was Eon the charmeleon? So many questions yet so little answer.
MadderJacker chapter 43 . 11/28/2019
These last few chapters have left me speechless for the most part. I don’t have much to critique or comment on. It’s a little hard to visualize what Gawen is supposed to look like (I’m so disappointed in you by the way, it’s actually named Gawen, you ship baiter), and the ending to the act didn’t feel like much of an actual ending to anything more than a major subplot rather than an act, but I honestly don’t think I have anything to complain at length about. Nothing new to nitpick, either.

So instead I’ll just say, holy *fuck* I liked the scene of Gahi v Owen. It was my favorite fight so far, even if it felt unbalanced, ‘cause that played into it too. I felt the stakes and emotion more than ever before, even in the group fight that followed it. It was the perfect balance of weight and internal dialogue, and the setup and display of Eon’s abilities set the stage perfectly. Credit where it’s due.

No comment on Emily, because at this point I have nothing else to add that hasn’t been said.

I honestly wish I had more to say about the plot itself and what’s happening, but I can’t think of much. I was along for the ride. So while everything is nice and slowed down for a bit, I’m gonna pad out the rest of this and sum up my thoughts in some predicting.


The division between Star and Arceus is gonna become more prominent, I feel, as for whatever reason Arceus starts making good on the promises it has with some people. For the sake of drama I feel like Owen and Amia will end up on opposing sides, meaning Owen will be up against his mother and that’ll be a heartfelt Toriel-esque fight. Anam, the doofy god king, will end up opposing Owen since he’s too stupidly strong to be on the same side. Team Alloy could go either way, but if they split, it’s pretty clear who’ll be with who. And despite it being obvious that the two Lucarios should split, I… I dunno. Something’s telling me no.

Anam is actually the driving force for why I’m so sure there’ll be a divide. He’s a priest or a pope or whatever you want to call him, and in SE3, the hint at Anam didn’t make him seem all that familiar with Star. And he didn’t treat her with any sort of… I don’t know, reverence? throughout the story. He has to pray to Arceus, or some bullshit we don’t know about. I’m half expecting him to pray to Dark Matter.

(Side note: I just spent a minute and a half playing devil’s advocate for that with what little I know, and I hate that it’s actually possible, and I don’t know if that spooky dark tendril stuff was ghost goo or not? I assume the ghost stuff comes from his body being slime/ectoplasm, but like… heck you man, this story’s the worst)

I can’t pretend to know how, but the Pokeballs would probably come into play here. I’ll see how the rules get established for Pokeballs, since I know you like to stick to canon when you can, but I don’t know how they would get used. Containment, probably, since they don’t seem to brainwash the Pokémon inside, but… thinking about it, how would they get weaponized with a power scale this huge? When Psychics like Amia can just say no and grab them mid-air. Either they would have to be held in the fist or used in stealth. Am I thinking too much about something that’s not even confirmed? Probably. It’s four in the morning.

Anyways hopefully this war will be good for the characters, I hope they have a lot of fun and I hope Owen and Zena can remember that they’re supposed to be a couple. Did Shadow lie to me? Are they actually not the OTP? Has it been Rhys and Elder the whole time? Is that why some people hate your tastes in pairings?

Speaking of Turkey, happy Thanksgiving, here’s your present, I’ll see you again in a little while.
AdamthePyromancer chapter 83 . 11/18/2019
I don't know why but I feel like dark matter is actually just a red herring. Also I'm just now realizing that you probably have dark matter being at least somewhat responsible for the Shadow Pokemon incident because if he's the culmination of negative emotions that would be pretty handy in artificially closing the door to a Pokemon's heart. Or it's actually backwards and the Shadow Pokemon incident is responsible for the creation of dark matter
Neirdae chapter 83 . 11/18/2019
Star has issues.
TropicalCyclone chapter 82 . 11/4/2019
shit, this might be the most lowest point in this story. hoping to see what happens next.
Person55 chapter 82 . 11/3/2019

Well that’s sure a lot to take in!

The chapter overall managed to keep up a very well done sense of tension and urgency which I liked seeing, it also managed to give quite a lot of information despite the fact that most of the chapter was focused on a single fight which was also really good

The only real criticism I would have is that Trina wasn’t exactly introduced into the situation very well. It was already stated that she would be departing to hot spot in a previous chapter although here it feels less like she is arriving on the scene and more like she just appeared suddenly (and yes I know teleportation is a thing in your story but even still it doesn’t feel like she’s appeared into the situation naturally) . There is also the fact that during the chapter there are some things (such as Owen and Enet speaking feral to one another) which have a similar problem of being things that do make sense to happen but also seem to come out of nowhere in the sense that the way they suddenly occur feels off

And that cliffhanger! I get it, it’s a reoccurring thing in the story and it keeps up a sense of anticipation but seriously! It had to cut out right there?!

All in all the chapter did a great job at keeping a sense of tension which made me especially invested and it added some interesting things to think about in regards to the characters (such as new things relating to Owen, Anam and Spice for instance)
Neirdae chapter 82 . 11/3/2019
That sucks.
MadderJacker chapter 35 . 10/28/2019
Dude was off-screen for way too long while staying important to the plot. Combine that with the golden rule to never trust a scientist and Nevren was (admittedly subtly) triggering all sorts of flags. Well done, Namalam. Well done.

I was checking up on my last review to see just where I’d left off, and I found this little line: “And I don’t know how I’ll feel if Rhys or someone starts flying like this (with Mysticism).” And what do you know, in the past four months I’ve just become numb to it. Or maybe there’s just so, so much that’s been going on since then that I don’t think a flying Lucario is the worst of my worries. It’s still dumb, don’t get me wrong, but how the hell can I get upset about that when you have… *the entire rest of your story?*

A *lot* has happened in those… what, fifteen chapters? Owen’s fake, his town’s fake, his team is fake, the whole damn country is fake… And I’m only vaguely right about that last one in regards to the citizens’ memories, but for all I know that could be true too! Like… where do I even start! Like… I think where I have the least to talk about so far? Brandon’s little arc, where obvious foreshadowing is obvious. Lore hint is a bit intriguing with the humans, implying some kind of apocalypse/reset thingy, but the Pokeball factory explicitly said to be important later, and you trying to be cute with the fusion remark when the adults in your story always look away from Owen whenever someone says something cheeky… I’m starting to thing all those Gawen remarks on the server are about more than just a ship.

Segues are weird.

I’ve been developing an interest in Rim for like… ten chapters now that came out of nowhere. When I realized that everything I thought about Nevren could be applied to her, I had a strong feeling that she’d end up being misunderstood in some way. And while it’s too early to tell, I’m real interested in her. Although my weird tastes tell me that the mystery might be more appealing than the answers. And I feel like I only need to know a *little* bit more to get some theories going that can hold water.

There’s Arceus too with an interesting scene that made me burst out laughing, and then started not trusting Star when she seemed to use Arceus’s same ability to counter him. It’s a strange arms race they’re a part of, and… I feel like Owen and Star aren’t going to be on the same side forever. It just feels like the way this story is gonna end up going. I think Special Episode 2 is what cemented that in place for me. Even if she’s not acting evil, she’s raising way too many flags. She’s going to, or has already, make/made a huge mistake that’s gonna ruin everything. She’s too well-meaning for things to not go wrong.

Oh, and speaking of Special Episode 2, *why do you gotta do me like that?* Special shoutout to watching your daughters die of old age after a lifetime of growing apart. Like it was real fucked, man. I’ll let you know when the themes resonate with me more than that, but shit man. Family stuff like that gets me. That’s real personal stuff for me.

I don’t think I have many more specific points to really go into depth about (I’m out of things to say about Owen, he’s done enough introspection for me to not use this place to dump my interpretations), so I’ll just say that you’re doing a good job at balancing your reveals with breathers. So there’s enough space to not feel like you’re beating me over the head with frying pans of varying quality. It’s impressive that you’re keeping such a large cast decently developed like this. Even if it has me wishing some of that space was being used to get into the headspace of characters who haven’t had as much focus as of late.

I’ll keep reading until, at a minimum, the end of the first act. Maybe more depending on how hooked you have me or how much is left. Regardless, I need to get back to that soon. I’ve been spending my reading time churning out reviews I’ve been putting off for a few days now, so… yeh. Talk to you in the mornin’.
Neirdae chapter 81 . 10/24/2019
I think everybody's about to lose.
Dark Matter might learn what happiness is by killing things, though.
Maybe, just maybe, when this battle is over, the various people will talk about their actual goals instead of propaganda. Right now, everybody's too splintered to mount an effective offense.
AdamthePyromancer chapter 81 . 10/14/2019
Whelp. They're dead.
Person55 chapter 81 . 10/13/2019
Oh Rim, I hope she’ll get better, her character has kinda grown on me :(

I wonder just how this “reincarnation machine” of theirs works, and with things like that and Nevren’s Reset button around it makes me wonder just what exactly the limits are for mystic technology

Also Dimitri’s perspective yay! :D I must say out of all of the alloy (and main characters in general) Dimitri has had very little focus after the first couple arcs, with Mispy as a close second. Not saying that’s particularly bad considering a lot of characters have been given focus it’s just that since team alloy is so important to our main character Owen (I’m fact I don’t really know how the two really feel about each other, other than Dimitri seeing Owen as a smart friend who knows how to deal with things) it just feels like not enough is really known about the guy, especially since he pretty much only ever interacts with Mispy (I get that they love each other a lot but they only ever are together, and while they are a nice couple I feel that they should maybe talk to other characters more) and occasionally the rest of team alloy and the hunters. This chapter however did add a lot to him by using his perspective, it also showed just how strong him and his blades are which is also good because while he has used them numerous times he doesn’t exactly have many feats to show just how strong he is

Also everyone is here! Well...not EVERYONE (That would be pretty chaotic considering how many important characters there are) but Star, Eon and team alloy are all together in one place! I’m excited to see what happens especially since they have a common threat to deal with and might actually have to work together which would be pretty awesome to see

Nevren seems to be in a pretty tight situation, I wonder if the guy is just going to up and go rogue by the end of all this? I’m not quite sure exactly who he’ll be “loyal” to with everyone finally figuring out some of the things he’s done

Also Owen is...growling at Enet? I understand that he’s comforting her in a way she’ll understand but after the talk with Brandon about “Feral minds” I wonder if this might have any implications...

I wonder...If dark matter seems to be able to manipulate and control spirits...and all of the guardians are full of spirits will that have any effect on things?

All in all I liked the chapter being in Dimitri’s perspective and I liked that Dimitri and Mispy got some more focus, not to mention this chapter gives off a lot of anticipation for things to come seeing as some intense things just happened recently, everyone is together, things are being revealed and something big is about to go down, This chapter makes me really excited to see what happens next! (Of course take your time though!)
Person55 chapter 80 . 10/10/2019
Another chapter about young Anam! How intriguing!

Honestly I just love that Gooey dragon but jeez I know he gets hurt a lot but this chapter really puts into perspective how that would have affected him if he didn’t have his guardian powers!

It was a really great special episode, a lot of interesting reveals and some more backstory information for a prominent character was nice, not to mention seeing how different the world was before the present

Also is Dark Matter the actual core of the orb or is he just some sort of irregularity like the unknown in the psychic orb? Either way he is a pretty interesting character and makes for a fun pair with Anam
Person55 chapter 79 . 10/10/2019
Two new chapters that I haven’t left reviews for yet?! I better fix that

It’s nice to finally see what Zena’s realm is like. Didn’t she say her parents lived there though? I just thought that her parents would have talked to her while she was there with all her spirits

So Emily can just...consume the mysticism out of things? Odd though then again Emily herself is one of many mysteries in the story. I wonder what exactly she is

I will admit I found it kinda weird that NO ONE seems angry at star besides Zena and Step, I mean they are acting colder towards her than usual but seriously!? I get what you are trying to do, you want a story where no one is truly “pure evil” and I get that star is a god in the spirit realm so it isn’t like anyone can do anything but shouldn’t people be a bit more angry with her? I get that forgiveness is a reoccurring thing in your story however I just feel that too many characters (Manny, Ghrelle, Trina, Barky, Star) are getting off easily when they do horrible things. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be forgiven I’m saying that they are being forgiven too quickly

Aside from that I really liked the chapter, the confrontation between Owen and Zena was great and I especially liked the way you did Owen letting out his emotions, it was all done very well

Also is Owen really just going to go back to Hot Spot? I don’t really have a problem with that since important things are clearly happening there but it just feels like everything in the past few chapters was for nothing if Owen isn’t going to actually finally talk to Eon properly. I know that Owen and Eon probably will eventually talk to one another without others interrupting or making one of them leave but it’s just that it felt like Eon was finally revealing things to Owen and Owen was finally telling Eon about how he feels and that has just had so much buildup and now that it was finally about to happen it just isn’t anymore and it feels like the buildup and tension was all for nothing
TropicalCyclone chapter 80 . 10/7/2019
more world building yay!

so Anam's purpose for gathering the orbs is to help the darkness inside of him?
qwertyxurill chapter 80 . 10/3/2019
A little bit of naivete and a BOATLOAD of power go a long way when attempting the impossible.
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