Reviews for Viridescent
Vitor42 chapter 57 . 12/9
i just binged this whole fic... its easily the best MHA fan fic out there. god i love this one so much i am so sad that reached the end
Emandowg12345 chapter 57 . 12/6
Ok Holy shit...
I just binged all of this story i was skeptical at first but by chapter 3 i was hooked.
i love how you change the characters just enough to make me feel like im experiencing an entirely new story.
This is probably my 2nd favorite MHA fic i have read (sorry but GTR is too close to my heart for this to surpass.)
Keep up the amazing work, and i hope you can return to posting regularly cuz now i want to see where you take these characters.
P.S. kinda mad we didnt get to see olympus but knowing you there might be a flashback or two but i was looking forward to learn what had all might and nighteye so concerned about the twins.
sphinxdragon84 chapter 38 . 11/29
Nice, Izuku and Ochako being parents to Eri warms my soul
sphinxdragon84 chapter 23 . 11/25
that ending, my heart, so pure
football78 chapter 17 . 10/10
I like your writing but the point of this story is kind of stupid, he is basically a wayvweaker version of dabi who breaks any time he punches simething or use his powers. I get you don't want to make him OP but anytime he does anyrhing he gets injured. I mean honestly thus deku is weaker than cannon Deku. Meanwhile you don't want to make Izuku to powerful, but Bakugo goes around fucking everybody up. If Izuku remains this week and useless this story seems poorly done despite the talent you have for writing.
football78 chapter 12 . 10/10
I feel like one for all would make Izuku's fire capacity and power so much stronger it provides energy.
football78 chapter 8 . 10/10
How would shigiraki know Deku was associated with allmight? That makes no sense
football78 chapter 7 . 10/10
Couldn't Izuku just use the dudes fire against him, if he can gather fire from other sources, no restrictions so fat have said he can't just absorb or control the fire
Pat9921 chapter 7 . 10/1
will never like the trope of izuku meeting eroli early, but you my good sir just exacerbated this trope by him meeting eri at the start of the FUCKING semester not even after he fought at usj or with stain, at the fucking start!WTFF!
Backpack Bandit chapter 55 . 9/23
Completely, totally, and utterly deserved. He’ll get no sympathy from me. Wonderful catharsis
Backpack Bandit chapter 49 . 9/23
Im only a quarter of the way through the chapter (the end of the lov scene) but im already looking forward to the Overhaul fight, shit is going to be *bananas* im sure of it
Backpack Bandit chapter 48 . 9/23
Redemption? It’s more likely than you think
Backpack Bandit chapter 47 . 9/23

Am I wrong or was she about to rip his goddamned eye out?! Holy fuck she’s a badass
Backpack Bandit chapter 45 . 9/23
Honestly, the “known double-agent” nature of Izuku’s relationship to the LoV is an incredibly interesting dynamic I never thought about before. It opens the doors to a lot of fascinating possibilities, with the potential for the League to be quasi-allies for the heroes against a bigger threat or something

Very much looking forward to how this plays out
Backpack Bandit chapter 34 . 9/22
Bakugo: I love the kind of woman that will actually just kill me
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