Reviews for An Unexpected Malfoy
Karatekid-Ninja chapter 59 . 17h
So happy to get an update again! I’m glad you are finally starting to feel better, being sick and not knowing why is the absolute worst. I really enjoyed this chapter, I like how you wrote the conversation between everyone and then the ending made me laugh. I can’t wait for more xx
SoullessAngel21 chapter 59 . 5/19
Hi! I popped over to your Instagram to see what’s going on, as you’re my favorite writer and I do adore this story!

I’m glad you got a diagnosis. Sometimes the not knowing is the scariest part, and I’m glad it’s brought you both treatment and peace of mind!

While I’m glad you’re better and happy again, never forget to put yourself first! Me and every other reader will always be behind your writing, no matter how long it takes!
Guest chapter 59 . 5/17
I’m so glad you were able to update, I really enjoy this story and your others thank you
cmallen9398 chapter 59 . 5/18
Love this fic, honestly wish it were a eventually because I'd 100% buy a copy
adelgado04291 chapter 59 . 5/17
Well, I remembered the main plot point. But I had to back a few chapters. For some fine tuning. Awesome and memorable story. Love that it seems to be coming to a head. Looks like some excitement on the horizon and some cute puppies . Thanks for the update. That was Awesome
Solanos's Pearl chapter 59 . 5/13
So glad you’re back! I love this story and can’t wait for the next chapter
rere97maui chapter 59 . 5/13
I love the puppy byplay, it injects the perfect amount of humor into the story. Can't wait for more. :)
hitokori midnight chapter 59 . 5/12
I love this book so sad its a cliff hanger but ill wait patiently for the next update! keep your health in check and stay safe!
Eliella45 chapter 59 . 5/12
So happy you updated! Thank you so much for writing this. I loved it! Looking forward to more!
Guest chapter 59 . 5/9
Thank you for the update! Love this story
Ardina Falconhurst chapter 59 . 5/11
Ha! that closing line! Good stuffIt has been a bit, but a good story is worth the wait so no worries. Hope you're doing alright. Keep up the great work and stay awesome!
Thomasok chapter 59 . 5/11
I love the plan to have Lucius “kill” Sirius! I really love your writing and am so excited whenever a new chapter comes out, even if it’s a while between them. I just read your Tumblr update and am so sorry for your struggles and happy for you having a treatable diagnosis! Thank you for continuing to share your writing with us, whenever that’s able to work out.
vtgator chapter 59 . 5/10
Yes! So glad your back’ great chapter!
doreapotter85 chapter 59 . 5/10
RIVERWRITER! This was the most wonderful email to get! I actually squealed! I remember my love for this story, and for you, with vivid clarity, but the specifics (besides the antifreeze haha) had fizzled out of my brain. I just binge reread the entire story and realized I missed not one, but 3 chapters. I thought about leaving comments on all the chapters but didn't want to seem like a stalker. I adore you and your story telling so much I can't even put it into words. Lily and James's role was completely unexpected and went straight to my heart. Everything is starting to come together and it's magic. All the little tidbits from the beginning... I feel like we must almost be to where the prologue starts! These are by far my favorite Narcissa and Lucius. My hypothesis is that our trio and adults are going to take care of voldypants and his creations and then bring forward all the proof to the order so they can build a new world...

Anway... Above all, I am SO happy and relieved you're ok, and that you got answers to whatever has been going on. Medical unknowns are terrifying and so very frustrating.
Thank you so so so much for sharing your brilliant work with us, especially in your difficult times. I hope for health and happiness for you and patiently await your next update when life gives you time and energy.
Qween87 chapter 59 . 5/9
Great chapter!
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