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epiccoolnessfactor3 chapter 6 . 6/10
I dont care whatever gets us more chapters faster
Nexus Gundam chapter 5 . 6/9
This chapter was good but it’s ARC-170, not 180 unless you pressed the wrong button and the the M in DC-17m is supposed to be a small one but so far really good
joeyginise chapter 6 . 6/9
I say no on the patreon thing. Mostly cause Disney, and maybe Rooster teeth, would stab you over copyrights and such. Bad idea man, cause your on a fanfic site, you will be working with existing and copyrighted materials. We wouldn't want you to get into any legal trouble. Also, i would rather see an epic conclusion to the battle of beacon. Grimm vs Republic Clones. It would be amazing. Then a time skip as the Republic forces get sorted and the rest of the world figures things out. Maybe some diplomacy as well, with the Republic of course. The calm before the storm, as it were.

Those are my two cents. You can do react fic if you want, I can't stop you.
Capnzz chapter 4 . 3/27
I really love this idea and the story so far. Although I can't help but think the squadron losses are a bit too high. 6 LAATs is just fine given the number of flying grimm in the attack but 6 squads of arcs is around 48 arc 170s lost and that is just way to high given the speed, shields and firepower they poses. I think a more realistic number would be around 10 and no more then 20 same goes for the y wings. Don't get me wrong I think having some high losses is good but given the utter surprise and unknown abilities of the republic forces means the grimm have no counter to their weaponry. Other then that this is a great story so far and I look forward to the next chapter.
Killroy122496 chapter 5 . 2/21
I got to say I really enjoyed all chapters so far and by chance are you interested in a republic commando squad since you are accepting oc
eecobeo chapter 5 . 1/5
I hope you get to continue this story it's really fun to read
You're Normal Sheevite chapter 1 . 1/3
Don't listen to SirSpanger, he doesn't know the true might of Star Wars.

*But by the same token, Remnant seems to have some pretty advanced technology. What do you think would win, an AT-RT, or an Atlesian Paladin? Paladin! Paladin has better mobility, armor, and a wider variety of weapons (missiles, particle cannons, PUNCHING). If fact, even the mech we saw during Blake's trailer would be a threat to many star wars vehicles. And its an older model! *

An AT-RT is just a recon unit, meanwhile, the Paladin is the state-art-of-tech Mech made from Atlas. Put the Paladin against the Phase III Dark Trooper. The Phase III Dark Trooper is the state art of tech Exoskeleton/Droid of the Empire. It is too obvious that the Phase III Dark Trooper would win, it's armor is made out of phrik, a material strong enough to survive a blast from the Death Star. Not to mention, that it had thermal detonators, and a single thermal detonator can unleash 7 tons of TNT.

*Its never stated, but judging be looks, Atlesian airships are about at least 300 meters long and possess giant laser batteries! They can't go in space, but they'd be more than capable of ground support. And the droids they deploy are FAR superior the B1s and maybe even B2s. And Remnant does have shields (we see this on Atlesian airships as well as Amity Colosseum) and handheld energy guns (Neptune). *

Giant Laser batteries that would never come close to the damage done by an Arquitens-class Light Cruiser, which is about more than 25 meters. Two turbolaser blast from the Arquitens-class Light Cruiser had done 755 Megatons, powerful enough to destroy an entire mountain, and this is just lowball, a highball would be about 3.825, powerful enough to a large mountain. This is all coming from a calc basing on a Disney Canon Comic, not legends.

As for the shields, How about the Terror Walker that had sustained Starkiller's lightning blast for about 2-3 seconds shown in the Force Unleashed II trailer. According to a calc based on Starkiller powering up the Fusion Accelerator Cannon in the Force Unleashed II game, he is producing 43 teratons of TNT for a single second, as to why, there are no gigantic explosions, when that happened.

Well, the rotational energy of Earth is about in the Exatons of TNT and yet the Earth doesn't cause explosions like everywhere and the Total energy released by an average hurricane in a single day is about megatons of TNT.

We don't see shields in Remnant that can sustain such a huge amount of damage.

* Next you have dust. Dust alone is powerful. It can be used to achieve so many amazing effects! It can be used to augment weapons, armor, semblances, even people themselves! Speaking of semblances, they're basically a single unique force power for each person. as for aura, its a NATURAL ENERGY SHIELD! And EVERYONE on Remnant has one! Star Wars can't match that.*

Dust isn't powerful in the standards of Star Wars. Semblances are pathetic compared to Force Powers, Illusions? funny, Naga Sadow is causing galactic-scale Illusions so real, that they can cause actual damage, Mental manipulation? The Emperor dominates the minds of everyone on Byss, a planet with 20 billion residents and places an illusion of tranquility into their heads. Speed? Even Lowly Jedi can block blaster bolts that can move more than 2,000 m/s and this is just purely lowball. Telekinesis? Darth Sidious had casually moved a 19 KM ship, Luke had TK to destroy entire fortresses and recreate it with TK.

Those Natural Energy shield are weak in SW standards. Darth Zannah as a child had shield herself from an explosion caused by the Sith ritual done by the Brotherhood of Darkness, according to a calc, it is about 4 megatons as the low end, there is nothing in RWBY that could survive such firepower.

*Then you have the hunters! One member of team RWBY could easily take on a platoon of clonetroopers, and they're FIRST YEARS TRAINEES! Imagine what a fully trained huntsmen could do! And Remnant has dozens, perhaps even hundreds of them! A single trained huntsmen is easily worth a jedi. Possible worth more than a jedi, remember Goodwitch after the food fight? THAT is power!*

That depends, it shall be noted that Team RWBY is pretty strong even by First Years, Cardin for an example couldn't easily kill an Ursa Major and he is scared. A Fully trained huntsmen comparable to a Jedi, this gives me laughs, if an untrained child Darth Zannah could shield herself from megatons of TNT, then I bet an average Jedi Knight or even a Jedi Padawan could do the same thing.

Goodwitch TK isn't impressive enough, she's a top-tier Huntress, I believe, but when compared to Top-tier Force Users, she is an insignificant ant when it comes to Telekinesis.

*Lastly, there's no reason craft on remnant would be slower than any Republic craft. I think the smuggler ship we saw a few episodes ago proved that. In fact, It might even be faster. After all, republic craft is designed to work in space, which means they have a disadvantage in atmosphere.*

how is that an argument? Just because, they're designed in space, doesn't mean it is disadvantageous in atmosphere, this is just bad logic. In one of the episode of the Clone Wars, we had seen a starship in the atmosphere moving at hypersonic, almost disappearing in a blink of an eye and it is large compared to most military Starfighters.

*So yes, Remnant would definitely lose (no space forces is a major weakness), but make no mistake, they'd give a hell of a fight.*

No, they don't, a single Jedi knight would destroy most of Remnant, entire squadrons of Starfighters would be mostly laid waste to Remnant and the chances of those starfighters being destroyed is literally low.

*This all being said, I do like the story so far, I just don't want Remnant to get underwhelmed like it is in so many other crossovers. This isn't hate, just my honest concern. Thanks for listening.*

Bullshit, Remnant is fucking weak in the SWverse, they would be easily conquered by any minor or major faction in Star Wars. It would took like a dozen Huntsmen or even more to kill your average Jedi Knight. Their vehicles are weak compared to Star Wars vehicles. The Atlas fleet would be easily destroyed by a four T.I.E. Fighter shooting tons of TNT and whatnot.

P.S. (Wouldn't grimm freak the Jedi out, like, a lot? They are beings of pure darkness...)

No, it wouldn't. The Grimm are a pathetic waste of Sith Alchemy, Even the Grimm Dragon is weak compared to the Sithspawn Leviathan, an injured infant Sithspawn Leviathan had shown to survive in lava, there is no Grimm that had survived in lava from what I recall.

Besides, the Jedi are even calm when confronting a Sithspawn.
CT7567Rules chapter 5 . 1/2
if its possible, could you bring in Hevy, Echo, Fives, Rex and the bad batch or maybe even Ahsoka?
shadesslayer chapter 5 . 1/1
epic coolniss factor chapter 5 . 12/30/2018
my recommendation. use pre existing people before you start throwing in OCs
PERORONCINO chapter 5 . 12/30/2018
pls update the next chapter
Robbie2413 chapter 5 . 12/30/2018
For Haven consider using the names that Qrow was searching for surely a few of them would have actually been the teachers. I have a feeling that we will be finding out Atlas teachers maybe within the next few weeks maybe. Shade I have no clue just use a random name generator and guess what they would look like. For the clones, well random name and number generator with differing personalities. I noticed something the Jedi Orosoa, I think it is spelled, seems to be favoring Ruby for some reason maybe she can use the force.
HunnyChiken11 chapter 2 . 10/5/2018
Shouldn't the
Grimm only is able to be killed by dust?
sakuralovelight chapter 4 . 7/22/2018
I just read this today and like what you have so far hope to read more soon.
grimlock0418 chapter 1 . 5/4/2018
exsue me but is this still being worked it's great
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