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Allen Duncan chapter 1 . 10/2
Loved this story pls do more a huge fan of index and railgun i love how chapter 1 made me want to read chapter 2
GunsAndMagic chapter 14 . 8/27
This is a great fic, and I really enjoyed reading it. 3
Guest chapter 14 . 8/7
When’s the next?
The Increasing chapter 12 . 8/3
Hum, first of all, I'd like to congratulate you on writing this fic. Mugino...isn't very easy to make sympathetic. However, you have come closer than the author themselves.

I mean Kamachi, of course.

But a small point. Misaki doesn't need a drug to get into Mugino's mind. Mugino has no real defences against her power.

If she wanted to kill Mugino, the #4 would be dead. Even if she's ranked higher.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/18
A bit of an unorthodox pairing, since it's hard to see Touma approving of Mugino's profession, and I'm not even sure they know each other. But then again, Touma is a big believer in giving people a chance at redemption (this is a guy who protected Orthinus after she tortured him for unfathomable amount of time). This guy is a weird character in regards to romantic relationships, since I see the issue as whoever actually confesses to the guy being the most likely to end up with him. For all the talk about Kami-yan disease, the guy only got 1 love confession (index), and that was right after his amnesia (so he had no idea who she was). Mugino is the type to actually know what she wants and ask him out directly enough for him to accept.

I'm surprised that the characters in this came out pretty similar to the canon. Yes, Mugino on her date is definitely out of character from what we see in canon, but that can be chalked up to context.
Villager A chapter 10 . 6/2
So I have been honestly binging this since I found it and found I needed to comment here before reading your next chapter. Though I'm sure my opinion here at chapter 10 means very little considering that by this point there is still four more chapters for me to go through I thought this would be a very good place to leave my impressions.

The first thing I would like to say is that as of right now chapter 10 is by far the one I enjoyed the most and I really like the approach you are taking with this. I'm not sure about other readers but I am personally invested specifically because of the focus in your fan fic being Touma's and Shizuri's relationship. You aren't trying to change the story as a whole. In fact you seem to be going along with the main story without going out of your way to make any major changes to the overall plot. The fact of the matter is the theme of your story is seeing these two characters' relationship with each other. That includes the conflict said relationship entails, the tragedy of their respective roles in society and the fate they both share in a cruel world that wishes to cause them both to suffer. It is the seeing these two character going through these trials and tribulations, figuring things out, testing the strength of both of their love and resolve to keep going despite that tragedy.

The fact that (as far as I can tell. Again, I haven't read further than chapter 10 at this moment) you showed this scene, the heart break and bitter sweet ending of what should have been a heroes triumph goes to show that at the very least you are committed to this theme and I very much appreciate that. I am to understand that you may not personally be a big fan of these darker kind of chapters but in my opinion it's these darker kind of chapters that set the tone and make there relationship seem all the more rewarding to read about. I know many people like their fluff. I am guilty of reading some fan fics specifically for the fluff, but its refreshing in a lot of ways to see someone take a more serious approach to writing a toaru relationship as you have. It has it's in own simplistic beauty seeing the two brave what most would consider an impossible couple and seeing as the two grow together as they stumble and try to find a way to make things work even they normally they shouldn't and that to me is the biggest strength of this work.

Admittedly I am happy to see you have toned down a lot on the author comments as they did more often times than not break the mood you had created as well as overall thoughts and flow. It's not bad to do it at times but it was getting pretty ridiculous in some of your recent chapters so I'm happy to see you go back to a more serious form of writing. Overall, as I said before, chapter 10 is my current favorite and I hope you don't shy away from the more darker themes and harder parts of their relationship simply in deference to more 'fluff'. I am interested how you will continue to develop these two as time passes and know that as of right now you have a fan in me. That is something not many people can claim. I look forward to you continued success and future projects with this ship.
AshenFlames chapter 3 . 4/24
Hey Ferret,

So, I have to agree, some of the conflict this chapter did feel a bit forced, I definitely appreciate that you wanted to showcase not perfect moments for the couple, but it almost came across a Mugino spoiling for a fight at times.

Your writing style is a bit more meandering than most of what I prefer, and has a tendency to fold back on itself to expand on a thought before finishing description. That isn't so much a criticism as an observation, as it's mostly a stylistic choice.

I did definitely enjoy the scenes, and this chapter seemed to have a better balance of spotlight on the couple vs drifting elsewhere.

Thanks for the Chapter.
AshenFlames chapter 2 . 4/21
Hello again. :)

I continue to really enjoy the story. The concept is definitely fun, and it does a good job of having the rom-com feel without ever giving us a direct viewpoint on the couple in question.

The dialogue feels a bit stilted at times, but that comes mostly from you playing up character speech mannerisms, and for the most part you do a solid job of making what could be awkward to read flow.

The narration seems to hover in an awkward spot where it is and is not a character if its own, which led to it pulling me out of the story a bit at the more blatant moments of narrative personification. It isn't necessarily out of place given the style of the story, but because it goes back and forth on how blatant the narrator character is it was a bit jarring for me.

All that aside, Mugino and Touma are an adorable couple, and so far feel very well characterized and I am definitely looking forward to reading more.

Thanks for the chapter.
AshenFlames chapter 1 . 4/20
Hey Ferret, promised you I'd give this a whirl.

To start with, I very much enjoyed the story, and will definitely be reading the rest. That said it's very obvious that this is older work than what else I've seen of yours, your style is there, but seems a bit less polished.

You definitely have a tendency to stray towards the overly descriptive, but where in your recent work it stays relatively controlled and tight, adding a lot of flavor and impact without distracting, here the prose seems to meander a bit. It still makes for very vivid scenes, but it also sometime drew me out of the story with an awkward turn of phrase, or description doubling back on itself.

Rail/Dex isn't typically my preferred fandom, but there were no jarringly out of character moments that I noticed, and Mugino seemed to find a reasonable balance between the her we've seen, and the her she might evolve towards with an active relationship.

The authors note did almost make be die laughing though.

Thanks for the chapter. :)
Rajarshi Sarkar chapter 13 . 4/1
Wow! Mugino-san seems to respect Kamijou-san so much? Well... if I were in Mugino's place I would have done the same maybe... just in a softer way. Kamijou Touma... haa... I really like this guy. Maybe the only guy in the fictional Universe for whom I really wouldn't mind dying for.
RedSS chapter 14 . 3/31
I agree with your beta on this one. This long chapters leave me no time to study or do other stuff. Really long chapters do prove hasty sometimes.
Mon chapter 14 . 3/31
A lot of time has passed since I first came across this. A LOT of time. Amazing how time flies, isn't it? And with the passage of time, comes changes in perspective. A change of mental picture of the characters, in this case. This whole chapter, reading this, the only one I saw whenever I read Mugino's lines were of Rosa Diaz from the series Brooklyn 99. Let's see here - Low, rough voice, a penchant for violence, scowls most of the time, has a soft spot for her friends (Kamijou in this case), questionable motives, the whole works.

And now I want to read a scenario where Meltdownder takes ImagineB on a bike ride, clinging on to her leather clad back for dear life. Dammit.
Mr. X chapter 14 . 3/30
Dude, don't you even start with those remarks.
Guest chapter 2 . 3/30
Touma x Mugino is crack. She likes Hamazura more than she would even be aware of Touma's existence as more than that of living flesh.

Only fanboys that love sucking Touma's cock say otherwise.
Mr. X chapter 14 . 3/30
The ToumaxShizuri ship is not a crack, plus she doesn't like Hamazura that much.

Anyway, what'd you think of NT 22, SilverFang88?
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