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Light Lord Cybergate chapter 3 . 12/1 always the Turians fire first and don't ask questions until much later.
Turians make the worst first contact/diplomatic race.

Oh.. and don't tell me they just follow orders. It's clear these ones do not. It they did they would have reported this as they were expected to.

Wish there were more stories out there where the Turians get severely humiliated for their actions.

Is there a story where the Turians get conquered and become a client race? I'd love to know.
IHateGenericCereal chapter 26 . 11/24
My boy Legion is here, godspeed my son.
iTyncWithReality chapter 24 . 11/15
hot shit! no wonder your political drama is so detailed. I didn't know you were poli-sci IRL!
iTyncWithReality chapter 5 . 11/15
only some humans turn white upon death. although they all get paler, how pale depends on how much melanin is in their skin to start with.
HadesCat chapter 26 . 11/5
Oh my GOD I just binge read your whole story this is so good - fantastic - and your insights into how global politics and economics would shape things - afdhsjfb I can SO see this happening, and I recognize that you shifted things to the end outcome (one that more or less matches canon and your purposes). It's so well thought out! Major kudos to you, for building up all of this.

Plot wise, it's the first time Geth are given a platform to speak for themselves, isn't it? That will surely be interesting. Geth speaking to Quarians on a peaceful base. If Humanity manages to mediate...whoof, it's gonna be BIG! And a massive F U to the Council.
cmdshep4ever chapter 26 . 11/3
Really like your fic so far, however, there is one thing not related to the fic that I found a bit hypocritical and frankly made you look full of yourself. Now I know the "full of yourself" is harsh but I believe it is the best way to describe of it felt so don't take it too personally. When you said that people who dismiss the creation of the alliance to happen off-screen were lazy writing I find it quite an untasteful comment.

1- hypocritical of you to say that because if it is then what would you call completely ignoring the fact and understandable consequences that a meld like the one you wrote would affect the alliance stance on asari contact with their military personnel? an alien species just link their mind with an alliance soldier, I would think it would be a big deal and by your standard, not expending on it, be lazy writing. Even lazier imo since at least the creation of the alliance is usually always implied and/or briefly touched on (at least in the fanfic I read) while you didn't for the meld. I want to be clear that I don't think it is lazy, maybe you just did think of it or maybe it was just not something you wanted to dive into.

2- Full of yourself because the way it comes across is that your way is the only good way and everyone else is wrong. Now I don't know you and that's why I think "full of yourself" is a bit harsh. But just because someone doesn't go into detail on that particular event doesn't mean it's lazy or bad, one might want to focus on the action part more than the politics or for example although I personally enjoy the hell out of the interspecies politics in mass effect I find the interhuman politic boring fast. Everyone has different interest and it will reflect in their story by what they chose to focus on and I really don't think it can be called lazy writing unless it affects the flow and understanding of their story.

In the end, I just find it a bit unfair toward peoples who wrote amazing fanfic and put their hearts into their work only for a fellow writer to tell them that if they don't do it your way it's lazy, just doesn't seem right.

Still good work on your fic I really enjoy it :)
Kteriz chapter 26 . 11/3
I have nothing constructive to add, just that I'm continually impressed by the detail and realism of your story.
Bring on the 20,000 word Mary Sue technocratic essay, my body is ready!
Beloved Daughter chapter 26 . 11/2
Thoroughly enjoying the story! I can't wait to read more!
Wongjunkit chapter 1 . 11/1
LMAO, all the reviews salty. Guys this is a fictional universe, let the author write what he wants. Who cares of its accurate irl or is impossible to happen. That's what fiction is for lads, to write a fictional scenario of 'what if?'
LoveLifeForever chapter 14 . 11/1
While I agree, to an extent, with your logic about the US and China, I fail to see how India or Russia wouldn't be lumped in with the "them" category regularly placed on dominant world powers.

Even now, India is growing into one of the stronger economies in the world. And Russia, by comparison, has a lot of ill will built up in that part of the world. I can't see either one becoming a major party of this.

Rather, I think it would have been more logical to break up all four nations into smaller states - Russia and India both have ideological and geographical divides that could have fractured here, to say nothing of what could have happened over the previous hundred years that you're reinventing for plot reasons.

The evidence of two national powers in this new council doesn't lend itself to the idea of a true democracy, more of a well- concealed oligarchy. It might not start there, but that's where they'll push it for their own interests.

P.S. You can't say canon demanded one thing and then blatantly ignore it IN THE SAME POST and just not expect me to call you out in it. That's some stinky B.S. Caught you brown-handed! XP
xxwarlovexx chapter 21 . 11/1
I became overcome with sadness when I realized there are only five more chapters of this up.
book lover reader chapter 14 . 11/1
Horrible fucking chapter. Killed any interest.
Kteriz chapter 14 . 10/29
I'm really enjoying your own version of events here, and while I personally found this chapter to be unnecessary, it was fascinating reading your thought process on why things happened the way they did. The one thing that really surprised me in this chapter (aside from people getting so upset that you had to write this chapter) was that you didn't bring up Andrew Jackson's disregard of the supreme court when you were giving examples of presidents ignoring it.
Nouvel Oblique chapter 26 . 10/26
As always a fascinating read. What a cliffhanger for Chapter 26! I hope we see the second part when it's ready to your satisfaction. For what it's worth, I'd be interested in a 20,000 word technocratic manifesto, if only out of sheer curiousity. Cheers!
Lord of Moons chapter 14 . 10/22
I agree with everything except one thing. The EU isn't a democracy, its a corrupt burecratic mess designed for corporate dominance in Europe at the expense of 3rd World countries. A lot of member states have high percentages that want it reformed or too leave. If it ends, a more efficient Union will Have to be set up for military reasons. Nato heavily relies on USA and the EUs struggling economy. Also, considering that Britain has never been under the rule of Empires like Europe, them leaving a good version of the EU and suffering and the public minds changing before SA actually makes perfect sense. If only Juncker would stop acting like the Kaiser.
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