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najla.lazaretti1 chapter 30 . 5/31/2021
eu acho que ele perderia sua magia.
mas e se quem estivesse vinculado ao contrato fosse quem colocou o papel, não importando o nome, como se uma assinatura mágica fosse ligada ao momento de escrever o nome?
qual seria o maior medo de dumbledore e do falso professor? harry não competir... e se de repente um dos bichos papões assumisse a forma de harry e dissesse na primeira prova que não iria competir, e dai acontecesse um brilho, faísca, algo explosivo e o crouch jr perdesse sua magia e o polissuco não funcionasse mais... pensa a reviravolta que daria no torneio...
o herói do torneio seria um bicho papão... pensa...
Claton fromMoga chapter 30 . 5/30/2021
I don’t think the book ever said what would happen. Every FanFiction I’ve read has made there own interpretation. Everything from death to just nothing because it wasn’t really a valid contract
oniforever chapter 30 . 5/29/2021
I believe he would’ve lost all his magic if I remember correctly. But that also might be fanon.

There are probably so many muggleborn who still don’t know why Harry is even famous. I believe this 100%.

You are doing amazing, that’s what. XD
Guest chapter 30 . 5/29/2021
As far as I can remember it doesn't say, it just says he has to compete or else, any consequences were fans trying to figure out the else.
secretwhovianpony chapter 30 . 5/29/2021
Lose his magic for sure, possibility of dying I think. If you have a plan, idk what it is. I just know that this fic is awesome, I love it, and hope the plunny will keep giving. And that you don't end up with fic burnout.
MageVicky chapter 30 . 5/29/2021
ooh! good chapter! that was fun! and the little add on about how easy it is to kill babies and how useless wizards can be was great.
HpFaN2o0r chapter 30 . 5/28/2021
Idea: the Durmstrang students think its a plot to rig the tourney by keeping them from sleeping. All the foreign staff havent been told anything, so they are just as nervous as their kids. Durmstrang starts giving their students courage potions and military style training to defeat whatever might attack them in the halls or on the grounds. Beaxbatons has no clue wtf is going on, theyre just watching the chaos while Simone keeps screaming about horrors and omens because she keeps running into them in terrifying (to sane people) forms. Everyone at beaxbatons thinks shes just lost it. Hogwarts kids are all just like "meh." "Hey thats cool!" "Hey Bob, I didnt know you could shift into that?"

Idea2: a boggart runs into an asexual kid who just stumbled on somebody in a broom cupboard, and now like to shift into people having sex at the most inopportune times. Like on the staff table during dinner. On McGonagall's desk in her office right when she walks in. Etc.
randomplotbunny chapter 30 . 5/25/2021
Awesome chapter! :-D

Harry would have lost his Magic if he didn't compete, which to a Pureblood would be akin to a death sentence so is likely where the confusion began.

My attempt to help with the plot:
With Ron and Hermione blaming and ignoring Harry because of the Tournament, and Harry making a friend in Ajith, Harry joins the Movie Club, makes new friends and soon finds himself a favorite of the Bogarts- who all like him as he only fears fear so never fears them when even their companions sometimes do if even for a second.
For the First Task, Harry- with encouragement from all the Club members, the only ones who believe he is an unwilling participant and are rooting for him- uses a Bogart against the Dragon, having it take on the appearance of Smaug or a Basilisk or something to frighten and distract the Dragon so he can get the egg.
His score is low due to 'outside help'.
Hermione accuses Harry of cheating by using the Bogart and Ron is his usual condensing self, neither attitude being appreciated by Harry's new friends who overhear the whole exchange and are quick to point out that if they were really Harry's friends they'd act like it and not like they own him and can command his actions.
The Yule Ball would be the perfect opportunity to show off some of the more beautiful monsters, like Lady Dimitrescu or Medusa.
And while I adore seeing Harry take Luna to the Ball I could also see him taking one of his new OC friends from the Club.
Second Task, Harry uses the Bubblehead Charm and is carried to the Mermaid Village by a Bogart- perhaps as Cthulu, the Loc Ness Monster or the Kraken (original Clash of the Titans version).
Shenanigans continue between Tasks.
Third Task and Harry rides through or flies over the Maze on a Bogart- I'm thinking Mothra (is there a size limit to Bogarts?) for flying or a Warg for riding- and it goes with him when the Portkey takes him.
The Bogart is knocked out as soon as they land, thanks to Barty warning them one might accompany Harry, and the Ritual goes through like canon. Harry escapes after the Bogart comes back around and thrashes the Death Eaters.
The year ends with the Club members believing Harry, seeing as they actually know him and know that he wouldn't lie, and a bunch of angry Bogarts wanting to revenge the attack on one of their own as well as protect their adopted human.

Hope this helps you with starting a plot going, if not then I at least had fun writing it. :-)
Pyeknu chapter 30 . 5/25/2021
I personally say that the fake Moody would pay, not Harry.
Shian1998 chapter 30 . 5/25/2021
Sorry, was tired when I wrote that review.

Loved when they talked about the ridiculousness of the magical contract, and when they talked about how Voldemort could've killed Harry without magic and how helpless the wizards would be without magic.

Wonder what the Durmstrang students will do now that they believe Harry is involved in the supposed plot against them.
Jostanos chapter 30 . 5/24/2021
If I remember correctly Harry, or whomever placed his name in the Goblet in the first place, would be stripped of his/their magic, but I may be very much mistaken.

I think that you were just 'messing around' before by just posting random Boggart results for each class until things got out of hand and the Boggart situation lasted through Fourth
"TRI WIZARD TOURNAMENT" Year (Where we are now).. to which this has become a "Story" of sorts.

Is there a plan? *shrugs* I don't know. But what I _DO_ know is that this is an interesting concept/story that is a joy to read, and I am curious about what the "Pet Boggarts" may turn into next, and if there may be one that would like to be Harry's personal Boggart Pet?
SixFtWookie chapter 30 . 5/24/2021
I love this story! It absolutely doesn't need any over arching plot if you keep having wonderful character moments like this, which used the boggart to great humor. My only criticism is Harry taking credit for killing Voldemort, when generally he tries to credit his mother. But I totally understand why Harry might say what he did in the scene.
OyaLightning chapter 30 . 5/24/2021
Whatever this is...I love it! I've even read certain chapters aloud to my family. Comedy Gold. Thank you for making me laugh when smiling took effort.
MonCappy chapter 30 . 5/24/2021
As far as I'm concerned, if Harry refuses to compete, it would be the one who maliciously entered him that would suffer the consequences.
Lauren Elise10 chapter 5 . 5/24/2021
Just a funny thing that popped into my head:
Fred had to resist the urge to laugh under his breath. The bundle of red balloons in his arms were certain to scare the ever-living shit out of every student who had seen the horror movie X.
Fred and George had tricked their dad into %taking them to see it, and found it to be hilarious and terrifying in equal measure. So, after Katie Bell had run out of the room screaming at the end of It, the twins had cooked up a great prank idea.
George was on the look out as Fred let the red balloons go one by one. They were using the Marauders' map to avoid Filch and the professors. Unfortunately for them, they weren't quite careful enough to avoid Harry Potter.
Luckily, Harry was cool. He took half the balloons from Fred, and took the otheride of the school. Pretty soon, there were red balloons everywhere. And when Laura Abbot, Hannah's younger sister, saw one for the first time, her scream broke two windows in that particular corridor.
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