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Ladymoon81 chapter 30 . 9/2
This could so be twisted into an actual story with the bogart as the power he knows not
Death the Girl 1107 chapter 29 . 9/2
Omg, I just remembered all the terrors from Buffy the Vampire Slayer! The Gentlemen were undoubtedly the worst for me, they are creepy as hell and now I want to see what wizards would do if they just started coming out of the woods or something.

Der Kindestod is also scary, probably best saved for when many people are likely to get injured like after a Quidditch match or DADA accident. Or maybe after the first task?

On a different note, let's get children's shows banned too cause Gravity Falls (specifically the late parts), Goosebumps, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, Deadtime Stories (though that wasn't really scary) and Gruesome Tales For Grizzly Kids are all kids shows and Wizards should be exposed to them.

Also, just out of curiosity, what has Draco been doing in this boggart fiasco? How many times did he complain to his father? Is Lucius just done with Draco's outrage at this point? Or is Draco enjoying the scares?
Death the Girl 1107 chapter 30 . 9/2
I look forward to whatever you choose to do. I think loosing magic is right but that's just knowledge I gained from reading fanfics so I'm probably not a reliable source.
Anyway, it would be fun if the film club or the boggart gang decide to help Harry out a bit.

I look forward to the tasks and randomness to come. Honestly, I would Love to see Moody put through the ringer by these boggarts. I just want to see more of Moody in general.

I hope something happens (probably due to the Durmstrung students and their snooping) that causes the boggarts to run loose again and cause chaos. Like what if one of them decides they like being the Thing and just runs wild in the castle.

If one boggart became the empty child, could it infect the others? How would the wizard raised children deal with The Witches? I seriously want to know, do you think they'd be offended? What if the Grand High Witch confronts Dumbledore (or Madame Maxime?) to assert dominance?

I just remembered the aliens from Quiet Place and I Need to see that in a castle filled with hundreds of children! I also kinda want to see the Ring girl out and about in the middle of the night, or maybe in film club the muggleborns have to stop an unsuspecting pureblood from playing a certain VHS tape (it could be one of those where it's the legit thing).

Also, how would the wizarding kids react to Bloody Mary? Do the wizards have their own scary stories to share? Do some of the kids just stay awake at night around a makeshift campfire to tell their tales?

This whole fic is so inspiring, there's so much random crack that can come from this and I am loving it. Wish I found more stories that I loved as much as this one. Seriously, this might be one of my absolute favourite fics ever. I reread it often and still can't get enough.
Death the Girl 1107 chapter 27 . 9/2
I just remembered the Empty Child
Death the Girl 1107 chapter 27 . 9/2
YAY! That's my second fav monster from Doctor Who, or maybe it's tied first with the Weeping Angels. I still go back to admire Chapter 8 often.
Death the Girl 1107 chapter 26 . 9/2
I feel like something from Pirates of the Caribbean would have worked well on the ship, but I do love the Shining.

I just really want to see them jumping into the water to encounter a kraken or ghost shark or sirens. Where are the usual lake creatures btw? What would their reactions be to encountering the boggarts?
Death the Girl 1107 chapter 22 . 9/2
I Almost had to look it up before I abruptly remembered the horror of being surprised by her online. She is forever imprinted in my mind, I can forget her name but never her face...
Guest chapter 30 . 8/24
AnnaDruvez chapter 30 . 8/18
Fanon has had everything from scarification to loss of magic and/or life.
Canon never voiced what it was, but implied that it was horrible.
I'd feel free to make up my own consequence.

Just for shiggles, some ideas... Something that wizards would think was horrible but wasn't really. Or no longer is...

-Get routinely pelted with cream pies? Be in danger of a rampaging Luna licking your face, but other than that you just have a loss of dignity. Wizards take themselves far too seriously and Harry gets amazingly good at cleaning spells. Bonus, he's now forbidden by the Statute of Secrecy to live in the muggle world - no more Dursleys!

-Name and address sent to whoever is officially Witchfinder General? Yes, that's a Good Omens nod.

-Get turned permanently blue? Ah, the cosplay possibilities...Chiss, Twi'lek, Pantoran. And that's just Star Wars.

-Sprout horns? See previous, but change the aliens to Zabrak, Devaronian, etc...

-Become comically large? It works on percentage of current height and he's supposed to be stunted by the Dursley's "care." So, that'd make him about normal height now.

-Sprout animal ears and tail. Um... Of what species? Cat or Fox could be amusing. Especially with anime fans.

-Turn into the magical animal that best matches your personality. About half the mythological creatures out there have a human form, depending on the society and era you're from. So, more inconvenience that he has to abide by the new species' rules, than anything.

-Cursed to immediately compose bad poetry every time someone says some word that's no longer used. When was the last time you heard old or middle English in conversation outside a classroom?

-The true horror of the Goblet of Fire... is that it does nothing. But, you think it will. So you spend your entire life wondering when the other shoe will drop.

More serious/potentially fatal ones that could be twisted...

-Parents die? Um... Guess Harry has no consequences there. Or, because the enchantment simply specified changing one state to another - They could get rezzed? Sloppy spellwork, really. lol

-Current guardians die? Even odds on whether this would actually upset Harry.

-Sucks away your soul? Harry didn't enter... Barty did the entry... Oooh. On Voldie's orders. The Power The Dark Lord Knows Not is that he didn't realize HE was bound by the Goblet.

-The Goblet is the last seal holding back demons, monsters, etc a la the Ellcrys. (Elfstones of Shannara.) Refusing to compete unleashes them. But - twist - it really just opens a portal to the Disgaea Netherworld and now Hogwarts has a Prinny infestation. Or, briefly does, until the Prinnies meet the Weasley twins. Run, Dood!

To Dumble's irritation, Harry masters the reincarnation system, grinds a lot, and comes back with a boatload of power and little patience for Voldie's games. He's had enough with Laharl and the bunch!

-The Goblet is Earth's way of choosing the Wizarding World's Mortal Kombat champion. (Choose your version of Mortal Kombat - original movies, current movie, video game versions...) Being wizards? Instead of combat ability, which was the criteria to get initially chosen, they went for the rarest commodity in any caster for their for the MK champion: sense. So, the competitors in the Tournament fight dragons and the one that backs out gets a nifty pass to participate in a battle to the death with fighters that have trained for thousands of years. Because, in their twisted logic, it's only sensible to pick the unknown over a potentially horrible death at the hands of whatever the tasks are.

Harry, being the little little sh-t he could sometimes be, tells Shang Tsung that Voldemort proclaimed himself the best wizard ever. Tsung finds a loophole to let him destroy Voldie - "Hey, the laws say nothing about killing someone that's already dead!" or similar. Because he's petty like that. The Power He Knows Not is getting a more powerful, evil sorcerer from another world to do his dirty work. Because Voldie never thought to recruit off-planet.

-Randomly transported to another world. On one hand, could wind up on Mustafar. On the other hand, could wind up on a pleasure planet or somewhere you can get amazing power ups. Harry's luck being what it is...
AnnaDruvez chapter 10 . 8/18
First off, I'm loving this story. Haven't gotten to the end, yet, but I will. As for who Remus wants to time travel to and curse?

Inventing Motion Pictures: Thomas Edison and Louis Le Prince both invented motion picture cameras. Edison won the patent lawsuit vs Le Prince's offspring, despite their documentation.
First Horror Movie: Fromt what I could find? Georges Méliès' 1896 silent film "The House of the Devil"
RoseLian27 chapter 3 . 8/14
Oma god i love this hahahahha barney
Green chapter 30 . 8/12
I think Barty couch said Harry was magically bound to compete and everyone accepted this given he was the expert (only one that memorised the full rule book enough to know) not knowing he was under the control of Voldemort. Harry may have been bound to compete or he may not
ol-11jrw chapter 21 . 8/7
The monster from Ring
ol-11jrw chapter 2 . 8/7
Just a British thing I think
tonksdust chapter 2 . 8/2
yes i fucking am scared of mr blobby. that thing is fucking pure evil.
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