Reviews for When Hope Lives pt 2
YoungScribe chapter 18 . 2/5/2014
Seriously!? Thats it. I read through almost three hundred chapters of amazing and well written story, and that's it!? This thing hasn't been updated since 2004. If I had known that there would not be an ending I would have never spent my time reading it! And it was so good. Leaving it hear is a crime against humanity!
smileintothechaos chapter 18 . 12/26/2011
I love this story and I hope you update soon! I like how you write Anne and Knives together! ;)
Vashie Lover chapter 18 . 1/27/2010
I know it has been a few years since you have probably been on here, but I really enjoyed your story. I, myself, had not been on in a few years yet I never forgot about your story. I hope someday you will come back and finish it for all of you devoted fans.
Jillian W chapter 1 . 8/15/2009

Please update, I hope you're still lovin Trigun and maybe one day will take this story back up. You know there are still people waiting, after these years!

Still a fan

Jillian W (formerly Jillian S, aka the one who writes the Vanessa trigun fanfic)
cinnamonfay chapter 1 . 6/14/2007
Hello. I am in love with this story. I've been reading it all the way from the beginning and now have reached the point where this wonderful piece should continue. I do not know if you are still carrying this piece along, but if you are, or if you would be so kind, I'd love to see more. I want to know what happens to Ace and how do Knives and Anne work out? Sorry, I'm simply a creature who needs closure, a lot. If you are still interested in taking this up again, please do, or ask for some tips if you've run out of ideas. I hope you'll finish this epic.
Raven4 chapter 18 . 8/28/2005
Why? How! How could you write such a fantastic fic, and then WHAM, cut it off, just like that! I'm assuming that since it hasn't been updated in over a year, that you've pretty much abandoned this fic. Hence, I repeat my earlier cry: WHY! You can't just get people hooked like that and then just make them quit cold turkey! You're ruining my life!

Well, just to make this more of a friendly review, I loved your fics. They fascinated and enthralled me, to the point where I would just stumble over paragraphs in an attempt to read more. You're a fantastic writer, and should you ever decide to revive this fic, I'm sure there's tons of people out there waiting.
Guest chapter 18 . 7/7/2005
Hey I really enjoyed the series. I've read everything so far, and have really enjoyed it. Are you planning on continuing the story? Please let me know, I'd like to read what happens. Please send me an e-mail, you can find it on my profile, BeccaStryfe. Thanks. )
Kitsanken chapter 18 . 2/23/2005
Engrossing. That's the all-encompassing word for my reaction to the story. Not just this particular installment, but everything that I've read from beginning of this strange, sad tale to this current chapter. (And reading for nearly 29 hours straight. . .man are my eyes tired. . )

At first, I was captivated by your writing style. Very easy to read (as I tried to say in a previous review in the other installment, but somehow it got garbled and most of my review went to the same place that lost socks go. Weird. -_-; )

Anyhoo. . .despite being captivated by the eloquence with which you write, I hated the characters. I found myself farticularly hating Kiley (and later Anne). I don't know if it was your intention to install that kind of response, but that's what happened. Yes, I despised her. All the whining, the poor-me syndrome, the self-hate. . .it was grating. I kept thinking "No wonder no one likes you, you make it easy to hate you." Er. . .not very charitable, but there it is. I found myself rolling my eyes every time she contemplated "ending" her life. To me, it was a juvenile attempt at garnering attention.

However, as I read more, I saw her character change, become someone I could empathise with, even like. First, it was pity, then it become more sympathetic, until finally I was sighing and wondering why this poor girl couldn't get a break, just once. O.o I'm not sure how you did it, but you had your character, Kiley/Anne go full circle. Very strange to see how my own responses to her changed throughout the story.

And then there was Ace. At first, my response to her was "that poor, defenseless child! how could they?". But, little things kept popping up, showing a cunning to her mind that should not have been there, even if she were a Plant with superior intellect. In the back of my mind I kept thinking "What am I missing?". **shrugs** Well, the second installment certainly cleared that up. . Eesh. Who would've thought she'd be more malevolent than Knives! O.O

My first impressions of Alex, sadly, weren't good. I considered him to be somewhat of a faceless blob, added in 'cause it was somewhat convenient. But, as I read more, I started to realize that maybe his roll was a little more important than that, only much more subtle than most of the other characters.

And Mark and Effie. . .I liked them, then I hated them, then I felt grudging respect as they tried to overcome their racist thinking. In the end, I think I like them. They may have been mean and hurtful when they first discovered that Kiley/Anne was really a Plant, but by the end, I felt that they were really and honestly trying to grasp ideas that until then had been completely foreign to them. It was a relief, actually. I just couldn't hate them, no matter how hard I tried. I attribute this to Kiley/Anne's attitude towards them.

That whole thing with Ace/Knives. . .**shivers**...I NEVER would have guessed at how cold and calculating that little twit could be. Wow. For even Knives, perhaps one of THE most skillful manipulators of all time (arguably, of course, since there are probably others more skillful in other fandoms), to have been fooled. . .wow. Just simply wow. It was mind boggliing.

**realizes that her review has taken on gigantic proportions** -_-;

Um. . .essentially, I like the story and can't wait to see what happens next. If there were more chapters to read, no doubt I'd pull another all nighter just to read the rest. Sad, but true. I literally couldn't tear myself away from the screen. . .not even for essential potty breaks until Mother Nature became too strident (and after that, I resolved to NOT drink any more lest I get interrupted again). Kinda sad, when you think about it. **laughs**

So, yeah. . .you have yet another newly formed rabid fan of your works. _x

I'm hoping to see more to this story as you find time and inspiration.

Take care, congratulations and, of course, bravo to a well-written tale of rollercoaster emotions that have kept me completely and inexorably engrossed and moving from chapter to chapter in a state of awe.


goochflex chapter 1 . 2/2/2005
So. It's almost been a year since an update. That is a long time. If you quit this fic I want you to know that I am not mad at you. Anyone who reads it should feel the same way. It was your skill as a writer that entranced me. If you have anything else written I would really like to read it. If you don't want to shoot me an emailtry hitting up and search for me. My stuff is sub par. And it's all about drinking. Anyway, keep up your writing. You can go places.

Edenah chapter 18 . 11/7/2004
I have read all three of your fanfiction stories and they are excellent. Please update I have to know what happens to Anne and especially that bitch Ace. If you do update this story I hope to see that Ace gets what she desirves, a slow painful death. By the way this is one of the best Trigun stories that I have read. You are a very talented writer, and I hope to read something else from you in the near future.
mahOmaut chapter 18 . 10/28/2004
I have read all your stories and I have to say that I am a seroius fan of yours. Your stories touch on subjects and have the power to make them better or worse. You the abilty to get strong emotion from a reader, and this is truly a gift. You are a very talented writer and should keep writing in the future. I have very much ejoyed your stoires and can't wait until your next update.
Lunis chapter 18 . 10/15/2004
GAH! Why does it stop so abruptly? *cries* Where's the rest of the story? I need to know what is going to happen! Where are you? I'm going to hyperventalate if this story never gets finished! My mind is teetering on the edge of this chasm of a cliffhanger and will likely fall down if nothing is done to fix it! No, it can't just be left here! It's too good for it to never have an ending! Please, I'm begging you! Update this story! I'm going to add both parts of this story to my favorites. Will that help you write more? I'm going to go sit over here in shock until I get to read more of this. *sits down with a blank expression*
grandHyperbole chapter 9 . 10/13/2004
Jillian W chapter 18 . 8/25/2004
*Sigh* it's been so long since an update!


...please update soon. or else - it's as though Anne will be comatose forever!
B chapter 18 . 8/17/2004
damn! it is sad what happened to 'anne'. im addicted to your story and will seriously loose sleep if i dont know what happens in the end *hint hint*. lol its a great story...wonder what happened to mark?...he meant well. and that ace, what a crazy chick, im a little upset that knives was 'with'her but it made the story intresting.
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