Reviews for Book 4: Light and Darkness
xSIFEMx chapter 7 . 2/16
I’ve been enjoying reading this quite a lot with all the world-building you’ve done. I love how longdetailed the chapters are. There’s only been one consistent aspect that dampens my ability to fully enjoy this,honestly it’s been getting to be a larger struggle to look past it to continue reading this the last couple of chapters. The characterization of pretty much everyone who Zuko/Aang have a grudge against, or even just disagrees with them really. They’re portrayed habitually as being in the wrong/villainous/immature,their own traumas/pain are frequently dismissed, minimized,straight-up mocked. ZukoAang are presented quite one dimensionally in scenes that have anyone else in them except for essentially Ursa/Azula/Appa/perhaps Samir now that she’s present. The two protagonists are characterized as being immature, petulant, unjust, egotistical, callous, cruel,even narcissistical at times especially towards Katara/Sokka/Toph. The characters of Ursa/Iroh somewhat/Azula enable the toxic behavior of ZukoAang quite massively,usually just turn a blind eye (Iroh less so, albeit) instead of calling them out on it as they should if they truly care about them. For a good portion of the scenes with ZukoAang interacting with someone ‘against’ them, I usually wind up skimming it until the scene was over with. That’s gotten more difficult to do though as more plot-relevant matters are being discussed amongst the characters now. I’m hoping that the next chapter or two improves upon the interactions, but if not then I think that I’ll sadly have to discontinue reading this otherwise epic story.
Hunter 1 chapter 23 . 1/27
When is chapter 24 and chapter 1 through 6 has been rewrited I love the aang and azula paring
Anonymous 274 chapter 10 . 9/22/2023
Holy continuity errors, Batman!

The last chapter established that Aang, Azula, Toph, and Appa would go off to fight Ozai and Vaatu instead of meeting up with the others in the Caldera, also leaving Samir and Momo in the Air Temple with Guru Pathik. Suddenly, they're doing the opposite, and Samir and Momo have somehow with them now.
Also, Aang has apparently mastered all of his chakras, even though it was made abundantly clear that he had failed to master all but one, and that it would take time for him to complete the process.

Aside from that, this chapter feels like it was just rushed out without taking the time to proofread it. Repeated lines and redundant verbiage like "a fiery blast of fire" stick out, and the pacing seems very off-putting relative to the previous chapters.

It honestly feels like the author uploaded the wrong draft or skipped a chapter with how jarring the drop in quality is.

It's a shame, too. Up to this point, I've found the story to be profoundly enjoyable and immersive, but with such glaring issues, I don't know that I can recommend this one. Hopefully, this was just a case of uploading the wrong file, and that these issues do not persist going forward.
Azure Exorcist chapter 23 . 8/11/2023
I think I actually understand what Time is saying. Maybe he wants Vaatu and Raava to merge into one Avatar. it would be true balance. Hopefully, this isn't abandoned, and maybe my theory is proven correct. This is my favorite ATLA fanfiction, bar none. I really hope it's updated soon.
adrianwolf4 chapter 23 . 4/29/2023
I'm enjoying this story. Going over the story again, I can see all the changes you made in the story. Now those updates about a new chapter makes sense. Enjoying the changes very much, and hope for continuation of this story very soon. Really like the update with Samir and Indra in chapter 6.
Ravensflock chapter 23 . 1/20/2023
Azula will bond with vaatu becomin the ‘dark’ avatar. Thereby achieving eternal balance because the avatars are destined to be lovers that perfectly balance each other out like sang and azula do already
GHETTOKINGKAI chapter 8 . 1/12/2023
so far loving this fucking story. Its absolutely badass and way more anime like in the way you approach some of the orginal canon in a much darker tone, particularly the interactions whenever aang goes avatar state on everyone and his destructive capabilities. My MAIN ISSUES/GRIPES with this story so far up to chapter 6, is that throughout the entirety of the story so far, i just cant grasp the idea that aang out of ALL PEOPLE regardless of him being the avatar, should be having this obscenely great redemption arc in light of his blatant and downright BARBARIC over selfishness and destruction/genocide of AN ENTIRE kingdom only second in destruction to sozin, and also HOW TF is aang completely absolved of any wrongdoing when it comes to not communicating with the ganng for years? No matter if he was a child or not, aang had MORE than enough support from every member of the group (minus toph) to forge his own path and ideals in a more positive and proactive light, yet HE REFUSED to go see any of his friends due to his "duty as the avatar". And Yet aang never seems to have truly learned how to be aang and how to be the avatar SEPERATELY. Aang has ZERO excuse imo and is the LAST fucking person who should be hating on katara ESPECIALLY when she took immense care of aang during the war, not to mention if it werent for her, Aang wouldve likely NEVER BEEN discovered for another century or so AND HED BE FUCKING DEAD ALREADY if she hadnt used her healing water from the spirit oasis, not to mention only more genocide and destruction had taken place with aangs SELFISHNESS of not taking action nor his responsibility AS THE AVATAR when he should have 100 years ago REGARDLESS of him being just a child! Fuck any and every excuse made for aang just cause "he was a child" ISNT GONNA CUT IT! He had no say nor choice in the matter when it came to being born as the next avatar and he RAN AWAY! The failures of the world and ultimate success of the fire nation genocide is HIS FAULT ALONE. Also i REALLY HATE how youve made katara of ALL PEOPLE this seemingly naive and lost child who doesnt know how to think on her own despite ALL HER EFFORTS at taking car of the gaang like i said before, katara has ALWAYS been the most headstrong and clearer minded member of the group next to toph and its baffles me how youve some how made katara the villian here, in the sense that she abandoned aang, which i can somewhat understand, but SERIOUSLY? Come the fuck on now, theres no way REALISTICALLY that katara would be so dense and lost, nor would she ever be this apologetic, its fucking sickening and downright dreadful. Hopefully this changes immediately as the story goes on. Also hoping that the rest of the ganng gets some kind of power up like aand and azula have cause this story would just feel more unbalanced than it already is.
dalenora9 chapter 23 . 9/4/2022
hihi, really liking the story. also, I keep getting update notice but still has 23 chps. is it just adding to that chapter or am I missing something? thanks!
AliasTesin chapter 23 . 8/5/2022
Horrible world, the future one in the kingdom of Ozai. What a terrible prospect ...hearts tremble and wrinkle with horror. And balance, on the other hand, can really be the right solution. Somehow I doubt it. Maybe, though. We will see. Keep up with your amazing story soon!
AliasTesin chapter 22 . 8/5/2022
A nice note at the end of the chapter and some more hope. I can't wait to see Aang's strength and a happier world. I hope!
AliasTesin chapter 21 . 8/5/2022
Looks like the worst is coming ... gulp!
AliasTesin chapter 14 . 8/4/2022
Your story is certainly the most complex I've ever read!
Notasavior chapter 23 . 8/2/2022
I have a dumb question because I've lost track, but how old is zaheer? When does this take place, because I feel like Zaheer if anything would be a child here. I'm saying this based on LOK being 70 years after ATLA.
Goku275 chapter 23 . 8/1/2022
adrianwolf4 chapter 22 . 6/21/2022
Another good chapter. Hoping that the next chapter comes out sooner. So many things happen this chapter. Quick question is Jin the young female Zuko kissed while in Ba Sing Se? Also is On Ji going to make an appearance? Is Haru and Jin going to become closer because of their loss? Will Aang meet up with everyone next chapter? Will Ozai master the other elements in time for Harmonic Convergence? Will you do a sequel for Legend of Korra?
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