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Old Scratch chapter 5 . 8/20
Hey, next chapter soon, please?
Navy Apocalypse 321 chapter 1 . 12/12/2017
It's sad Jolteon isn't back.

I wonder what his secret was?
Vexan chapter 4 . 12/6/2017
Nice chapter, lots of nice development and interactions. The challenge was an interesting one, very well done. My thoughts in Raichu? Well, I don't really have much to say. It was an interesting idea to have the mascot appear, well, the old one. Anyways, see you next chapter.
Hardknox7 chapter 1 . 12/5/2017
Here we go, after weeks of trying to find the time and having to make an entirely new account, I finally have the time to review.

The three hosts, Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. It's interesting of how there's three hosts and three different species of hosts, but that's where anything interesting about them ends. Azelf is in my opinion is the closest of being a "Chris McClean" host. Not much to say anything else about that other than he constantly bickers with Uxie, about literally anything and everything.

Uxie is such an annoying bore. All he is an an annoying prick. If that's how you want him to be presented then bravo for doing it accurately. But that does not mean in any circumstance that I will like any interactions with him. I've had enough smartass pricks in my life and here in FF to care in the slightest about them.

Mesprit is literally just crowd control for the two other hosts. And that's it. She presents herself nice to the other contestants and makes sure the asinine brothers don't bicker for the next 24 hours.

Xatu I feel is plot device, as she already shown as warning the hosts of something in the future if they don't change their acts. And you have it wrong about a certain fact. Fortune tellers only predict the future, not know someone's past. While it is correct that the Xatu species can see both past and future, you can't be a fortune teller and just add you can see the past, it doesn't work like that. Other than that, I don't hate her, but at the same time I also know I shouldn't invest in her either. Because if there's one thing I know, is that plot devices have an expiration date.

Yanmega doesn't really show much. He's just someone who loves flying and would die happy flying. He's also a war veteran but I'll add that later on. But that doesn't mean I don't like him. He shows potential for growing and I hope he does. He shows promise for someone who's just a fan of flying

Did... did Furret just talked about writing.. in FanFiction? And did the hosts add on about smuts? Like, breaking the fourth wall a bit? Wow, didn't know you would actually reference something like that. I guess I know your opinion on smuts then. Other than thtat... eh. Not much to be said.

Now Infernape just seems out of place for me. A cigar, not cigarette, a cigar smoking war veteran... Okay? I think it's just me, but that seems, out of place. I feel like it was more of any character being a cigar smoking veteran and Infernape was just slapped as the species for that character. But again, that's what I feel about it. Other than that, again, not much to say. He connects with Yanmega but only because Yanmega is also apparently a war veteran. Never would imagine Yanmega being a war veteran, but I'm not complaining.

Espeon is that friendly fox who's also a Christian. But that's pretty much it. You can see her entire personality by just a couple of lines. But I do like her, despite how obvious she is.

Bastiodon reminds me of Donphan, but less knight and chivalry and more acting in general. And with that fame going over his head, that'll be something to see. I don't think I have seen something like him before, but I'll root for him, despite how obvious it could be for him to be eliminated pre-merge

Leavanny being ungrateful for being in the show. Wow. I mean I see how the odds are low, but just because you don't want to be in the show doesn't mean you have to act like that 24/7. Other than that it's just one of those characters who are older than most of the contestants and by experience tells them what they should and should not do in life. Well, at least it's accurate to her parenting species role.

Zebstrika, feel sorry for this fool. Inadvertently triggering all the females by saying sexist comments. Honestly if they would act like that even now it's just sad for the female contestants. Other than that fuck up not much for Zebstrika, just a general nice guy. Unless his bad luck shows more often. That'll be something to see.

Ah, Purugly. Honest to say I'm quite disappointed. I would've preferred Arc's Purugly back at Pahkitew Island. (If I get that wrong I apologize). A Pokemon like Purugly should break the mold more than...what I saw. Nothing else to say, just disappointed is all.

Vanilluxe, happy out going father/husband. General nice guy who has a wife and kids. And is most likely entering the competition to gain scholarship money for his kids. I like it, but that's all I have to say since there's not much else to him.

Octillery, those party girls in college that just parties and parties and shows no care for anything important. Yeah, unless she gets major development, which I'm not doubting will happen, good luck having her last long.

Chandelure being a gentleman and staying in the side lines. Not going to lie that's not a bad strategy, of course that strategy has been done so many times by other people, one way or another. And the same thing happens to all of them, some bs happens that forces them to break out of being outside and sooner or later gets kicked off the island. Prove me wrong.

Sableye either being a borderline stalker or just likes finding out everyone's secrets...yeah, I take it back. Borderline stalker. But she is interesting, I'll give her that.

Ursaring the nice country singer/banjo player. Not bad, A pokemon breaking out of their mold. Didn't know that could happen after seeing Purugly. But niceness can only get you so far. Hope he realizes that.

Hydreigon... yeah I'm just going to say this now. What you did to her was factually wrong. Hydreigon's other heads don't act out mentally as it shows here, the other heads aren't just brainless, but also only want to eat and destroy. There should be no thought process to the other two heads or anything that could cause anything that happens to her from here on out. If you want to discuss that issue with me about it personally I don't mind but I know for a fact that Hydreigon shouldn't have to go through that mental strain, or any strain from the other two heads at all.

Ninjask, honestly I've seen a lot of Ninjask that act similar as this one does. So really, I'm not impressed.

Wormadam. Yes I see the irony, a cop that won't be able to do squat. All bark and no bite it seems. Interesting concept, but can get annoying quite easily.

Meowstic is the Pokemon incarnation of Shawn from Pahkitew island, only more serious and has a lot more weapons than Shawn will ever have. Annnd, yeah, that's it.

Jellicent. I seen other contestants who act like someone they're not. Like Oddish from Skarmory Island. You know what happened to her? She got eliminated because she was read like the cover of a book. Which means most likely Jellicent will last just as long as Oddish, not much.

Oh look, it's Drifblim. Or should I say, the self insert from Fuzz. Seeing as how he's intimidating, can apparently fight others very easily, can read people just like looking at them, and shows himself as strong and seeing how others should be strong or weak and strong has to take care of weak. Yeah, not only is this self insert OP, but apparently places himself higher than the rest. *Totally doesn't have a God Complex*. So unless he's gone fairly quickly, you won't surprise me with Drifblim in the slightest.

Komala, don't judge a book by it's cover. Sure Komala mostly sleeps, but I wouldn't count them out just yet.

Raichu, not only is he a drunken loser, but he also just broke the fourth wall, again. Is there even a fourth wall by this point?

Ah...Granbull, as in the very stereotypical Granbull... Moving on.

Quagsire seems like that type of person to do the craziest stuff but somehow works in the end. So Izzy?

Turtonator, the wife of Vanilluxe. The one being more secretive of the marriage than Vanilluxe is. Yeah, and that's basically it. Moving on.

And finally Araquanid. I don't see the Sci-fi part, like in anywhere. But I do see the loser part. Very obvious, and very boring as of right now.

Challenge, well this is new. Basically the theme of this whole show with it being a letter challenge. Huh, nice.

Why there wasn't confessionals until after the challenge is something I will never know.

Wait, 12 idols?... what is this survivor?

Final words, well we have most of the cast that's either very easy to read, way out there, new, OP, factually wrong, textbook stereotypes, and... yeah that's it. I only like a handful out of these 26. And I doubt they'll last long.

Oh, and one more thing. I saw that bit in the confessionals where all 26 contestants has a letter that starts with the letters in the alphabet. Clever.
SerperiorKnight chapter 1 . 10/18/2017
Okay. This introduction was very well made and the characters all got a proper amount of screentime. The unique personalities also play off one another which makes this story interesting to read. I am putting my money on Espeon, Araquanid, and Hydreigon
InfernoMaster64 chapter 3 . 10/18/2017
Okay so... First off Octillery got her reality check way sooner then I thought she would so... yay for her!

Now unto serious shit. What happened to Infernape in the challenge was pretty serious and could have harmed people. Honestly reading that part of the chapter was a bit hard due to Infernape being my favorite Pokemon and my own connects to the military and some bad memories when Infernape had his confessional about the front lines. That out of the way I am interested to see what this does to Infernape's character going forward. Xatu just willing to leave was a surprise to me because I thought Infernape would leave.

As for the challenge itself, Horror movie challenge I see here and I kinda got scared along with the cast at points. It was freaky alright and you too did you job right... Love how Quagsire just wins by being Quagsire.

All in all, this was a great chapter and gave me the feelz in my own way but I'm fine so no need to worry about little ole me. Good Luck you two
DeltaXtreme chapter 3 . 10/16/2017
Damn, you guys write a lot. It took me nearly an hour to finish this, but it was good. I actually saw Xatu's elimination coming from Fuzz posting her theme, but hey it's my fault for reading this late too. Back to Xatu, I really did enjoy her character, and despite not having much use for her this time, I do hope you two will have a plan in a possible future season for her.

I can see some definite things with Sableye, the sneaky little girl. I also saw some more sight on Yanmega. Furret, Araquanid, and Quagsire were my favorites for this episode and yeah, overall I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work guys.
Dark Arcanine 33 chapter 3 . 10/16/2017
Nice work here. I should have expected Xatu to be go early. It always happens.

Sableye... really? Just really? And I enjoyed Yanmega's freakout scene. Sucks for Turtonator and Vanilluxe, but... eh.

Don't really have much else to say other than I like what's going on. Keep it up,
InfernoMaster64 chapter 2 . 10/13/2017
Okay so finally getting to this. Now then, first things first. I'm glad Granbull went home first as she really didn't need to last long at all and logically her team would throw the challenge... but... What happened to her before her elimination was... a bit much. I don't like her but still...

Anyway, I honestly liked this challenge. It was a nice first challenge testing teamwork and their own skills. It's nice and i like it.

Um... any characters I want to mention... Um... Drifblim is OP plz nurf. I can relate Furret SOOOOO much. She is kinda one of my top favs due to this so go for it girl! I also relate to Araqunid as well so that's a note to make. Quagsire is a joy... just wanted to say that. Sableye, girl I see you spying. Are you going to blow some things up? I'm watching.

Okay think i got it all out. Guess I'll see you next chapter.
DeltaXtreme chapter 2 . 10/10/2017
Good second chapter, Xebla and Fuzz. It was long, entertaining and fun to read, well even if it did take a half hour.

If I'm being honest, I already knew Granbull was going to be out when Fuzz showed me her theme, plus she was aggressive and unlikable by the rest of her teammates and everyone in general. Also, Drifblim continues to be a badass in the shadows.

Araquanid and Octillary? I have to agree with the others and not agree with that, but hey it's your guys' story, so do it how you want to. I personally just don't see it.

Overall dudes, good chapter.
Vexan chapter 2 . 10/9/2017
Granbull? Didn't really care for her, but she will be remembered, and we're all trying to have those memorable first boots.

Octillery and Araquanid, meh, I don't ship them. I really don't like the idea of that relationship, and I just don't really like Octillery. The rest of the characters are pretty cool, I don't dislike any of the others. I'll give my opinions on them after they are eliminated. I wonder what will happen next chapter... though it was still an amazing chapter.
Nihilego Fanatic chapter 2 . 10/9/2017
(puts on glasses)

Ahem, it's time for me to review this chapter and try to be analytical xD.

Hmm... for some reason, I'm tempted to ship Hydreigon and Driftblim. Vanilluxe and Turtonator are both screwed, are they? *shrugs* Yep. I think they're not going to win.

Granbull leaving tho. Meh, I didn't resonate much with her. I wanted her to actually be better but meh, she's first boot.

Araquanid x Octillery? Slightly weird tbh.

Sableye's not winning this tbh... Raichu, tell me more!

Can Xatu x Leavanny be a thing? Plizzzz!

The challenge was cool beans! Zebstrike changed a lot tho.

That's my review. Bye!
Dark Arcanine 33 chapter 2 . 10/6/2017
Yep. Saw it coming from a mile away; she needed to go ASAP. It's always funny how characters that Fuzz write always end up beating the everloving shit out of a jackass.

Oh Vanilluxe... naive, good-hearted Vanilluxe. Ya fucked up.

Overall, i like the set up and how things are going so far. Keep it up you two
InfernoMaster64 chapter 1 . 10/4/2017
ABCDEFG, this chapter was good to me... I'm so sorry. I'll never do that again.

First off, I like the host dynamic. They bounce off each other well and I like it.

I like a lot of this cast. I have no favorites at the moment but there is more to come so I'm sure I'll like more. Not much for me to say... Kinda going simple here.
DeltaXtreme chapter 1 . 9/26/2017
Okay just saying it now...WOW. It's evident that you and Fuzz put in a lot of hard work given how long this is, plus it's really good.

The hosts are pretty good, but I think I like Uxie the best out of the three. The dude clearly is the "wise guy" who gets irritated by goofy Azelf and Mespirit is just that sister who's stuck in the middle. Nice.

The cast, while I have no clear favorites right now...I can say that the one thing I like about the cast is the diverse age groups. It's not all about just a bunch of whiny teenagers, but legit wise adults. {Also holy shit one of them is near 70}

Good job on the writing dude and you definitely deserve more recognition for this.
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