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gabelou1991 chapter 27 . 4/3/2018
Franchement j'aime ta fic est différente de toute autre fic c'est ntinu.
gabelou1991 chapter 16 . 4/3/2018
De base videl à fait chanter Gohan donc en théorie elle ne devrait pas pouvoir monter.
yunayuu chapter 27 . 3/31/2018
Loved the chapteer! Loved the fluffy, and cute scenes! But I also want to see the drama. I love drama! Keep up the good work!
multyfangirl21 chapter 27 . 3/30/2018
with the reactions that Videl can get from Gohan, I have a feeling that there's going to a few more times where Gohan's sputtering/chocking from a simple tease from her.

I can't help but think at times that Goku is a bad dad since it's Piccolo , a bit of Veggita and sometimes even Krillian's pitching in on raising Gohan and giving him advice.
ClaraTucker123 chapter 27 . 3/30/2018
I could use a little fluff, sometimes the story needs to slow down for a bit before a new drama. I would love to see Videl and Gohan alone together now that they are "dating", they had that on chapter 26 but I'm thinking of something along the lines of "candlelit dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower"... oh, ok, that's too much. I'm just kidding. Unless you liked the ideia, then I'm very serious. Anyway, Videl seems very happy and I love that. I think the story is progressing nicely.
I Before A Except After K chapter 27 . 3/30/2018
I do have one question though. You've implied that you're almost done with this story, but on the whole, Videl isn't all that strong compared to the other Z fighters. Will there be an epilogue (or dare I say it, sequel) showing her progress into a warrior that can stand proudly among them? Because that's the biggest itch I've been hoping to scratch. Her character seems perfect for it, but I've never seen anyone do it properly. If nothing else, will she at least be immune to bullets? (still salty about her getting shot in Battle of Gods)
Aaron Leach chapter 27 . 3/30/2018
Awesome chapter.
BBLimits chapter 26 . 3/30/2018
I just binged this – and "Moments" immediately after! I love how much Videl has grown, and I feel like Gohan is coming into his own. But what I love the most is probably the attention and the roles you gave to the 'minor' characters – Krillin, 18, Erasa, Sharpner, Bulma, Yamcha, the kids...
I'm very happy about Krillin in particular, his friendship with Goku and his relationship with 18 and Marron are so important! And thank you for not writing Goku as evil or selfish, he's a genuinely good person and he always tries to put his family first.
yunayuu chapter 26 . 3/24/2018
Loved it as always! They're so cute together, and even the "evil" plan turned out to be so cute! Keep up the good work! (And it's always good to know that you liked what you wrote ;D )
ClaraTucker123 chapter 26 . 3/24/2018
Awn! This was so cute! It's funny that everybody just knows that they're together. I loved their kiss, I wish that I could draw so I would make a fanart out of it.
multyfangirl21 chapter 26 . 3/24/2018
Hmm, I wonder what else Vegeta will explain to Gohan about Sayians who are reaching adulthood and claiming a mate, or does it look like Gohan will just be discoving that on his own? I would think that Vegeta would tell all three boys about their heritage culture.
I also wonder when Hercule will find out that his daughter is dating a half human boy?
I'm looking forward to reading your next chapter.
I Before A Except After K chapter 26 . 3/24/2018
Wow. Just wow. Of all the "Videl gets training and learns more about everything" stories out there, this is hands-down the best. It fills a void in me that I've been trying to fill for almost 10 years. It's well-written, doesn't skimp on the details or the gradual reveals, isn't utterly contrived...basically, it's what a majority of works on this website aren't: It's really good. I've been binging this story for the past several hours. And better yet, you update weekly(-ish). Thank you for writing this.
Shadow Tricked chapter 26 . 3/23/2018
This story is pretty great. I'm really enjoying it. How often do you post updates? Sorry I'm a new follower.
Guest chapter 26 . 3/23/2018
Should have known those little devils would try something.
mineng101 chapter 26 . 3/23/2018
It was a good chapter, but I think the prank was a little too innocent for Trunks. I could see him having a camera ready and try to blackmail Gohan and Videl or just go ahead and post it to some social media blowing their secret wide open.
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