Reviews for Abaddon Born(e)
justlovereadin chapter 146 . 10/20
So I'm really glad to finally know what happened I still wanna know why they couldn't regrow his arm though
username not recognized chapter 146 . 10/20
Did vejovis Launch himself at levi via speedzonee gun to use his tinker Metal knuckleduster? or am I reading that wrong?

That... THat is such a Herb idea

While certainly one of the more accurate stupidly destructive moves his powers make possible, I was expecting him to go for something less self destructive.
Gamer 9 chapter 83 . 10/19
How to hell is this not more popular? The long things with Lee taking people to task can get a bit old but the rest is polished diamond.
CatScratcher chapter 144 . 10/17
Poor Behemoth just chilling in his man-cave when Lee barges in.
zArthur chapter 1 . 10/15
Not a bad fic but personally stopped reading on chapter 40-50? on spacebattles. Just kinda got tired of characters acting like they are on crack most of the time and black friend being really super annoying (or maybe he was supposed to be simpleton? i am not sure) and having the only purpose of cliche comedy relive, shame really writing quality itself is okay.
justlovereadin chapter 145 . 10/13
You still never covered what he did to leviathan or why panacea didn't heal his arm or grow him a new one she can do that
superpierce chapter 145 . 10/13
Sheesh Lee really needs to relax him overthinking things too much could lead to more problems like it has in the past.
JediTaco chapter 144 . 10/12
With how strider's powers seem to be glitching, I wonder if Lee's shard is trolling him? Or maybe Abaddon's end goal is to fuck with Lee as much as he can.
Gamelord42 chapter 144 . 10/11
Love the new chapters! Thank goodness overwatch has summon or Lee would have been teleporting for days before he gave up and started flying back from Montana.
Overlord-addict chapter 144 . 10/9
What happened to Sundancer and Squelar damnit man you cant leave us on cliffhangers like that
babiloniaolimpo chapter 3 . 10/7
Los protagonistas mĂșltiples son difĂ­ciles.
babiloniaolimpo chapter 2 . 10/7
Esto puede ser extremadamente interesante.
duckie288 chapter 144 . 10/6
nice laugh in testing strider power
superpierce chapter 144 . 10/6
I swear I don't get why people keep thinking that Amy is attracted to Vejovis?
D chapter 142 . 10/2
Well apologies in advance, it was a tiring irl day and my mind is shot.
Still thanks for another excellent chapter! ..That was read a tad delayed, anyhow.

About the story, Amy's ensuing( and incoming) mini mental breakdown is hilarious. Also, "one of us one of us!" Goddamn is it soothing to see someone else just missing the "clear" social cues and "obvious" relationship cues and stuff... Admittedly Lee's headache when the two teens catfights become clear is gonna be great!

Also once again, reafirming why every mastermind/Ceo villain or not needs advisors.

With that, i have to ask. What has been happening 'capeminati' side?

Thanks for the update!
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