Reviews for Abaddon Born(e)
Gabe2000 chapter 205 . 2h
Welp finally caught up after a multi day more or less non-stop reading session. Definitely gained a new follower.
Waka Metalbelly chapter 171 . 4h
Fuck you dude. Seriously. It really is garbage like this that destroy stories. Whatever moron is your editor, you need to slap him just as hard as you can. How about a little more focus and a little less nonsense? Thank you.
Waka Metalbelly chapter 137 . 11h
Dude. You absolutely have to cool it on that ridiculous separate identity nonsense. That crap is absolutely killing the story. Whatever moron told you that was a good idea, you need to slap them. What are you even up to now? Do you even know anymore? Am I gonna login some someday and find that you've got 22 different separate identities for this guy? 2 was fine, 3 is enough, and anymore than that is just stupid.
0vrLrd71 chapter 102 . 11/26
That would be weird for those in the know... "communicating" with a construct, another indentity, of yours? yeah... even if its mimed, well to me at least, I mean those dues that puppet those, well, puppets and all that are creepy in my mind...
0vrLrd71 chapter 101 . 11/26
I really hope he gets something that can help him develop his EQ and creativity, like honestly, its funny right now but I'm guessing in the long run it would just frustrate people around him
0vrLrd71 chapter 98 . 11/26
He really doesn't have some common skills does he? I mean it could just be him not thinking about it but it kinda seemed obvious that tricksters power couldn't get a lock on him because of his blind spot status, maybe whatever it just to lock on targets gets blocked?

that ending was pretty obvious too

maybe because I'm in this side?
0vrLrd71 chapter 96 . 11/25
Thats, damn another reason I like your story, that ending I mean
0vrLrd71 chapter 93 . 11/25
God, why didn't I think of it, reading the reviews

anyways I'm guessing, which is pretty obvious now, that the MC is a unreliable narrator and has misinformation too and that's how my previous reviews are answered... lmao
0vrLrd71 chapter 93 . 11/25
lmao, what the hell was that? damn tattletale, that's...
0vrLrd71 chapter 91 . 11/25
Also, forgot to write it, I translated the glitched part, damn that's OP
0vrLrd71 chapter 91 . 11/25
Oh my god, this is awesome and fucking funny, if it wasn't on the other side of the screen I would be terrified, worried, and awed too
0vrLrd71 chapter 90 . 11/25
Oh god- that ending have me laughing
0vrLrd71 chapter 89 . 11/25
While it is funny, I kinda hope he can get better at not being so dense that he has to think about it, and anylize, Long and hard about it, at least he is not Shirou levels of dense,
0vrLrd71 chapter 80 . 11/25
bruh, so you actually are going with him picking timelines instead of simulations? bruh
also "moved forward in real time" I thought it didn't?

bruh, she made her power stronger too? wasn't it only if they hear her songs? oh whatever, either I'm missing some context or whatever or you're just upping everyone's power

didn't the foam expand? why couldnt he surround her body with air and make the foam expand and then get her out once its possible... or did I get it wrong?

huh, A. bomb? or something similar
0vrLrd71 chapter 79 . 11/25
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