Reviews for Abaddon Born(e)
Gamelord42 chapter 211 . 14h
Great to have you back! Hope you enjoyed your break! Thank you for the entertainment! May the muses continue to inspire you! :D
Cambatis chapter 211 . 3/8
Bienvenido de vuelta
Tano Narhuine chapter 211 . 3/7
I'm SO HAPPY this story is back!
Stereborg chapter 211 . 3/7
Hey, you're back!
superpierce chapter 211 . 3/7
glad to see this story back so soon. curious what the heck the simurgh is doing in washington considering it was acting different than usual near the end of Leviathans last attack.
moragnog chapter 210 . 3/1
great story, more power to you to give yourself a break. Glad you plan to continue but take what time you need to enjoy it again, have a good break.
MagniThorsen chapter 63 . 2/27
'Yells comes from below as the ABB find their fallback position is now blocked off. One raises an SMG to fire at the blockage. I am not sure if the bullets will pierce the metallic blockage, so I cover him with spiders, which throws off his aim.'

That, right there, is pure gold. If I could give more than just a review I would.
0vrLrd71 chapter 184 . 2/16
bruh, I took a break from this story to let chapters accumulate and didn't know that when u end up rereading this chapter I wrote pretty much the same review again... (last chapter- interlude) though I've been reading more Worm fics do I guess I know some names better
0vrLrd71 chapter 183 . 2/16
Is that ending Aisha and Regent? sucks if so
TheCyanNinja chapter 198 . 2/16
fucking stalker and scp lol
TheCyanNinja chapter 67 . 2/14
I really liked that exchange
xavier0jim chapter 125 . 2/1
"Not gunna copy heros!" Is a retarded restriction when he is trying to save the world -.-
Silber D. Wolf chapter 210 . 1/30
greendragonking002 chapter 210 . 1/21
been reading each week was a little thrown off because you didn't update. I realized I miss this chapter and the author note. glad you gave a time line for return. I also hate when an author just leave and never come back . have a good break and I look forward to more. going to track down your other fics and get my fix from thrm
SparrowWriter2 chapter 139 . 1/20
Oh brilliant plan Herb, Yup just buy the city. It's not gonna cost that much...
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