Reviews for Abaddon Born(e)
Gabe2000 chapter 208 . 12/13/2020
Okay thaose final 3 lines actually got a laugh from me.
ChronoMitsurugi chapter 208 . 12/13/2020
Hey look a distraction.
Flamel fainted.
It was super effective. LOL.
superpierce chapter 208 . 12/13/2020
hahahahaaa that was QUITE amusing.
anthonym3 chapter 208 . 12/13/2020
That was deeply amusing. I like the introduction of wacky alchemist dude. He is adding some levity to the setting.
ToastyIce chapter 90 . 12/10/2020
Haven't caught up to the latest chapter yet but wanted to say how amazing this story is. I like Lee and Herb's personalities and attitudes as well as the dynamic between them because of the difference in personality. Now back to the story. Thanks for the updates btw.
Naddict chapter 1 . 12/10/2020
Enjoyed the novel so far.
Though my only Peeve would be the power copying infiltrator. Only possible way would be if they have an Abaddon shard and are a SI.

Moreover, if they are a si the fact that they are still under couldrons radar whilst not knowing what they are and what a blind spot is, is hard to believe.
0vrLrd71 chapter 183 . 12/8/2020
Wait is that Aisha? and that other kid? (Heartbreakers kid or something?)
0vrLrd71 chapter 182 . 12/8/2020
I swear if its that emotion manipulation girl from S9 messing with them and makes them do something they wouldn't ... like god, itll be too much drama
0vrLrd71 chapter 180 . 12/8/2020
so, Intelligent, Snarky, and a wrench wench
Though what category does MP fall in? Anyways those first three are sorta his type... you can guess who they are they were mentioned in the story as this (not always though) plus MP

not really fan of "Dekotora" style and all that I prefer more slicker stuff but its probs (most likely better then before and it's not bad style per say)

While not able to copy it he was able to tap into it so that was nice... that way he can help tinker but also spend some time with her, she be needing that love, even if he doesnt know he is giving it to her
0vrLrd71 chapter 175 . 12/7/2020
isn't it longer than a minute? not ten?
0vrLrd71 chapter 174 . 12/7/2020
No Sherrel? sucks, but maybe she is tinkering? considering he did kinda expand her powers sorta
0vrLrd71 chapter 171 . 12/7/2020
Yeah... im not reading that, I saw this, thought it's not serious and then scrolled, stoped the screen and see what it read, when you mentioned "I can make copies... they are the ones with harems" yeah I didn't read it lmao
0vrLrd71 chapter 168 . 12/7/2020
"Tore out my eyes" I doubt it but would they be able to do anything with his eyes? or any organic part of him? that'll suck and I hope they can't but DC and Marvel kinda make me paranoid about that stuff

Fuck "He can use tissue samples to create his minions even from things that don't contain DNA." that's... if one of them left carrying anything containing his DNA I don't know how it'll work but thats pretty ominous if he can copy Lees powers... hopefully it doesn't work but seeing how you're escalating and all that I doubt my worry would go unfounded, though i'll be pleasantly surprised if it doesnt happen

So... everything turned to dust? I still cant discount the fact that he could have had a separate organism that wasnt connected to the hive...
0vrLrd71 chapter 167 . 12/7/2020
Eye TyrantsMany, but not all, beholders also had the capacity to use their central eye to project a field of antimagic, which canceled the effects of all supernatural abilities within a small cone of 150 feet in length.

Was that it? that's too OP

(of course I'm not saying it is that, just an analogue or something similar, though I don't get the permanent trump/shaker field...)
0vrLrd71 chapter 165 . 12/7/2020
Ziz, (I'm saying this again lmao) doesn't look as much as how she's portrayed... pretty normal lady going by her reactions lol

plus hopefully he at least keeps one feather for himself (he doesn't seem the type though) but anyways damn problem after problem huh?
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