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harripotterette chapter 48 . 10/15
Thank you
PikaMew1288 chapter 48 . 10/14
I'm surprised that after the thousands of years that Harry Potter lived, that he never thought to improve or invent a more comfortable and safer version of Apparition or even recreating Voldemort's turning into smoke and flying thing? I can see many situations where something like that would be useful. It would also make containment foam useless because you can't foam a gas. Harry knew of the existence of Phoenix based flame travel and House Elf travel so it is surprising that he never attempted to replicate it.
ABZB13 chapter 48 . 10/14

One question though- did you mean that Taylor's elbow was over her face, like she was hiding her eyes in her arm, or is that a typo and she was elbowing Harry in his face?
CMVreud chapter 48 . 10/14
Well, this get's the stone finally rollin'
I already can't wait till next weekend.
Impstar chapter 48 . 10/14
Vicky, you're a piece of shit.

Okay, that's too harsh. Vicky, you're a complete mess.

More reasonable. Vicky appears to be a walking mess of blindspots and delusions, but that she willingly subjected her own "sister" (in quotes because she's lost any right to call Amy her sister) to literal TORTURE, for a reason as stupid as the torture collar was going to be removed, is the final straw. I hope she never sees Amy again.
amberpup chapter 48 . 10/14
Another nice chapter, real happy that Paige found herself some happiness. The whole "Point Me" vs "Scrying" is kinda a joke to me since our Harry has a very old and experienced general's memories floating around in his head whom likely decided "Point Me" wasn't going to cut it in this situation. Besides that, more heroes stories have the main character upping their game as the story progresses.
Add to that, would containment foam even work on Taylor since she doesn't need to see or move to cause bug-pocalypse? I mean, its not the worst move vs Skitter but it won't be my first choice (running away would be, cus ick.. bugs). As for Panacea, I guess we should had expected Mommy-Dearest to go all crazy when the morale booster for New Wave (cus you know, free medical!) decides to go solo. Heck, it's even worst then when your average popular boy-band decides to break-up, because there isn't one of their members thinking they're on this holy quest to save all of mankind. Lets just hope Glory Girl and those above her have enough antipathy with Coil not to spill the beans about Coven healer-napping Panacea. Because while it doesn't establish Coven knows what is going-on with it's missing members, it could be enough for the paranoid. After all, Coven does have a history with Panacea and the PRT was treating her like a slave. So that, and Coven's own people future healthcare may be enough truth for Coil to stall any reshuffle of prisoners. But I doubt he even finds out, since the "good guys" have no reason to share.
D72 chapter 48 . 10/13
Er, I know for the most part it's just slobs doing their jobs, but I'm ready for the foam party fuckers to start bleeding out of their eyes when they go for the trigger.
brokenstrings001 chapter 48 . 10/13
Chapter 12. Metamorphosis 1 "Point me Tattletale" An arrow of dim purple light pointed west toward the large train yard storage area, where containers were once offloaded from shipping vessels to await transport by train around the country."

Chapter 16. Metamorphosis 5 "Harry nodded and tried to ignore the crowds around him. "Point me my staff," he whispered. He had to concentrate to limit how visible the magical line was, but he saw it pointing to an unmarked, unremarkable brownstone building across the street."

Chapter 17. Metamorphosis 6 " "Point me Dinah Alcott." A magic arrow formed over the coffee table, pointing northwest. "She's that way," Harry said helpfully. "WHEN IT COMES TIME TO FIND HER, THAT WONT BE A PROBLEM." "
So yeah, it might be fanon but you used it as such in your story. Otherwise he wouldn't find tattletale, get his staff or find Dinah Alcott. Your argument is invalid.
Blind apparition by coordinates is fanon too. ApparitionsHarry Potter Wiki
Elim Garak chapter 48 . 10/13
Fun chapter, but again there are very few descriptions. There are events, but you need to paint a picture, at least sometimes. Describe some things.

For example, what does the inside of the base look like? What color was the silk robe? What did the hospital look like? Were the national guard soldiers happy, pissed off, scared? Were there any reactions to Panacea wearing the collar? Etc.

Also, are all of the dock workers still sitting around in tents or something on the floor of the base? Did they take apartments? Were their families with them?
Gold chapter 48 . 10/13
Good chapter.
Teufel1987 chapter 48 . 10/13
I thought you knew about the point me spell but decided to ignore that titbit and go with the fanon version based on how Harry had been using the spell to find Aster.
Because if you really look at the books, you’ll also find something even more mind-blowing…
There are no wards in the Potter-verse!
Not once, in any of the seven books, is that word even mentioned.
The concept of wards is a fanon thing. In canon it’s enchantments that are placed on buildings to keep those living within them safe.
Hell, despite Hermione learning Arithmancy and runes, we don’t see her using anything from those two subjects ever except to read the runes in the book Dumbledore willed to her. So it kind of looks like Arithmancy is basically maths while runes seems to be merely a second language like someone learning Spanish or German in an English speaking country.
KPheonix chapter 48 . 10/13
Well, things have been going well so far for COven but how long until the shoe drops again? National guard to stop Amy from going anywhere? Victoria went directly for the shock collar rather than fly directly at Harry to stop him. Was that her panicking, authorial fiat, or genuine fear that the bio tinker was about to escape? Either way, that's still a dick move on Victoria's part. Despite all the intent wards that Harry can place, that still leaves Dragon to deal with. You had her find Harry in the Undersider's lair. Will she be repeating the same stunt in a future chapter? Well, they've located Lisa. That leaves Dinah, Aisha, and Missy if she ever feels like leaving the Wards at this point.

Looking forward to the confrontation with Coil and Accord. That should also include Trickster and Ballistic. I'd imagine this to be the one time Harry will break his no killing rule. An opportunity to get utterly even with Krouse for killing Marissa.
SarducarKahn chapter 48 . 10/13
I don't write reviews often enough. This story though I had to, I eagerly await every chapter and will stop what I'm doing to read it. This time when I saw the email I was half way through a chapter in another awesome fic, but I still had to come and read this first. Thanks for making every Saturday brighter.
Abudharma chapter 48 . 10/13
Thank you for the chapter. I have a question about the public and villain response to all the actions done by the PRT lately. Breaking the Endbringer Truce by the Heroes. Puting people who can kill Endbringers in the Birdcage. Helping to make a defacto slave out of possibly the most beloved Healer Cape in the World. (I assume Carol lied about the biotinker part - Panacea is a Biokinetic Striker 12) Do the general public not know about all this or something? The PRT PR machine can't be this good. Where are the torches and pitchforks? Do the villains not attend Endbringer battles anymore?
Guest chapter 48 . 10/13
Worm is already dark enough my guy you're overdoing it at this point. Tbh, everyone is such a garbage human being that I'm rooting for Scion to put them all out of their misery.
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