Reviews for The Simurgh's Son
Glrasshopper chapter 66 . 5/8
That ending was... a bit "meh". I mean, I spotted the Chekhov's gun early on as soon as you wrote it in, but it still ended a lot faster tha I thought it would.

Overall, it was a good story. Would have been better if you has kept Harry's arachnophobia, but after facing and endbringer, bugs really don't seem that scary any more. Would like to see a one shot or a two shot about Harry/Luna/Hermione being in the worm world. Also, does Taylor still have control over all those nasty, venomous, biting/stinging things?
AlphaKenny1 chapter 60 . 4/24
Beautiful story, the end was kinda meh. Please consider making a new worm story in the future please.
kewllewk chapter 12 . 4/15
Can't say I don't respect your writing preferences or anything, but I definitely prefer my fiction a lot fluffier than this, at least when it comes to viewpoint characters. I think it's because I tend to empathize a bit too much and end up feeling the suffering somewhat personally. Kind of a contradiction to complain about that when trawling worm fics, I know, but it is what it is. Your writing is excellent from what I can tell, so good luck with it, but I believe I have had about as much gritty negative realism as I can take here. Thanks for your hard work, but it seems like it's not to my tastes.
Neoacoya1 chapter 66 . 3/22
Can't say I really enjoyed the ending. Really anti-climatic. Harry summons an amalgamation of all his wives and the end game plan is to just summon God.

A lot of buildup and no finish. The literary equivalent of blue balls.

I'm just going to selectively forget that BS and pretend they had an awesome multi-dimensional battle.
JustDusty chapter 61 . 3/20
When everyone of your fucking life is just the product of someone else's machinations. Life of practically every hero in a story.
JustDusty chapter 2 . 3/20
What the fuck?
SirchSidhe chapter 66 . 2/27
It was an awesome story. Thank you for sharing it.
GODKINGASH chapter 3 . 2/24
It really is excruciating
Scorpion.Sorcerer7 chapter 66 . 2/21
Hello Darth,
Thank you for this story.
I noticed the Worm fandom thanks to you. I am a long time forever mage reader.
Thank you. It’s a thrilling ride.
Caver Floyd chapter 66 . 2/17
Some parts of this story were really good, but other parts were damn weird. The only true complaint I have though is how you made Coil kind of stupid. With Lisa under his control, he didn’t need Harry’s cape sensing power. Even more stupid though was letting people know his civvy identity. He straight up told the Travelers, and it would have been extremely difficult to keep the knowledge from Harry. Also, adopting Harry himself rather than having someone in his employ do so to keep attention off him.
Grrobot chapter 2 . 2/11
Read (and loved) this story before, and recently decided to re-read it.

I found myself confused by the following bit:
"The sun was fully over the ocean now, leaving good old England in the dark. Under this unfettered morning light he got his first good look at the new and improved New York City."

I am afraid that's not how the relative sun positions work for east-to-west transatlantic travel.
Rabbids chapter 1 . 2/5
london is not america. why is the first train of thought eidolon and legend?
kukuhimanpr chapter 5 . 2/1
dunno why, but its so hilarious to me when harry was ordered to sit down he instead carry his chair to get closer to them.
Y33t chapter 32 . 1/15
an eon is a billion years
ironhair chapter 66 . 1/4
Thank you for a other great read.
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