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GenericPjoName chapter 26 . 8/14/2020
Your reasoning for Thalia’s enslavement is still retarded. Why didn’t you make a reason that was more reasonable instead of just bad. Call it fucking magic or whatever just don’t pick something bad. Bird box never showed a monster instead of showing a disappointment.
GenericPjoName chapter 22 . 8/14/2020
This is dumb. Percy heals in water. It wouldn’t kill him nor would it mangle corpses like a herd of black market shoppers when there’s only one more microwave.
GenericPjoName chapter 17 . 8/14/2020
This is stupid. Thalia liked Aphrodite’s version of Zeus, not Aphrodite. This is a stupid excuse to get Thalia as a mindless thrall.
Dgreen20 chapter 30 . 8/11/2020
I can't begin to count the numerous fanfictions on here that start out good and end in disaster (my own being some of them admittingly), I'd be in the double digits on how many great fanfictions on here that are great from beginning to end. I can only use a single hand to count how many fanfictions on here that have made me shed tears of joy and sorrow. You, my good author, are one of the few on here that has managed to not only capture my attention but also hold it to the very end. I snuck a chapter or two in at work just to satisfy the craving to know more. The pairing is obscure but you made it flow smoothly like water in a stream. After the titan's curse arc it was non stop attention-grabbing moments from there. Well written from cover to cover, few plot holes I can find, character development is above great, and a satisfying yet sad ending. I do like how it ended and how the you managed to make the pairing work without any form of a sex scene. A rather wholesome and truly tear-jerking final chapter. You have earned every favorite this story has gotten and deserve many more.
Guest chapter 30 . 8/11/2020
I have known about this story's existence for a while now, but I never read it. Why didn't I? I can't fully explain. But now that I have read it, I can confirm that this is one of the greatest stories, fanfiction or otherwise, that I have ever read. The characters are developed beautifully and naturally, I adore Percy and Thalia's relationship, and the writing is perfect. But the ending. Oh my gods.

Spoilers for the end and the story overall, if you are reading my review and don't want it spoiled.

At first, I questioned your choice of time travel and Poseidon's death. But now I see what it all led up to. Percy needed to travel to Ancient Greece so he could see how the past intertwines with the future, and how his decisions will affect everything. Poseidon needed to die to establish that immortals can indeed die, and so Percy can become the god of the seas and gain his father's trident. The Romans needed to be introduced so that both the Greeks and Thalia can regain hope. The sword is, honestly, a very unique and interesting concept.

But now, onto the ending.

I love how this isn't just another generic Chaos fic, and that you took a risk in making it the villain. It is extremely appropriate that Chaos took over Aphrodite, symbolizing how love can be twisted and maimed beyond any human recognition, and that kind of evil love is a dangerous thing. That kind of love is exactly what Percy and Thalia have been fighting against the whole book. The fact that in the end, Percy and Thalia face Chaos together is very fitting, as it shows how they can face evil and loss, as long as they are together. In the finale, it is only right that Percy and Thalia end everything together, just as they started this journey together. I truly adored Chronos' ending monologue as he accepted his fate, and how you kept the Great Prophecy, but interpreted it to mean something else. The fact that the gods just accepted their demise is hesrtbreaking. The death of the entire Greek world left me shocked. I had never seen any author, with the possible exception of maybe a man like Stephen King, so willing to risk it all, just for a shocking and satisfying conclusion. It is safe to say that I loved it.

The Epilogue made me cry.
I am aware that nobody reading this review knows me personally, but if you did, you would know that I almost never cry. I have never cried because of a piece of art before, but now I have. Because, regardless of what others may say, this piece of literature is art.
It only makes sense that after everything they've gone through, that Percy and Thalia got the ending they deserve. Is it a happy ending? That's up to your interpretation. To me, it is bittersweet. The only story I can think of that has an ending that made me feel this many complex emotions all at once is The Dark Tower Book Seven, by Stephen King. And if I'm putting you in the same category as Stephen freakin' King, then you're doing something right.
Percy and Thalia heal from what happened to them, and they, literally and figuratively, start to rebuild. Camp Olympus is such a genius idea, I wouldn't mind if the canonical series ended that way.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. So, what would I rate this book, this experience (because that's what it truly is, an experience)? 10/10. I freaking loved it.

I know many have asked for a sequel, but I disagree. The ending is so powerful, so tear jerking that anything after would be rendered meaningless by what came before.

Honestly, the story started out a bit slow, but I assure you, it is worth it. So thank you Vontar, for being brave. For writing as you do. And thank you to anyone who has read my review. I am aware it is extremely long, and I apologize.

On a side note, I am an aspiring writer, nd recently started my own series based off of my OC's. I will definitely take some influence from this story.

Thank you, one final time, for writing this beautiful piece of art.
johnwhen chapter 1 . 8/6/2020
The first and last owner line got me thinking the author is a genius in story writing
NeoDoomBot chapter 30 . 7/13/2020
Really enjoyed this story. I got a “Wrath of the Titans“ feel with the connecting of the Big Three’s weapons, which I like. When I first got into Percy Jackson, I didn’t like any pairing of Percy other than with Annabeth. But after reading on either story and this one, Percy and Thalia being together has grown on me. Anyway, again, awesome story. Really really liked it. :)
Asmodeus Stahl chapter 30 . 6/25/2020
Second time reading this, and it's still great. I cannot help but notice the Infinity War/Endgame references that you subtly used.

The first being the flaking and dissolving into dust of the Greek Mythological creatures, as if they were snapped out of existence by Thanos.

The other being that the "epilogue" of sorts takes place in 2023, the same year as Endgame.

Once again, Great Work!

- Asmodeus Stahl
john-cena333 chapter 30 . 6/22/2020
remember-remember chapter 30 . 6/14/2020
I finished reading this story recently and I came back to post this review. Much of what I wanted to say what already said in other reviews but here it is:
I really loved it. I also just came for some Percy/Thalia pairing, and I too got so much more. I'm a sucker for romance and emotional writing, but this fic got me incredibly invested. It made me ugly cry and it made me smile. The character development was absolutely amazing. I'm a real sucker for romance and you absolutely nailed it. Integrating the storyline within the original books was well done and the story flowed nicely. I enjoyed seeing the interactions between characters and reading the fight scene. I can't say I was ready for the end. Even a week after I'm still feeling the emotional impact of it all. Thank you very much for this story.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/5/2020
Ok i can’t write a review as Good as jojo Jesus but I really want to say that this story was awesome and I had a nice Time reading it.
If anyone don’t know whether or not reading this please do this and Leave a comment to help the author.
You did truly great btw
JoJo 'Perlia' Jesus chapter 30 . 6/2/2020
This story. I came to read some Perlia. I got much more. I got drama, tragedy, hurt, happiness, humor, and an end I can never forget. But, this review is mostly for the end. It is by far, the single best ending to any story I have ever read. Be it fanfiction or published. It made me feel enough sadness to make me shed innumerable amounts of tears, yet enough happiness, contentment, and closure to keep the tears at bay. The final arc was both like I thought it would be. It just slapped me in the face. I hated it for ending everything, and I loved it for doing it in a way that gave all of the demigods something they could dream about having. A normal life. One without the gods and all of the monsters, titans, primordials, and Chaos. One where their fate is in their own hands. A life without the constant worry of an attack. A life with the freedom they fight for every day. A life they can live. Something that none of them, not even the ones in New Rome could have. A life, they deserve. I thank you. I thank you for giving them that. For letting them be normal. But for letting them remember. Remember all of their struggles, their sacrifices, and their victories. Because even without the godly world, they are all still connected by the memories they share. So once again. I thank you. I can only hope that you read this review. Keep being amazing.
JimmyHall24 chapter 5 . 4/9/2020
Aphrodite is all of those who have OTP smashed into one being.
Guest chapter 30 . 4/7/2020
Thanks you so much for this unique story... It makes me happy when someone doesn’t copy someone’s work and finishes there story. Keep up the good work
Redstoo chapter 1 . 4/5/2020
This is how the series should be, you have put Rick to shamehe suck ). Definately favorited of all time.
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