Reviews for Promptober
Green Eyed Lana Lee chapter 10 . 10/27/2017
It's a most amazing story! It's also very sad and heartbreaking! I really wished you'd finished it on a lighter note!
Green Eyed Lana Lee chapter 9 . 10/27/2017
Delightfully funny and actually quite romantic!
Green Eyed Lana Lee chapter 8 . 10/27/2017
It's adorable and hilarious!
Green Eyed Lana Lee chapter 7 . 10/27/2017
It was so sweet, then so worryingly sad and finally very happy as well as relieved!
Green Eyed Lana Lee chapter 6 . 10/27/2017
Ah, the newness and attraction of love as well as so many lovely moments!
Green Eyed Lana Lee chapter 4 . 10/27/2017
I smiled from beginning to end of this metamorphic tale!
Green Eyed Lana Lee chapter 3 . 10/27/2017
I thought Draco cooking a pie from scratch the muggle way was so sweet of him to only learn his mother-in-law cheated was hilarious! I was glad he finally convinced Hermione of his efforts and the shared the pie!
Green Eyed Lana Lee chapter 2 . 10/27/2017
I could picture the boys all gathered around the kitchen table eating sweets, making a mess and arguing until Hermione comes into the kitchen and Draco complains to break up the party, cleanup the mess so he could use mint chocolate the ravish Hermione!
Green Eyed Lana Lee chapter 1 . 10/27/2017
It was a beautifully described fall day and his proposal was as perfect as Hermione saying yes!
Green Eyed Lana Lee chapter 5 . 10/27/2017
It's such a sweet and beautiful chapter and lovely dedication to Tom Petty, an amazing musician!

I think you should send it to his daughters!
Trinkisme chapter 10 . 10/26/2017
The ending surprised me, but I really liked it. It was mysterious, loving, creepy and supernatural. Very much fitting with Halloween. Love you, D!
PS: Crusher could have told Hermione, couldn't she? LOL
pinkypinkypinky chapter 10 . 10/26/2017
I loved them all, the feels though like omg lol. Great job! :)
Trinkisme chapter 9 . 10/12/2017
Oh my...Hermione walked right into that one. Their sexual tension finally exploded into understanding. Good. Now they can really date, fall in love, get married and start having those adorable Malfoy babies!
Trinkisme chapter 8 . 10/10/2017
LOL! Poor Draco. This was cute. The last part of it was hilarious! I love it and love you, dear girl!
emmaswift13 chapter 1 . 10/9/2017
I love these one shots they’re so cute
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