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infiniteshadow72 chapter 1 . 1/10
You know, I read through the wiki and I must ask... is the Azure and the root going to be the same thing in this fic? Because when you compare the two side by side, the similaraties are rediculous in a few ways.
Thunder Dragon chapter 2 . 12/4/2017
Here is part two. Are you ready?

Reasons for why each of the powers of the BlazeBlue cast fit the characters part 5: Carl. Carl using Materia as means to cast spells independently without Siether and being a Black Mage would cover his weakness of relying to heavily on Ada in battle while fitting him being an intellectual. Also Carl using Mako to power Nirvana see my reason for Bullet's weapon. It would also give Carl the eventual drive to be a better man than his father Relius when getting stronger with his Black Mage powers and him understanding that he is not getting his sister or mother back as they once were and he cannot rely on Nirvana forever so he has to be his own man but still honoring what he lost but searching for something better for himself and trying to live well instead of going after revenge as that will destroy him and even if he gets vengeance he will have nothing left to strive for as he obsessed over it so much that it became his reason for living.

Reasons for why each of the powers of the BlazeBlue cast fit the characters part 6: Ragna. Ragna still having his canon powers such as the BlazeBlue fits as he is the one will need the therapy the most as he has suffered the most and his powers would serve to remind him of what he fought for and what he lost in his own world but eventually how far he has come as he develops. Also Ragna having Mako and A class Soldier Cells and helping the members of Avalanche and assimilating Materia into his body to cast magic permanently would help him hold his own against Sephiroth and keep up with Cloud. For Ragna's character it would also symbolize his entire character arc such as him suffering both the loss of his home, his previous identity, his entire world, but also that he along with the entire BlazeBlue side of the cast are healing and moving on with their lives and accepting their past and the possibilities of a new life in Gaia at the end of their journey. For Ragna specifically it would symbolize his character and growth with his old watered down Azure Grimore and Black Beast powers with the Idea Engine and his new mastered powers, symbolizing his past and how far he has come as a person. Think about this for a moment, in BlazeBlue cannon originally Ragna was taking and fighting for selfish reasons but as he developed through the series he is now fighting to protect his second chance and find redemption for himself and forgiveness while doing the right thing even if he is going to get a bad rep. You can do the same kind of development for Ragna with a FF7 coat of paint but with him conquering the Black Beast inside him symbolizing the whole crossover and the entire adventure and as we now have a man who has faced and conquered his demons and is ready for his second chance at a new life.

Why 100% completion for Materia and Powers for the cast: Three words...Closure and growth. As each of the cast gain and master their new powers to 100% completion in terms of FF7's game play it also symbolizes that all are heroes have faced their demons and have grown stronger both physically and spiritually and become true heroes.
Thunder Dragon chapter 2 . 12/4/2017
Oh this is going to be funny! I hope to see more! Now seeing as you are such a BlazeBlue Fan I have a challenge for you that I think is just perfect. It is a BlazeBlue and Final Fantasy 7 crossover. I would post it myself but for some reason I cannot officially join the site so if you cannot do it yourself that is fine but please post it exactly as it is at the very least or put it in your profile.

Crossover Challenge part 1: Ragna's arrival on Gaia. Ragna after fighting against Nu 13 in ChronoPhantasma's ending is ambushed by Hades Izanami and Nine the Phantom and is dropped into the Boundary, but instead of dying or going mad he is transported to Gaia by the Summons whom are basically the Gods of the Final Fantasy Universe in my mind. Ragna distraught that he has failed to save his home and loved ones a second time falls into a deep depression and rages against Shinra after being captured and experimented on by said group and falls back into his old self during BlazeBlue Calamity Trigger. He is eventually recruited into Avalanche by Barrett after hearing of his exploits against Shinra as it is so much like the NOL to Ragna's view and tags along with the group and he eventually meets up with Cloud and Tifa when they join Avalanche. When the Sector Seven Plate falls Ragna and the gang goes after Sephiroth, Ragna eventually reunites with some of the BlazeBlue cast who were transported to Gaia when Izanami finally won and destroyed the Master Unit due to space time being twisted to it's limits like putty these character are transported to Gaia as well. These survivors are: 1. Bullet. 2. Noel. 3. Bang Shishigami who is now living in Wutai with Yuffie and her crew 4. Taokaka and the Kaka clan who are also now living in Wutai 5. Litchi Faye Ling. 6. Carl Clover. You can implement more BlazeBlue characters as side characters or antagonists, but the six BlazeBlue characters mentioned have to be the main characters for the BlazeBlue side of the crossover.

Crossover Challenge Part 2: Ragna and the BlazeBlue cast's new powers. Due to Seither not existing in Gaia, Ragna and the BlazeBlue Survivors needs some new powers to hold their own against some of the big dogs. Ragna can still use his canon powers such as the BlazeBlue but it is not as powerful as it was in The BlazeBlue World. So Ragna has to use Mako along with his now limited cannon powers due to his new environment. When Ragna was transported to Gaia he was captured and experimented on by Shinra and was given A Class Jenova cells and Mako energy enhancements being pumped into his body, after breaking out of his prison Ragna must eventually assimilate some Materia into his body to cast magic permanently along with his watered down Azure and Black Beast powers along with the Idea Engine. Tao has to rely on her own natural strenght and be something like a Monk, same with Litchi using her staff as a regular staff but can use healing abilities and be like a Medic, Monk and White Mage. Bullet's weapon now runs on Mako energy and she has B class Jenova Cells, Carl has to use Materia as means to cast spells independently and use Mako to power Nirvana. Bang is like a thief and monk mixed together. Noel can still use her cannon powers and her Kusanagi Form but that form has a time limit of 10 minutes now, but she becomes a black mage when getting to Gaia and she can also assimilate Materia to permanently cast spells and is also like a Summoner.

Crossover Challenge Part 3: Parings. You can do what you want with the relationships and parings so long as it fits their cannon characters and development when following the FF7 themes and storyline. For example Yuffie could possibly fall for Carl, Bullet can either be with Seng the leader of the Turks or be with Barrett, and maybe Ragna or Bang. Bang can either be with Litchi or Bullet, Tifa and Cloud are definitely going to hookup. Noel can get with Ragna or maybe some of the other members of the FF7 cast. For Vincent I cannot think of a paring and the same with Cid(maybe Cid and Kokonoe could hookup and Kokonoe could come to terms with the abilities she inherited from her parents like learning how to be a Black Mage and striving to surpass Nine at her own game). Maybe you will surprise me and bring in some more members of the BlazeBlue series for love as love is a great way to heal from psychological wounds provided they do not hog the spotlight from the main BlazeBlue Six Heroes and work as supporting cast members so long as it fits their characters and does not diminish their characters.

Crossover Challenge Part 4: Plot and the stories themes. The main themes of Final Fantasy Seven are loss and identity and what I expect to happen is each of the cast to go through those theme and how to get over loss and realize who and what they are now and what they have. For the cannon Final Fantasy 7 crew they have to go through all the arcs and side quests that allowed their character's to grow, get all the Master Materia, Summons, Basically what happens when you 100% the game for the Final Fantasy 7 crew.(See The Completionist's Final Fantasy Seven month YouTube videos)For the BlazeBlue Cast they have to come to terms with their own pasts and try to gain some closure from what happened to each of them, accept the fact that their world ended, go through original arcs to try and deal with their problems, and find some measure of peace at the end of each of their respective arcs and try to find a new purpose in Gaia, or join Avalanche in hunting Sephiroth to save the planet. Who joins and who find's a new purpose is up to you but the characters have to be well in character and develop in a believable way that's following the cannon themes of the Final Fantasy 7. The themes of loss, identity, healing, letting go, change, acceptance, and finding a new purpose and being reborn in a spiritual sense. This should happen when going down the FF7 storyline with both Avalanche and the BlazeBlue characters with the BlazeBlue cast going through some original arcs to develop the characters on the BlazeBlue part of the crossover so they do not go evil as they all have some serious demons just like the FF7 cast. Here are my reasons for new powers for the BlazeBlue cast. With the BlazeBlue characters new Final Fantasy powers being mixed with their old ones you can balance both in away that would fit the characters original skill set but not make them to OP when they get the powers of those FF classes while those powers would fit their characters and development and maybe set up a blueprint for the challenge and the characters development.

Reasons for why each of the powers of the BlazeBlue cast fit the characters part 1: Bullet's powers and character. Bullet is in my mind something similar to a Turk and SOLDIER in FF7 terms so her getting B class Soldier Cells and Mako to power her Ars Armagus in place of Seither is logical as almost everything in Gaia is powered by Mako, while she may not find out the entire truth of what happened to her squad or find the sole survivor of that tragic mission she can use that as fuel to make sure that will not happen again and that she has changed for originally the worst when entering Gaia but can change for the better while honoring what she lost but not letting it permanently define her and working her sexy butt off to make it happen.

Reasons for why each of the powers of the BlazeBlue cast fit the characters part 2: Bang's powers and character. Bang is a Ninja, so him fighting like a Monk and Thief would fit as thieves and ninja's are speedy but Monks have Martial arts know how just like a actual ninja. This would fit Bang due to his heritage and backstory by honoring what he has lost but still moving forward to what he can find on Gaia and living life according to his code but hoping for the future.

Reasons for why each of the powers of the BlazeBlue cast fit the characters part 3. Noel's powers and character. With Noel having her cannon powers and her Kusanagi Form she is not a god but has a connection to divinity and with becoming a Summoner she has a stronger connection to the Divine(which in my mind the Summons are the Gods of the Final Fantasy universe)like how she is linked to the Master Unit. The Black Mage powers would fit as she is hated due to what she can do like how those who practiced magic or followed the old religions are seen as freaks by the Christian faith and due to how people treated the Prime Field Boundary Devices(see Lamda and Nu 13's backstory)this would fit Noel. Noel mastering these powers would suit her character as she has finally and completely come to terms of who and what she is but can become better than what was originally intended for her life and now has the power to make her own choices for her future.

Reasons for why each of the powers of the BlazeBlue cast fit the characters part 4: Litchi using her staff as a regular staff but can use healing abilities and be like a Monk and White Mage would fit her as she is a medic who does care for others lives and as she practices martial arts. Her becoming a Monk would fit her martial art skills and being a White Mage would fit her doctor occupation and motif. Litchi's development can center around her feeling about failing to save Lotte Carmine and coming to terms with her mistakes when working for the N.O.L in Continuum Shift and ChronoPhantasma but is now striving to save those she can instead of those she cannot and is no longer living like she is dead or burdened with guilt for something she did not do or was unable to do.

This is a pretty big challenge so I am going to have to send to you the second half.
Yasu chapter 2 . 10/18/2017
Hi. Read your first two chapters. I'm a huge Tamamo fan so I'm ecstatic to read more of your work!

The core of Tamamo's personality is that she's a lot more than she appears. I'd say keep in mind 3 layers

1) a cute, foxy Servant that enjoys being hyper, fun, and energetic

2) a devious and somewhat scary person who's definitely capable of some dark things

3) a tragic person who regrets her past and genuinely loves her Master and is fiercely loyal.

CCC has a scene between Karna and Tamamo where Karna reads her like a book and sums up her nature pretty well.

The hard part is balancing all sides of her, because they're all part of what makes her character so appealing. But I'd say you're doing a solid job so far.

Ragna is pretty good, but since this takes place after CF, he should be less belliegerent. While he'll definitely get worked up when someone pisses him off, he's a lot more calm and smooth compared to CT. He also managed to reconcile with Jin and reunite with Saya (Noel...sorta), so that trauma is somewhat healed. Just keep that in mind when writing.

Also, congrats on finding a beta. If you're bad at grammar, make sure to write two drafts: one where you just go at it; another where you reread the first and rewrite it so as to clear the major spelling and grammar mistakes. It helps a lot and puts less stress on your beta.

Also, make sure to outline the chapter. Remember that more words don't make a story better, just bigger. Make sure that dialogue, narrative, and actions are meaningful or you'll lose track of the story.

Other than that, good job. Hope to see more of this!
Lovnag chapter 2 . 10/17/2017
Azure Legacy chapter 2 . 10/9/2017
Awesome chapter, I like how Tamamo tricks Ragna into kissing her, although I always thought that if Ragna had a servant it would be Mordred then Tamamo, or maybe an Avenger class servant, but still. Again love the chapter.

Miner complaint is that Ragna's swears a lot more than he did in the last game. Seeing that he's come down a bit, also he never dropped the F bomb.

Also Shadowedge27, first big fan, but how is Ragna Amaterasu's nephew and grandson? Also how is he his own grandfather. I just want to know how you found that, because I never heard anything remotely like that. But if we're going to the subject of crazy family, then we should include the fact that Yuuki Terumi, is the Susanoo, he's just a much of a brother to Amaterasu as Ragna and Jin/Hakuman are. In fact Yuuki Terumi is like another extension to the insane family tree that Ragna has.
shadowedge27 chapter 2 . 10/6/2017
If you're waiting for an update you might have to wait a week or two since I got exams:( As for the story itself I dont see any errors in term of grammar or spelling also its good to see that you showed some of casters true side (peoples tend to forget her alinment is neutral evil for a reason since she looks and acts so... nice) Also funny thing about this is that Ragna is technicly Ameteratsu's brother, nephew and grandson all at the same time when you think about his family. On that note, Ragna's grandfather is also... Ragna. I also like the fact that he finaly contracted with Tomamo but he isnt a proper mage and caster wasnt summoned using Chaldea's system so how is he going to replenish her mana? Unless... The strength of Ragna's soul is powerful enough to bypass such needs. The guys soul is strong enough to fight Terumi in the boundary while peoples with soul powerful enough to have a drive (like Lotte) got their soul messed up from touching it. And... will you give him a drive? Soul Eater turned out to be a 'fake' drive granted to him when he put the Azure Grimmore, not his natural drive if he unlock it with his powerful soul, something that he can do since even among drive possesers his soul stands head and shoulders above them. That would be a good way to put him toe to toe with servants when the time arises but for now I agree, if you made him go full power at the beginning it might ruin the story. All in all I like where the story is heading, you're writing is so much better than mine and as far as I'm concern Tomamo is somewhat in character but I dont really know her aside from wiki. But... Ragna seems to be acting like his CT or CS counterpart. End game Ragna is actually much friendlier shown when he was willing to talk and travel with Bang in CF but in CT or CS he would try to run or hold back an urge to beat Bang to a pulp everytime he opens his mouth. That however is something easily fixabel so I'm not really concern about that. I wish you goodluck on your writing and I can't wait to see more. I'm kind of happy a story like this is made since I just started playing fate go.
Dill chapter 2 . 10/6/2017
I feel you're making Ragna swear too much, (This is a pretty common problem I see on fanfics) he's foul mouthed for sure and has a short temper but I'm pretty sure the most he ever said was like either "shit" or "hell" but never the f word in the english dub. In the Japanese dub his swearing wasn't as frequent or heavy like "fuck" as you depicted him either. Ragna also tends to play the straight man in a comedic situation or when he's being messed around with, rather than swearing.
And I'm pretty sure he's matured a bit after central fiction so maybe try to lighten and lessen the swearing if you can.

Other than that, your story seems to be quite interesting so far! Your Tamamo doesn't seem that OC to me right now. The pacing does seem to be a little fast though, I recommend you to focus on Tamamo and Ragna's interactions more. Some trivia here, in the games Tamamo appears in, she's often shown getting along with Karna (you know what I'm getting at) due to them both being sun deities and having a harsh past. Ragna on the other hand is similar to her in the tragic past and being treated as an anti-hero/monster/villain departments. So the two of them as a combo is quite interesting.

Though in the end it is your fanfic so write at your own pace, anyways good luck!
Guest chapter 2 . 10/6/2017
Can you make there the male Hakuno with Saber Nero too?
Dread Grim Reaper chapter 2 . 10/6/2017
"You can't escape from crossing fate, Ragna~"
ArcherShirou chapter 2 . 10/6/2017
now the explanations that were missing were given.

also Ragna should not possess magical circuits, which means that there is only to recover energy from Tamamo is this (or something she preferred to avoid)

well you're a lucky bastard Ragna ... this is also likely to be his first time, he did not have much time to develop a romantic relationship in the past.

even though Ragna had many options (though most were his sister or her clones ...)

Is it possible for Ragna to regain his powers? although once recovered only the final boss (for now in history) and servants like Gilgamesh would be a real fight.
The A-Demonbane chapter 2 . 10/6/2017
Well in regards to Ragna's powers, I do think you should keep them, after all it's not the first time a Caster with no physical defences has teamed up with someone who was more physically capable, besides Ragna's powers are not that deal breaking here and it would be a nice combination considering Tamamo's more varied arsenal at the expense of martial prowess
Bunny153539 chapter 2 . 10/6/2017
LOL, she lied about needing to Kiss him :D
Existential ERROR chapter 2 . 10/6/2017
I feel that I have to ask why Tamamo ?, I'm not criticizing, I'm just curious why, I can think of some servants who would have a good interaction with Ragna, Mordred being the easiest to think she'll be annoying Ragna and the other people will have to keep holding them so they are not in the throats of each other and just like Mordred (at least Nasuverse Mordred's version is) Ragna is also a homunculus (in the BlazBlue wiki in Ragna's page it says that the race it's Artificial human) so they have a common ground, plus a question will Ragna interact with the FGO Protagonist?
black sun 123 chapter 2 . 10/6/2017
Nice chapter. Well ragna is tamano master well this is going to be entertained and know his luck his pian amd miser will be then for our entertainment.
See you next chapter!
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