Reviews for War Bride
Hollowg1rl chapter 14 . 13h
Oh this was sweet and sad! I love it!
skyeryder01 chapter 14 . 11/20
Oh the feels! Excuse me while I go cry in the corner. Great chapter! I can't wait for more and for Rabastan and Draco to return.
Rlkotatis chapter 14 . 11/20
Honestly my heart. I’m so invested in this fic it’s crazy. Can’t wait to see when she’s finnalllyyyyy back with rabastan and does Draco end up marrying pansy? I’m just so curious to see how everything works out ugh I can’t wait !
Danikae chapter 14 . 11/20
I think the Weasley's use Hermione's ignorance against her though they might love her I think if you really had someone's best interest at heart you would give information to a girl who didn't know about the magical world till age 11 they seem to do the same with Harry keeping them ignorant.
Guest chapter 13 . 11/20
So sad.
chefke chapter 14 . 11/20
crying to myself...
ph.pac chapter 14 . 11/20
Poor Hermione... she is alone in a crowd of Dunderheads! Thank goodness for Molly.
I am curious to see what is going on with Malfoy & when Rabastan fits back into the story.
Love seeing the update notification!
Alytiger chapter 14 . 11/20
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww noooooooooooo my heart
pgoodrichboggs chapter 14 . 11/20
Poor Hermione she really wanted her daughter. I hope she thinks about marrying Draco and Rabastan again as then she could have another child and they of course would love her. Great chapter.
aaronlisa chapter 14 . 11/20
Poor Hermione. I just want to hug her. I hope she reaches out to Rabastan soon as I think he can help her recover.
riverDraconis chapter 14 . 11/20
Hi...I just wanted to say that I am finding the story a bit disjointed. The synopsis said it to something different from where the plotline is at the moment.
Then again that is just my view. Please take it in a positive way.
vickety chapter 14 . 11/20
This brought tears to my eyes. She doesn't even understand how miserable she is.
Thanks for a great chapter.
Carly ark chapter 14 . 11/20
Ugh I just love this story! Awesome update!
lelizabeth79 chapter 14 . 11/20
I can’t begin to imagine what it must feel like to lose a child. You are doing a wonderful job of portraying this difficult situation.
RainbowJH chapter 14 . 11/20
I'm really glad to see how you're portraying what losing a child does to a mother. I hate it that Ron and Harry and Ginny are so oblivious to this, hope one of them realises this soon. And losing both a child and parents one after the other is such a big blow. You've done a great job, keep it up! I love it that she's not miraculously moving on or something and we can see her inner turmoil.
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