Reviews for War Bride
brume42 chapter 32 . 10/8
Really beautiful
xThe Tankx chapter 2 . 10/3
Lady Meropa chapter 32 . 9/27
Hey. I love this story. It's tender and tragic and romantic and beautiful. I've never read this pairing before and I thought you wrote it so well.
Hermione finding her parents in Australia was completely heartbreaking. Rabastan and Hermione losing their child and then being uncertain with how to handle their own grief was moving and painful and very true. The bit where he took the necklace back was especially sad. I loved the later romance between Draco and Hermione and the slow addition of Rab to that mix. And I love that Hermione gets the badass career she deserves. Our Hermione changes the world! And Narcissa was wonderful and the romance with Ron felt just right. And... I could go on and on, but I basically the whole fic really resonated with me.
Thank you so much for writing this story and sharing your talent and hard work.
sherriithewriter chapter 32 . 9/7
What a lovely story. I enjoyed it all of the way, especially the characters of Rabastan and Leon. Great writing.
Jemennuie chapter 1 . 9/6
Interesting start! Rabastan is super devious/Slytherin in this, and I like your description of him and how his "request" of Hermione sounds kinda simple to start with but then it has all of these additional legal ramifications which he didn't feel the need to explicitly state.
K1P1 chapter 32 . 9/6
Loved this story!
JacqP chapter 1 . 8/19
Loved it!
Emily chapter 32 . 8/14
Loved this story! It was fantastic!
chibi-Clar chapter 32 . 7/26
This story was totally awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us!
chibi-Clar chapter 26 . 7/26

I also think that the Bas’s house arrest is almost over
Khyharah chapter 32 . 7/22
For some reason my reviews are not always posting when I do it from the app on my kindle. SIGH! Anywho, this was an amazing story. All the angst and happiness and garsh don smuttiness was so wonderfully written. I appreciate flawed characters ya know? Bad stuff happens and it's not always easy to deal with. People don't just "get over it" and need help. This was great expression of a a strong character showing her vulnerability and getting the assistance and needs to makes a better life for herself and others around her. I'm glad it worked for Rabastan as well. definitely a character not explored often. Excellent work love.
Cid62 chapter 32 . 7/20
This was a very enjoyable fic, which I binged. I loved portrait!Severus especially. Thank you!
FreyaWrackspurt chapter 32 . 7/8
Sweet ending to a lovely story. Thank you for sharing!
FreyaWrackspurt chapter 21 . 7/7
That was about the nicest breakup ever. I really like that you don't feel the need to make Ron into a villain just because he's not the endgame.
FreyaWrackspurt chapter 18 . 7/7
Loved that there's a bit of Ron in there too
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