Reviews for The Parselmouth of Gryffindor
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 81 . 11/17
Well there will be war alright! No reasoning with them!
Arya-dragonlover chapter 23 . 11/8
I really like your story, but I feel the need to point out that what you have is a treatment, not a cure for lycanthropy. It does not ride the patient of the disease, only manages the symptoms. If they stop using it, the lycanthropy returns. (thus treatment, not cure). I will say that it is quite an inventive treatment.
Antigone chapter 1 . 10/12
This fan fiction is at best average and unremarkable. The characters are OOC, Hermione is smug, twee and uninteresting, and the plot is just a desperate attempt at tropes more interesting fan fictions have used.
Vendetta chapter 1 . 10/12
I have to say, this story is a diverting and fun read. Your introduction, however, is complacent and far too lengthy. You seem to act as though your decision to do a more realistic Hermione entails you to superiority over other authors, whereas this fan fiction is, at best, mildly cute. Please stop with your smug attitude and work on your actual writing.
Count Jim 'tribbles' Moriarty chapter 77 . 9/29
So, Achille Talon is just a pun to you? Kinda sad if it isn't a reference to that French comedy comic strip Achille Talon...
Aetherium21 chapter 66 . 9/13
Hahaha this story is fantastic
EVA-Saiyajin chapter 20 . 9/10
She really shouldn’t have let him go like that. Attempted murder is serious, and so is she.
AnnaOxford chapter 16 . 8/29
I love sneaky Hermione, but I find it hard to believe that Dumbledore needs the help of a second year to play politics... It especially doesn’t make sense because Dumbledore likes his secrets, he prefers to take all the decisions himself
AnnaOxford chapter 14 . 8/29
Love teacher Hermione!
AnnaOxford chapter 13 . 8/29
Dun dun duuuuun
AnnaOxford chapter 11 . 8/29
Awww, Boggy 3
AnnaOxford chapter 10 . 8/29
Lol, I found Max so annoying at first but the fact that he’s actually teaching them endeared me.

Also, the boggart awwww
AnnaOxford chapter 9 . 8/29
OMG, your Dumbledore cracks me up xD
AnnaOxford chapter 8 . 8/29
Fun challenges, good job!
AnnaOxford chapter 7 . 8/29
I’m confused, Hermione’s pseudonym was Hermia for the Riddle Diary; not Sally? Or did I miss something?
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