Reviews for Building Ithilien
Wagthedog chapter 55 . 6/27
Oh fantastic! I just treasured the whole thing, and haven't read another like it! Thank you so much for hanging in there and finishing it, I am one grateful reader!
Wagthedog chapter 43 . 6/27
The quiet discussion between Eledhel and Estel about Legolas and Miredhel was really beautiful. You have an unending command of characterization and dialogue that is mind-blowing. Just saying. :)

I'm really starting to despise The elf captain from Eryn Lasgalen.
Wagthedog chapter 36 . 6/27
Told you I'd be up all night reading this story. :) (I did pass out for a little while as my meds kicked in though) just could'nt pass up leaving a review after your interesting requests for reviews at the end of this chapter.

"If you (insert verb of your choice) this chapter, please leave a review."


The guy Aragorn picked up to "answer the door" at the citadel is a real creep. They should lose him fast for not admitting one of the Nine Walkers immediately!
Wagthedog chapter 32 . 6/26
So as the elves think about riding into the Emyn Muil and leaving Farothin behind my heart sinks...I think I know what's driving the orcs now, but I'm not gonna say it...something fell still lurks.

Awesome chapters, the intensity just keeps on going. I suppose I'll be up all night cause I can't put this down, and I seem chatty today. :) either that or I'll just pass out at some point, but don't tell Legolas that I passed out, we'll have to keep that a secret. LOL
Wagthedog chapter 30 . 6/26
Okay, so you tricked me again, I really thought Legolas was hugging his sister last chapter, but you had me believing that his girlfriend was following them. Sneaky writer. :)

Another tense chapter, but you're a great writer and I feel like I am experiencing things with the characters. Moving on, talk to you soon!
Wagthedog chapter 29 . 6/26
Battle scene was awesome, and I had absolutely no idea who was following them on the lone horse. Good plot magic!
Wagthedog chapter 25 . 6/26
Okay so, first an apology for getting this far into another of your stories and waiting this long to say something since I'm already a fan...but really loving this too.

It's much different than Kingsfoil, and I have to admit that I'm not as much a fan of Legolas as I am of Thranduil, but I love a good drawn out love story ( which is what I'm hoping Kingsfoil will be as well; it is so far *grin*)

This one has certainly also had me at the edge of my seat; very much angst, and a touch of good old horror thrown in at times.

I'm sorry I'm not so good at writing reviews all the time, but I just want to say again how much I appreciate the effort you have put into writing. I'm sick much of the time and often can just read, but sometimes I am clear enough to come out with a few good sentences about my appreciation. :-)
leo chapter 18 . 6/19
U disappointed me from tge whole dragon killing wasnt what i had expected!LEGOLAS wasn't himself & isn't in the whole story.u'v made another character urself & with the things happend by now i don't know if i will continue to read
Montara chapter 55 . 6/7
Miredhel is pregant! :) And Legolas was very busy braiding daisy chains for Miredhel's hair :)))

Can't believe your wonderful story came to its end :(

It was such a joy to read it! You are a very talented writer!

Thank you so much for sharing it with us! And for replying to my reviews! And now, back to Kingsfoil! Can't wait to read more! :D
respectleggy chapter 55 . 6/6
Just wanted to leave a note here for the author of this gorgeously written Legolas story "Building Ithilien" that develops his character so beautifully & leaves the readers hearts so warm. Am very late watching the LOTR series on film, only just having done so this year (2015) although I've read the Tolkien books before; and I want to say that the author has created an extraordinary work of Legolas fiction here that entirely captures the true essence of the spirit of the characters from the film, still set in Middle Earth but written in contemporary style. One can literally imagine the actors from the film acting out this "Building Ithilien" story as its own mini film, it is really that good. And the story is entirely plausible & can fit into whatever known facts of what happened to Legolas post destruction of the ring. It's a Legolas story that Tolkein himself would be proud of, I do believe. Bravo to you, the amazingly talented author who put so much time & effort to produce such excellent work. My thanks & utmost respect.
Montara chapter 54 . 6/3
Finally, their bond is complete!

I like your version of how elf relationships work...they can have sex without bonding if they want and then, if they think that elf is their ONE, and only then, they bond and can only be with that person! :)
Montara chapter 53 . 6/3
Well, she's right in demanding to help him when in need! That's when it most counts, when you're down!
Montara chapter 52 . 6/2
Well, it wasn't Miredhel who killed him but close enough.

I can't blame Legolas for killing him even though, if he really wanted and being so skilled in combat, he could have incapacitated him at the last moment. After all, Adrendil's opinion of not going back to be judged by Thranduil shouldn't have mattered!

But, what sealed his fate was his last attack upon Legolas...I was too much for Legolas to endure from this elf who did so much damage!

Another enemy Legolas should still have his banquet, after all, he bravely fought his enemy, protecting his love from the bad guy :)

Loved the way you described the fight! :D
Montara chapter 51 . 6/2
Hope she'll be the one who will avenge her brother and not someone else! He knew they needed those arrows and he did nothing but hide them! So many people could have been saved from the dragon!
Montara chapter 50 . 6/2
I forgot to congratulate you on your twins birthday that you mentioned in the last chapter and to wish them a belatedly Happy Birthday :)

Their bond is so strong :D So glad they're now ok!
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