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mew21 chapter 33 . 21h
it was sad but good as well
mew21 chapter 32 . 21h
not cooool, now im scared lol
mew21 chapter 30 . 21h
very very good, much more than like :)
mew21 chapter 24 . 5/3
Mmmm it delivered and made me happy haha
mew21 chapter 20 . 5/3
loved this chapter
mew21 chapter 15 . 5/3
Scary, but good
mew21 chapter 11 . 5/3
ahhhh miscommunication is within even elves :)
mew21 chapter 9 . 5/3
yay _ I like her
mew21 chapter 1 . 5/3
confused but enthralled
BirdA chapter 55 . 3/22
I just recently discovered FF and decided to read this while I "patiently" wait for the update for Kingsfoil which I'm very much hooked on. As soon as I started this BOOM, hooked again. It was very good! It does however hurt my heart that it took you 8 years to pen this. I think it may kill me to wait that long for the other stories to develop. It's too good and I have no patience. Thank you very much for such a good read!
Raider-K chapter 1 . 3/13
Dear Lthien,
I don't know if this is you or not, but I recently received a review on my story Building Ithilien from a Lthien, but it wasn't a signed review-well aside from being signed 'Lthien'. Still, I thought that I would take the chance to thank you if I could. I always like to take the time to PM my readers; it's one of the parts of the FF community that I enjoy the most.

I really appreciate all the feedback you gave me about my story. Your later review apologized for being too harsh, but I don't necessarily agree. Your critique was really just. You obviously enjoyed my story and then took the time to give some very valid criticism. I agree with everything you wrote. Building Ithilien was my first story to write EVER- twelve years and 300,000 something words ago- and so naturally I learned a lot of valuable lessons about characterization and plot development along the way. Writing is a process! ;)

Lthien chapter 55 . 3/13
I just re-read my review...yeesh, I did not mean to be so harsh! Let me just reiterate that I enjoyed your story immensely and you wrote it more beautifully than I could ever. Sorry I came across so...uh, bluntly. Now after reflecting on the story a bit, I realize that it was better than at first I had perceived. Again, I apologize for being so harsh; I really loved loved love the story! Keep on writing I look forward to your stories! -Lúthien of Elwë's house
Lthien chapter 55 . 3/13
I have greatly appreciated your story and I wonder at your advanced knowledge of the source material, but also at your skill in weaving it into the story so flawlessly! Your characters are extremely well developed, especially Miredhel who seemed just shrewish at the beginning, but after hearing her backstory, I genuinely understand her. Normally reading a fanfic about my soulmate (Legolas) falling in love with another elf would make me sick, but I was really rooting for them. While reading I was shocked to see myself actually smile and laugh out loud! Especially at the point when Miredhel wraps her arms around Legolas while on horseback and the prince remarks how it feels better than when Gimli does it! I was laughing and smiling outwardly which is something I don't do much when reading stories. I also enjoyed the constant conflict which I notice is a problem with many other fan writers-the lack of conflict, actually. Your story however had me on my toes at any given time, unable to stop reading. I have always longed for more information on my favorite LOTR character and now I feel you have supplemented it for me. I know this comment is a late arrival, what with your story already being complete and all, but if I may be so bold as to propose a few suggestions applicable to future writings? While as I mentioned before, you do seem to have remarkable knowledge of the source material, some of the details about elves and their habits did throw me off though, for example I don't believe they sleep often, though in the story it seemed they had regular rest patterns. Also when elves...make love...they ALWAYS wait until marriage as far as I know. Also, it was a wee bit predictable as they set off for Mirkwood, I knew as soon as the dragon appeared and Legolas' arrows didn't work that Miredhel would slay the dragon with Galadriel's arrows. I also a felt that while their relationship-Miredhel and Legolas I mean-was slow, It seemed like the start of a roller coaster. It was very slow to get to the top, but once they even had the slightest notion that they could have a romantic relationship, it just went very fast! One night Legolas was just trying to gain her trust, and the next they were kissing and dancing...I think it was a bit too sudden for me. I really regret to say this, but I absolutely despised the part when Legolas and Miredhel ahem...made love. I really admired how you seemed to understand Tolkein's writing style throughout, but I would wager Tolkein wouldn't dream of putting a scene so...risqué, if you will, into a story. I don't mean to be too harsh, but that kind of ruined the story for me. I wish there was less kissing and physical affectionate perhaps more deep conversation. I noticed Anglachur the Black sounded striking similar to another famous dragon...I also noticed that in chapter 43 while recapping the past events you actually slipped up and said Ancalagan! I also noticed how Miredhel's eyes shifted from hazel to dark forest green...I don't mean to be too picky, but I am trying to be constructive! You've really inspired me to dig deeper into the lives of my favorite characters, and please continue writing fanfiction, it is a joy for me to read and I really hope to follow future stories of yours! -Lúthien of Elwë's House
mimi70 chapter 55 . 3/12
Hi ! :) I don't know if La Plume d'Elena told you about me, but I help her to translate your story, and I am so glad to do this !
We only are at chapter 8, and I realised that I just could not wait to read each chapter one by one while translating it, and I just deep myself into your strory for a week and a half, and I just couldn't stop reading it !
I now truely understand why she choose to translate this story and not another one, it's simply awesome, and I can't wait for the French fandom to discover everything !
I'd like to say so many things about Legolas, Miredhel, Eledhel, Sulindal, Beregil and that damn bastard, but I'm afraid my not so great English would not allow me to truely express what I think and how I feel. I'd just say again that I'm really happy to be part of this translation, and that your story is absolutely amazing.
Thanks for the good moments it brought me, and sorry for the many mistakes I've made, I'm sure there is lot of them ! x)
Bye ! :)
Amsim chapter 55 . 3/7
All in all, a very good s 9tory. I read your comment reply to my review and yes I definitely understand, you learn as you write. I did not mean to come across as abrasive as I did in hindsight.

I feel as if M did redeem herself in the end by fighting hard to stay with L and to survive A. I thought the manipulative nature of A was fantastic and I enjoyed E and the twins.

I really enjoyed this story and I hope you never stop writing. Thank you for this!
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