Reviews for Search Lights
Guest chapter 3 . 1/25
Please update!
Deidara-Sempai72 chapter 3 . 12/3/2018
I CSNT WAIT FOR THE NRXT CHAPTER! Update soon pretty pls
Dragon'sHost chapter 3 . 12/1/2018
I love this fic so much! The mystery elements give me life, and I love how you're worldbuilding and how the characters all fit together so far. I'm excited to see what happens next!
Hana-Taisho chapter 3 . 11/28/2018
Its Always worth waiting for one of your stories!
This was such a lovely read (finally found 20 mins to read this) LOVELY!
Thank you so much for allowing Sakura to live threw the boat Incident! I always thought she fell over and never came back! XD
Can't wait for Kisame to meet Sakura, I'm hoping no year of waiting next chapter?
Thank you for your Art! Your beautiful writing~
Guest chapter 3 . 10/24/2018
I’m giddy to see this next chapter! Sakura’s frustration is totally understandable. I’m incredibly jealous of her free food situation for as long as it lasts, damn.
kazuyaryo chapter 3 . 10/19/2018
That was a great story.
Im in love with Choujoro.
Multisakublossom chapter 3 . 10/16/2018
thank you so much for this blessing of a fic!
hope you enjoyed my liveblogging of it in the discord lol
momoko09 chapter 3 . 10/16/2018
Oooohhhh town secrets! Ahhh I wonder what was in the water! Was it kisames pet sword? Maybe kisame himself? Maybe some e else ! Ahhhh I live this so much also a fluster chojuro is too God damn cute! I wonder how many ppl they have on the force! Is mei the mayor?! Lol too many small un needd info but I'm just building this sleepy town in my mind!
Lucy chapter 3 . 10/16/2018
This has been definitely worth the wait! I’m glad to know what happened after she got dragged into the lake but now it’s a mystery on why they’re not allowed to talk about it. Such a great read, I even reread it from the first chapter just to keep it going.
And glad you got your muse back! This story is amazing and the mystery behind it all is eating me up! Looking forward to more updates later on.
HappyDog23006007341647 chapter 3 . 10/15/2018
Chojuro is sooo cuttteeee3 u do his character justice, I love it!

Zabuza is kinda hot! I like seeing him flush

And Kisame is already in her good books, boi hasn’t even been introduced and he’s already top dog, step it up guys! Lol..I wonder if he’ll be blue...and human..hmm..I’m hyped, and hooked, look what you did you wonderful person!

Yo! I waited soooo long and am happy with this! Just plz don’t wait till next October, plz, I like your story too much. U got me hooked on the first 2 chapters!(I never read stories that have so few chapters, but u got me, u are my exception) so plz don’t disappear, we will give ideas if u need them, and we will be patient, but plz update at least ONCE before the end of this year. That’s all I ask. ;)

Cruisegirl86 chapter 3 . 10/15/2018
sooooooooooo glad to see this chapter again. I nearly cry when i saw it showed on on my email! i love your story a lot. I cant wait for sakura to meet kisame. I bet he is blue so that is why he didnt see anyone much. I bet sakura isnt scary of him. she woudnt care i bet! then they become good friend or something! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee keep it up!
Britork chapter 3 . 10/15/2018
Definitely worth the wait!
Awesome chapter, can't wait for the next one!
Guest chapter 3 . 10/14/2018
Yes! Its been to long! Amazing chap
Anilegna chapter 3 . 10/14/2018
Yeeees, I was very pleasantly surprised about the update after a year of quiet. I was even more surprised about the chapter length. Zabuza and Sakura’s interactions are entertaining, but I’m totally rooting for Kisame here. I thought Chojuro was the one who got in the water and tried to save her in chapter 2, but I feel smug reading that it was Kisame, and that he was the one who snuggled her up in his beefy arms. Was totally expecting him to be introduced in this chapter but I was satisfied with the cute little pizza and camera delivery. I would totally wait another year just to read Kisame’s proper entrance into the story and how he and Sakura will get along.
Kimura Tsukino chapter 3 . 10/14/2018
Since it had been a year I figured you had forgotten about it or you weren’t going to update anymore.
Glad I favorited this story so I would know when you did.
And I must say I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest!
Keep up the amazingly awesome work
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