Reviews for Darkness and Silence
Sacredtome chapter 8 . 18h
Love this!
Sacredtome chapter 7 . 10/19
Oh, this is glorious! I love the ties in with the 6th book but with so much MORE!
Sacredtome chapter 6 . 10/19
Ugh, what is Harry's deal? But oh, how I love more discussion with magic and cores here. I always wanted more in Canon, but I love your take. Ok, so bed. Or maybe another chapter?
Sacredtome chapter 5 . 10/19
Oh, this is fantastic! So much smut, but also, so much with the character studies here. You balance both beautifully!
Sacredtome chapter 4 . 10/19
Yes! Loving the Lupin/Severus interaction here, and how you have established Snape's character so far. And of course, now I am fanning myself in anticipation of lovely smut...
Sacredtome chapter 3 . 10/19
Oh, you are fantastic and evil!
Sacredtome chapter 2 . 10/19
Oh, I love his perspective on it in the shower!
Sacredtome chapter 1 . 10/19
Yes! Love this encounter, and how they just dive into it. That won't go wrong, will it? ;)
FoxesRun chapter 1 . 10/18
Why is it that every freaking story of yours that I read, I fall in love with?! Seriously! Anyways, in case you couldn't guess, I LOVE this story! Looking forward to reading more!
Kraehe chapter 4 . 10/17
I nearly choked on my cocoa when Snape offered Voldemort his nose! This discussion was so hilarious and at the same time so bitter when he really wants to have Severus child. I want JKR to read this, it's brilliant.
You turned me to the dark side when I read Umbridges murder. Oh the terror and the glee...
Ravenclaw Dahling chapter 8 . 10/17
What a delightful chapter. My patronus is also a Fox. This is the first fanfiction I’ve ever read that featured a fox patronus. It made my day. :)
Yrina chapter 29 . 10/14
Omg this story is brilliant, I love it ! I really appreciate Hermione's personality as you write it and the fact that Severus stays himself and doesn't become a "soft" man. we can read the details of their growing relationship and you take your time, that's perfect and realistic in my opinion. Thank you for this beauty, my "péché mignondon't know how to say it in english lol) are the talks between Hermione and the DE when she's in full sarcastic, logical and brave mode !
skyeryder01 chapter 29 . 10/13
Loved this chapter, it was definitely worth the wait. Especially loved Hermione going back and forth with the Death Eaters and her speech to Draco.
justanotherwitch89 chapter 29 . 10/13
I'm addicted to this story please write more I want to read how Hermione starts fittinnin with death eaters will she become darker will she become pregnant will Snape save the baby omg so many possibilities
riversgirl75 chapter 29 . 10/13
Ok, so here’s the deal: I HATE the idea of Snape and Hermione. Like, SNAPE and anyone - EW.
HOWEVER! Your writing is so amazing and your characterization of everyone you write is so incredible that you make me - you force me - to subscribe wholeheartedly to whatever pairing you’re gifting me with.
And so, as I wait with bated breath for some of your other works to be updated, I have this one a shot, and Lo and behold, I’m sold. You’ve reeled me in and left me a quivering mess as I wait for Hermione to finish her homework and get her reward.
And I have to add, the lycanthropy twist is ingenious!
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