Reviews for Deja Vu
LucyLuna chapter 2 . 10/31/2017
"Ah, those good old times" sounds not quite right. Did you mean "Ah, those good old days"?
"he couldn't help feeling that way. The days when he was still a mere student–the happiest moments of his life so far." This whole part feels oddly disjointed. I think it would read more smoothly like so:
"Ah, those good old days. He couldn't help but feel that his days as a mere student was the happiest time in his life so far."
"mind drifted down the memory lane." there should be no "the" between "down" and "memory".
"that devastating night fifteen years ago" wouldn't it be twelve years ago since Harry's thirteen?
"brought tears in the man's eyes." "in" should be "to".
"shrill rang of the bell" "rang" should be "ring"
"passed the quiz answers to Harry" I believe should be "passed their quizzes to Harry"
"Harry stepped forward to Remus's desk" would read slightly better if "stepped forward" was "stepped up".
"One he's proud of to protect with all his life." is funny to read. I'm fairly certain that this "he" is Remus. Given the way the previous thought is in first-person, it would make more sense for this one to be as well. So, instead, it should be:
"One I'm proud to protect with all of my life."
Ah, so James, Harry, and James II share a habit of scratching their face with the quill they are using while writing. You'd think Teddy would have recognized that James II and Harry shared the habit, though, since he knew it was a familiar sight.
It's actually really sad that Remus's happy days are when he was a student at Hogwarts. But also really believable. Being a werewolf really fucks up life for you that way. Add in a war that kills your friends or makes them as good as dead and… It's still really sad. Childhood shouldn't be the best time of your life.
Him making note of all the different ways the kids write, from how Hermione's moving her quill with confidence, to Neville hardly moving it at all in favor of scratching his head was a neat observation.
The end where he promises Harry he's not alone was sweet and I like the certainty of his final thoughts he'll happily protect him as he's his best friend's kid and he loves him for it.
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LucyLuna chapter 1 . 10/23/2017
Hmm, that was an interesting end. Why did Teddy have such a strong reaction to James scratching his face? Is there someone else he's seen do it a lot when he was growing up? You'd think he'd remember who that person is, though. That seems like the most logical conclusion. Unless of course, the fantasy genre tag is there to mark there's a more outlandish reason for it. Like maybe reincarnation or something?
The rest of the story was interesting too. I liked how you opened it with James and Albus bickering. Teddy not really being excited to get in the middle of that mess so early in the morning was understandable. Albus's continued jeering once Teddy came down was a bit funny and also a good show of just how annoying and mean siblings can be to one another.
I like how you described James too, surrounded by his mess of homework, still in his pajamas, trying to get it all done by what I'm assuming is a looming deadline. Though why a professor would have one so close to Christmas day is beyond me. That seems to just be asking for trouble. On that note, if it's Christmas day, why is it Albus and Teddy are going to go Christmas shopping? Surely just about all of the stores are closed for the holiday?
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